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Some Kentucky state lawmakers introduced a bill last week to establish a hierarchy for distributing $300,000 in federal family planning funds for the state, and that list would put Planned Parenthood at the bottom.

Please sign this petition now to support defunding Planned Parenthood in Kentucky!

A kormány törvénybe szeretné iktatni hazánkban az Isztambuli Egyezményt. Ezzel bevezetnék Magyarországon is a gender kétes fogalmát és negatívan diszkriminálnák a kapcsolati erőszak fiúgyermekek és férfi áldozatait. Emellett olyan anyagi terhet rónának az országra egy ellenőrző mechanizmus kiépítésével, melyet inkább valódi megoldásokra lenne szükséges fordítani. Fontosnak tartjuk nemzeti és nemzetközi szinten is fellépni az erőszakkal szemben, irányuljon az bárki ellen. Az Isztambuli Egyezmény Magyarország által való ratifikálását viszont az alább részletezett okokból nem támogatjuk, még ha a mindenfajta erőszak visszaszorításának célkitűzésével maximálisan egyet is értünk.

Arkansas has finally outlawed the inhumane practice of ripping an unborn baby apart in order to kill her. Let’s thank the Legislature and our Governor for taking this important step to stand up for the value of all human life!

Dr. Joseph McGuirk is an adult stem cell expert at the University of Kansas Hospital, and he is using his medical skills to save lives. Let’s thank him for his life-affirming work, and for using safe adult stem cells to do it! 

The Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop has just announced that the federal government will send $9.5 million to support the overseas operations of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. The move appears to be a knee-jerk reaction in response to last month’s Presidential Executive Order to reinstate the Mexico City Policy.

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In Ireland, the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) was set-up, by a successive series of legislative Acts, to regulate ethical matters in Irish politics. As from their website, part of SIPO's job is to supervise the, "the disclosure of donations and election expenditure", as well as, "the registration of lobbying."

In December 2016, Maria Miller MP, Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee, presented the Gender Identity (Protected Characteristic) Bill 2016-2017, which seeks

Chiediamo che il direttore dell'UNAR Francesco Spano si dimetta immediatamente dal suo incarico per aver permesso l'erogazione di 55mila euro di fondi pubblici a un'associazione (di cui lo stesso Spano risulterebbe associato) dedita all'organizzazione di incontri sessuali per gay in cui si favorirebbe anche la prostituzione.

Ontario's Bill 89 is an unprecedented government intrusion into parents' intimate family decisions about how to raise their children.

Ovo je nastavak kampanje koju smo pokrenuli prije nekoliko mjeseci i kojom tražimo oslobođenje češkog misionara Petra Jašeka. Orginalna peticija prikupila je  više od 399.500 potpisa:

Christian missionary Petr Jasek has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in Sudan. For being a Christian! We can not abandon him. Ask the president of Sudan for amnesty.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to require all commercial health insurance policies to include coverage for any abortion service for all nine months of pregnancy, up until birth!

A provision in Illinois HB 40 would remove provisions from a 1975 Illinois Abortion Law granting  “personhood status” to unborn children from the time of conception.

At the end of February and the beginning of March, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has organised a conference at the Vatican, entitled "Biological Extinction". The main topic of the meeting will be the issue of environmental protection.

O Imposto Sindical é uma aberração existente no Brasil que foi criada pelo governo Getúlio Vargas para sustentar sindicatos que serviam como extensão do seu governo. O trabalhador, sindicalizado ou não, contribui obrigatoriamente com um dia de trabalho por ano com o sindicato, enquanto o empresário contribui com um percentual relativo ao capital social da empresa.

Действующие в Пакистане «законы против богохульства» подвергают опасности христиан и других представителей религиозных меньшинств. Сотни людей ложно обвиняются в связи с имущественными спорами и личной местью. Подпишите международное обращение к президенту Пакистана, призывающее его добиться отмены этих законов!

Update, 21 February 2017: Unfortunately, the Tory motion was defeated today as Liberals voted AGAINST a Motion that would've condemned systemic racism and faith-based discrimination against ANY religion. This exposes the fact that M-103 isn't actually about condemning religious discrimination or systemic racism,

We must not rest until there is peace and security for persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, anti-blasphemy laws put Christians and other religious minorities at risk. Hundreds of individuals have been falsely accused because of property disputes or personal vengeance.