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There is breaking news out of the Tennessee Senate and House that requires immediate action.

Stand with us as we encourage your Tennessee state lawmakers to pass the much-needed Tennessee Infants Protection Act.

Sign the petition in support of this very important pro-life bill.

Fearing that overturning Roe v. Wade may soon be a real possibility, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, with help from the Missouri affiliate of NARAL, has passed a new bill which will make St. Louis the main desination where women can travel to for abortions.

UPDATE 2/8/17 -- With no evidence against him, Petr Jasek, the Czech humanitarian aid worker and Christian missionary who traveled to Sudan with the sole purpose of helping young Christian students who were being persecuted for their faith, was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a corrupt Sudanese court system. This is said to be

2017/01/31 - President Trump has announced that he is nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

This is exciting, because soon we will have a Supreme Court Justice who will fight for our values, defend the unborn, and refuse to legislate from the bench. 

National Geographic is wrongly using a nine-year-old boy to aggressively push gender ideology to children as a new social norm.

Please sign our petition telling editors of the magazine to retract and to stop pushing fake science. Gender ideology is not only a fallacy but harmful to children and considered child abuse by leading experts!

With your help, the results from Election Day 2016 could prove to be a massive defeat for the likes of abortion foes Planned Parenthood and others in the extreme left movement. 

Our work is just getting started as we at CitizenGO remain committed to supporting and fighting for our common values during a Trump presidency and a GOP-controlled Congress.

Help us reach 20,000 signatures to stop The Satanic Temple from leading the invocation during a Boston City Council meeting.

Please take a meaningful step today in helping pro-life students, who are being unconstitutionally discriminated against by their Nebraska high school, gain their voice.

Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently proposed an absurd rule which will prevent states from blocking Title X funding (federal dollars for family planning services) to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Major gay lobby groups are using the power within college athletics as a tool to vilify Brigham Young University for their religious convictions and beliefs. Earlier this month, 24 gay lobby groups banned together in urging the college athletic conference known as the Big 12 to not admit BYU as a new member.

Please sign our petition to the Big 12 asking that BYU not be overlooked for honoring and upholding their religious values.

The University of San Francisco, a prominent Jesuit school, just appointed a board member and the current chairperson of the local abortion clinic to be in charge of student life on campus.

Please sign our petition against the shocking appointment of Julie Orio as the new vice-provost of student life.

Warning to Georgia women: if someone secretly takes pictures under your skirt, it is perfectly legal. Join us in fighting against this invasion of privacy!

Please sign our petition calling on the Georgia Speaker of the House, David Ralston, to prioritize the privacy of women by making 'upskirting' illegal in the State of Georgia.

Please sign our petition stopping Utah Democrats and some Republicans from making assisted suicide and euthanasia a dangerous reality in Utah.

A very dangerous bill is up for discussion in the Utah State Legislature -- HB 264, the “End of Life Options Act” -- which poses itself as a bill to give patients end of life choices… but that is far from the truth.


City officials in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma have agreed to a disturbing and offensive partnership with a registered sex offender. Allowing this partnership to continue will create a divide among city residents.

The OAS is manipulating legal orders and treaties to force your country to push the gay agenda and provide government funded abortion on demand to teenagers. 

Junte-se a nós na oposição ao absurdo “movimento” para transformar a Princesa Elsa, de Frozen

Join us in standing against the absurd “movement” to turn Queen Elsa of Frozen into a lesbian during the 2018 sequel, “Frozen 2.”

We’re suggesting a much better idea… An idea that promotes solid family values to our children and represents the natural family. Sign our petition, now, to Disney asking that Elsa fall in love with a Prince. #CharmingPrinceForElsa.

We are asking you to join the growing chorus of conservatives that demand the Attorney General of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, do his job by defending HB 2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act.

HB 2 is the new North Carolina state law which puts in place a statewide policy that bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex.

Over 9,000 babies were saved from abortion as a result of a Texas pro-life law currently being challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court. Anyone Obama chooses to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia won’t protect life, family, or religious liberty.

Sign the petition demanding Senator Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans take a stand and block any Obama Supreme Court nomination.

Sign the petition to end the persecution of Christians in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

In Iran, practicing Christianity is a criminal offense punishable by death. The Iranian Christian population is facing extreme persecution, often charged under the invented penalties of ‘spreading corruption on earth' or ‘enmity against God.’