Support Professor Stephen Baskerville’s Fight for the Family!

Petition to: Patrick Henry College


Support Professor Stephen Baskerville’s Fight for the Family!

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Help us send an alert to the President and the Provost of Patrick Henry College in support of Professor Stephen Baskerville

Professor Baskerville has been attacked by feminist and homosexual interest groups for his Faith & Reason Lecture, “Politicizing Potiphar's Wife: The New Ideology”  given at Patrick Henry College, last week. While many professors are afraid to touch such a controversial topic, Professor Baskerville welcomes all opportunities to discuss and debate his research, even in the most hostile environments. But activists who are determined that his research and analysis be silenced have resorted to personal and academic attacks against Professor Baskerville and his research, calling him a liar and demonizing his stance for abstinence as the safest form of AIDs prevention.

Feminist and homosexual interest groups have launched countless similar attacks which ended the careers of professors, accelerating the purging of conservative intellectuals, research and thought from academia and think tanks. 

We need to act now and let Patrick Henry College know we strongly support Dr. Baskerville and we understand that understand the enormous  strategic importance of his work and its direct relevance to the future of the college and of the home-schooling base that brings most students to the college.  

The definition of academic freedom is: the freedom of teachers and students to express their ideas in school without religious or political or institutional restrictions. This attempt to slander Dr. Baskerville is nothing more than an attempt to restrict his academic freedom. The attacks against Dr. Baskerville are nonstop and constant. They are also attacking the integrity of the school with an offensive assault as means of pressuring them into not defending Dr. Baskerville. .

It's up to us to send a strong message: Do not back down. Do not go silent. Do not shy away from the fight on the mega-issues that will ultimately decide so much for all of us.  Go on the offensive and expand the college's commitment to the strategically decisive issues that Professor Baskerville has focused on.

[When you sign this petition, an alert is sent directly to Patrick Henry College President Dr. Graham Walker and Provost Dr. Gene Edward Veith.]

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Faith & Reason lecture of Dr. Baskerville: “Politicizing Potiphar's Wife: The New Ideology

Articles in opposition to Dr. Baskerville and his lecture:

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Petition to: Patrick Henry College

To: The Trustees, Chancellor, President, Provost, Faculty and Students of Patrick Henry College

1.  We write you in support of the College's recent presentation of Professor Stephen Baskerville's address at the annual Faith and Reason Lecture.  We regard any resulting outrage and indignation on the part of activists and agitators for militant feminism, homosexualism, and/or other social agendas that threaten our society and the Natural Human Family as a desirable success, for which the College and Professor Baskerville must be congratulated.

We resolutely add that any institution of intellectual, academic and moral integrity ought to be extremely proud to have Professor Baskerville as a senior and especially respected and influential member of its staff.  Attacks against his academic and intellectual integrity and the gravitas of his work must be clearly rejected for what they are: disinformation and character assassination arising from desperation, and a combination of ignorance of history and willful dishonesty.  

Clearly, had this address been of anything other than the highest quality it would have garnered nothing more than a snicker of delight here and there.

Professor Baskerville's work is of the greatest importance and urgency and has earned him the great intellectual and personal respect of countless serious, and very learned persons, including other academics and intellectuals, researchers, writers and clergy.  Professor Baskerville is indeed one of the rare guiding lights of today's "conservatism" and in the vast wasteland of higher education, which, sadly, seems to include more and more institutions founded with intentions like those of the Founders of Patrick Henry College.

We are all indebted to Professor Baskerville for his first-rate academic work and now also to Patrick Henry College for exercising wise leadership in putting his priceless insights and perspective on display for both like-minded persons and implacable foes alike to see given at least a small fraction of the attention that it must receive.

2.  In your institutional planning for the immediate and long-term future, please consider this letter a statement of support for even greater investment in precisely the kind of work by which Professor Baskerville has distinguished himself heroically in the consider views of an ever-greater international audience of learned persons who are troubled by the near-total lack of vigorous and strategically-minded opposition to the forces and trends that he lays bare to all who are willing to see.

We therefore urge Patrick Henry College to consider hosting an annual international conference dealing with the issues to which Professor Baskerville has devoted much of his professional life, and which have hardly been taken up with anything like adequate commitment by like-minded leaders and institutions.  In fact, there is a near total silence about monumental matters to which Professor Baskerville and an astonishingly small number of other influential persons have committed themselves with exceptional perseverance. 

This presents an historic opportunity for Patrick Henry College to fill a huge void, and no doubt Professor Baskerville's reputation and overview of the interconnectedness of numerous major issues can be the basis for attracting the most exceptional participants in such an endeavor as we propose..

Respectfully, the Undersigned,

[Your Name]