After terror attacks, say 'NO' (like, Poland) to EU immigration quotas

Petition to: Prime Minister of Poland, EU Commissioner for Migration, And the Leaders of all EU members states


After terror attacks, say 'NO' (like, Poland) to EU immigration quotas

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After terror attacks, say 'NO' (like, Poland) to EU immigration quotas

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Support Poland as they say 'NO' to external immigration quotas forced by the EU Commission

For the Kind Attention of:

  • Polish Premier - Ms Beata Szydło
  • EU Commissioner for Migration - Mr Dimitris Avramopoulos
  • Leaders (Prime Ministers and Presidents) of ALL Member States of the EU

There are moments in the history of nations and states when it is clear that the fate of the whole community depends on the decisions of individuals in the political community.

Decisions taken at a particular moment in time.

Decisions that determine not only outcomes for the next two quarters, but, also, for the next few decades, and beyond.

In the history of Poland - and, Europe - there have been many such moments, both in the distant and recent past.

Everything indicates that we are now approaching a similar historical moment, for both Poland, and for Europe, more generally.

The European Commission (and, indeed, Germany) is demanding that the Polish Government - and, in fact, most EU member states - approve the forced relocation of immigrants to Poland - and, almost all other member states.

The unprecedented pressure being applied by the European institutions on the Government of Poland, including blackmailing sanctions and withdrawing funds, in case of refusal, are completely contrary to the treaties which Poland - and, every EU member state - signed when joining the European Union.

However, should the Polish Government consent to the forced relocation of immigrants, it will essentially agree to change the population structure of Poland for the coming decades, and, in fact, forever.

And, what is true for Poland in this case, is also true for the entire European Union.

Specifically, such consent would give permission to liquidate the existing Polish (European) lifestyle, in order to suit the requirements of a completely unpredictable and foreign "multiculturalism". And, finally - it would also give leave to bring the widespread danger of terrorist attacks to the inhabitants of Poland (and, the rest of Europe).

There is an indisputable link between Muslim immigrants settling in Europe and the acts of terror which have taken place in different European countries. We have now witnessed this in France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the UK.

Radicalization of the Muslim population is also taking place in successive generations, as evidenced by recent attacks in Manchester and London.

The Europe-led migration crisis has generated many acts of terror, but moreover, there is also a crisis of confidence in the European ruling elite who, ideologically blinded, are unable to diagnose the source of the problem itself. The ideology of political correctness that they profess dulls these people's diagnostic tools for responding properly to the threat.

Instead, people calling for a return to common sense are accused of xenophobia and have their mouths closed by censorship in the media.

Meanwhile, it is obvious, for anyone not blinded by political correctness, that the possible relocation of immigrants to countries, such as Poland, will only heighten the probability that the citizens of these countries will lose their lives in a terrorist attack, or suffer from other acts of violence such as rape...or, some form of cultural violence, leading to the fear of expressing one's beliefs or views.

Therefore, supporting the Polish government is not xenophobic, but, rather, the result of logical reasoning.

Europe has had experience of dealing with aggressive Islam in the past - Spain certainly, Austria and Hungary, too. And, it was the Poles who were obliged to defend Europe against Islamisation in the Seventeenth Century.

Of course, what Europe must now seek to do is help the people of war-torn countries, there, on the spot - and, this aid must be provided, and it must be effective.

But, forced quotas of immigrants into member states, by the EU, cannot be accepted.

Therefore, this petition does two things: 1) Supports the Polish authorities for their actions - rejecting the forced quotas of migrants - in this vital matter for the future of Poland; and, 2) Protests the action of the EU Commission, by alerting Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for Migration, to the obvious security and cultural threats involved in this program, as well as contacting (and, warning) all of the heads of state (of each member state) about the same.

Thank you for recognising the dangers inherent in this flawed program, and for calling an immediate halt to the forced relocation of immigrants in the EU.

[Your Name]

After terror attacks, say 'NO' (like, Poland) to EU immigration quotas

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79,396 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.