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Pro-abortion advocates claim that Planned Parenthood “health clinics” offer women the full range of reproductive health care options. However, as a series of recent investigations have demonstrated, Planned Parenthood only offers “care” to women who want to prevent pregnancy or terminate their already existing pregnancies.

General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield of White County, Tennessee, has decided it will be better for the world if former prisoners are unable to have children. He is offering prisoners 30 days less jail time if they voluntarily sterilize themselves.

In Alqosh, een kleine stad aan de rand van de Nineve-vlakte in Noord-Irak, wonen traditioneel geen Koerden. Het is in Irak überhaupt de laatste plaats van enig formaat, die nog uitsluitend door christelijke Assyriërs en Chaldeeërs wordt bewoond.

Des te verbazender is het dat nu op 16 juli 2017 de door de bevolking gekozen burgemeester van Alqosh in sneltreinvaart – tegen de uitdrukkelijke wil van de bevolking in – is afgezet en vervangen door een lokale Koerdische politicus, die tot de KDP (Koerdische Democratische Partij) behoort.

Minister for Women and Equalities Justine Greening, has announced plans to “streamline and de-medicalise the process for changing gender…”

Курдские власти, вопреки воле местных жителей, сняли с должности христианина – мэра города Алькаш на севере Ирака, населенного христианами-ассирийцами. Это несправедливо и рассматривается христианами как угроза. Подпишите международное обращение, призывающее власти восстановить христианского мэра Алькаша в должности!

There are certain truths about a person that cannot be changed – the clearest example is biological sex. God, in his divine wisdom, created human beings male and female and bestows on each of us our sex. Sex is determined, like other biological traits, from the moment of conception and it cannot be altered.

Our culture is obsessed with perverted forms of sex. Seventy-nine percent of men age 18-30 view pornography on a regular basis. Millions of women and children are trafficked every year to fuel that very industry.

One of the most exciting moments for any pregnant couple is finding out the gender of their child. By the eighteenth week, it is obvious via ultrasound whether the couple is having a little boy or a little girl.

Traditionally, no Kurds have lived in Alqosh, a small town on the edge of the Nineveh plain in northern Iraq. This small town in Iraq is the last well-known place, which is still inhabited exclusively by Christian Assyrians and Chaldeans.

It is, therefore, all the more surprising that, on 16 July, 2017, Alqosh's mayor, elected by the townspeople, was dismissed by a hasty trial - against the express will of the population - and, by a Kurd...

In Alqosh, einer Kleinstadt am Rande der Ninive-Ebene im Nordirak, leben traditionell keine Kurden. Die Kleinstadt ist im Irak der letzte namhafte Ort überhaupt, der noch ausschließlich von christlichen Assyrern und Chaldäern bewohnt wird.
Um so verwunderlicher ist es, dass jetzt am 16. Juli 2017 der von der Bevölkerung gewählte Bürgermeister Alqoshs im Eilverfahren – gegen den ausdrücklichen Willen der Bevölkerung – abgesetzt und durch einen kurdischen...

Африканская Комиссия по правам человека, вопреки международным нормам, используется действующими на зарубежные деньги организациями для того, чтобы заставить страны Африки принять «ЛГБТ»-идеологию. Подпишите международное обращение, требующее от Комиссии прекратить незаконное навязывание этой идеологии африканским народам.

Professing the Christian faith carries a heavy threat in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

By 2016, about 193 Christians were imprisoned, including many converts from Islam.

This has to stop. Please sign this petition directed to the head of state and the president of Iran.

CitizenGO Violates Right of Workers to sleep at a comfortable temperature

In a shocking turn of events, CitizenGO workers are being forced to sleep in accommodation which is too hot for their liking.

This is a gross violation of their fundamental right to sleep at a comfortable temperature.

As a result, many of the team are quite tired.

En Suisse, l'avortement est autorisé jusqu'à la 12ème semaine de grossesse. Et en 2015, au sein de l'hôpital universitaire de Lausanne, 757 enfants ont été tués selon les données communiquées par l’hôpital lui-même.

Thankfully, since the Center for Medical Progress began releasing undercover investigative videos in the summer of 2015, public opinion about Planned Parenthood has started to change.

Generally speaking, ambulance sirens signal that all is not well. When we hear an ambulance rushing to a scene we know that someone is hurt and is in need or immediate medical attention. As a result, we move out of the way so that the person in critical condition can be rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

Thanks to the work of dedicated pro-life investigative journalists, the true nature of the abortion industry is being exposed in America. What these investigations have revealed is truly horrifying. Babies are being torn apart and their bodies are being so

At the beginning of this month, two demonstrations occurred in the city of Cluj. One of the demonstrations was sponsored by LGBT activists, and sought to promote the legalisation of so-called "civil partnerships".

Obete totality odmietajú zmizíkovanie zločinov minulosti. Vládna moc chce ochromiť Ústav pamäti národa zmenou zákona o pamäti národa, ktorý sa má schváliť už v septembri! Pripomienky verejnosti je možné zaslať len do zajtra.

Mais qui est donc cet instituteur de Malicornay, et qu’a-t-il fait de si grave pour mériter d’être suspendu au mois de mars, puis déplacé récemment par décision de la commission de discipline de l'inspection académique de l'Indre ?