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A 29-year-old Dutch woman named Aurelia is scheduled to die by assisted suicide on January 26 based on her "untreatable" psychological pain. Aurelia struggles with borderline personality disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addiction, severe anxiety, auditory hallucinations, and depression and has been living with suicidal thoughts for many years.

As a national media broadcasting corporation, CBC should not produce one-sided propaganda programs on assisted death, making every effort NOT to spread suicide contagion. Instead, they promote euthanasia.

UPDATE 02/13/2017: Breaking news that the House Commitee on Oversight and Government reform has PASSED the resolution to overturn D.C.'s assisted suicide law. This is an important first step toward victory! But the fight isn't over yet.

U.S. Congress has 30 days to act or the “Death with Dignity Act” will become law.

We've known this moment was coming since last year's Supreme Court ruling, demanding that the government take action on assisted suicide. Now a bill has been introduced into Parliament to legalize assisted suicide...

Dear Governor Brown:

I am asking you to protect Californians. I am asking you to veto the assisted suicide bill ABX2-15.

A healthy 24-year-old Belgian woman, known only as "Laura" has been scheduled to die by euthanasia based on her psychological pain. Laura has been living with suicidal thoughts for many years. 

UPDATE: The legislative session ended at midnight on June 25, leaving the assisted suicide bill without a vote. We won! Congratulations on this great success!

Latest UPDATE: We won! Although the bill passed the state Senate last month, the authors concluded that it did not have enough support to pass the Assembly Health Committee and withdrew it from a scheduled hearing. The assisted suicide threat is over for the year....

Le gouvernement du Québec a réintroduit le projet de loi 52 sur l’euthanasie au stade où il était avant les élections de Québec.

The Québec government passed euthanasia Bill 52. Urge Peter MacKay to act by bringing an injunction against euthanasia Bill 52 and by asking the court to strike down the bill as unconstitutional.

Frenemos la importación de los kits de suicidio de Max Dog en los Estados Unidos. Escribe al congresista Michael McCaul, presidente del Comité de Seguridad Interior que tiene potestad para investigar el asunto

Pídele al Fiscal de Nuevo México que apele la decisión del juez Nash que abre la puerta a la eutanasia. Por la seguridad de los ciudadanos de Nuevo México

Protect New Mexico Citizens from Assisted Suicide

Help us petition Congressman Michael McCaul to stop Max Dog from importing their “Suicide Kits’ into the United States. Congressman McCaul is the Chair of the US Homeland Security Committee and has the power to immediately investigate the matter.