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Od kilku tygodni w szpitalach psychiatrycznych prowadzonych przez belgijski katolicki zakon Braci Miłosierdzia - decyzją zarządu - można dokonywać eutanazji. Ta decyzja stoi wprost w sprzeczności zarówno z prawem do życia, poszanowaniem godności każdego człowieka, jak i zasadami Ewangelii, którymi ma obowiązek kierować się katolicki zakon. Wyraź sprzeciw.

Democrats and radical feminists often claim that they want abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare” in this country. But now, with the “shout your abortion” movement of NARAL and Planned Parenthood’s CEO admitting that abortion is a core “service” of the profit-driven company, abortion advocates are admitting the truth—they really want legal abortion with no limits. 

Abortion is a grave evil in our society. It’s critical that we fight on all fronts to empower women and protect vulnerable, unborn babies.

Maduro's intention to call a "popular" constituent is described as a "coup d'état" by the opposition. The Organization of American States (OAS) and the US demand democracy.
Sign this petition to demand the application of the Democratic Charter.

Le très populaire de Gouverneur de Jakarta, la capitale de l'Indonésie et la ville la plus peuplée, Monsieur Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (surnommé Ahok), vient d'être condamné à deux ans de prison ferme pour blasphème.

В феврале 2017 года новообращенные иранские христиане Ануше Реза-Бахш и Сохайль Загарзаде-сани были увезены из своего дома в Урмии в неизвестном направлении военнослужащими Корпуса Стражей Исламской революции. Подпишите международное обращение, требующее их немедленного освобождения!

The popular governor of Jakarta - Indonesia's capital and most populous city - Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, has just been sentenced to two years in prison on trumped up blasphemy charges.

Earlier this week, the Texas House passed House Bill 3859, which would protect the religious liberty of adoption agencies. Some on the left are trying to force Christian adoption agencies to place children with gay and lesbian couples even if the adoption agency believes such a placement would be harmful to the child.

On 24th April, devastating news emerged that the psychiatric institutions of the Brothers of Charity would allow euthanasia in the future. This decision completely contradicts the existing policy which has guided these institutions till now, on the basis of their Christian identity.

Therefore, this petition asks the Board of the Provincialate of the Brothers of Charity to adhere to their declared principles.

Profesor Katoličkog sveučilišta u Louvainu (UCL), najstarijeg katoličkog sveučilišta u svijetu koje još uvijek radi, suspendiran je jer na jednom od svojih satova podijelio studentima rad pod naslovom: „Filozofija za život“ .

Abortion is a grave evil in our society. It’s critical that we fight on all fronts to empower women and protect vulnerable, unborn babies.

Last week, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed legislation into law that prohibits abortions in the state of Iowa after 20 weeks. This is a critically important step towards further protecting the lives of the unborn in Iowa. 

There are certain truths about a person that cannot be changed – the clearest example is biological sex. God, in his divine wisdom, created human beings male and female and bestows on each of us our sex. Sex is determined, like all other biological traits, from the moment of conception and it cannot be altered.

Only days after the Citizens' Assembly's sickeningly cruel display of discrimination against the unborn - where they voted on different stages of pregnancy, recommending when, and under what circumstance innocent unborn life could, in the future, be taken in Irish hospitals - the Government parties were busy nominating TD

The Romanian Chamber of Deputies has thunderously fulfilled their role as "representatives of the people" of Romania in their landslide vote in favour of amending the Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman!

Három napja volt anyák napja, az édesanyák ünnepe. Az Unilever tulajdonában álló Dove vállalat néhány hete egy úgynevezett "befogadó" reklámot készített, amelyben az anyaságot egy férfival reklámozza. Nem vicc, a videóban igazi anyaként mutatnak be egy férfit, a gyermek biológiai apját.

The new Doctors in Secondary Schools (DiSS) program being trialled in Victorian State schools fails to support appropriate parental engagement between medical professionals and underage children on important matters of mental and physical health.

Firma per chiedere al Ministro dell'Istruzione Valeria Fedeli di ricevere le associazioni promotrici di questa petizione per discutere insieme di una specifica Convenzione per ripristinare il diritto di priorità educativa dei genitori su temi sensibili come la sessualità e l'affettività. Firma subito e condividi la petizione su Facebook, Twitter e sui tuoi gruppi WhatsApp. Grazie!

Dove, poznati svjetski brend za osobnu higijenu u vlasništvu Unilevera jedne od najistaknutijih multinacionalnih kompanija nedavno je predstavio promidžbeni spot povodom "Majčinog dana". Spot uključuje i transrodnog muškarca kao primjer pravog majčinstva. 

This week it was revealed that an Australian company Baby Bee Hummingbirds, is taking embryos ‘leftover’ from Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as in-vitro fertilisation and turning them into “keepsake” jewellery for their parents.