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It is a scandal that should shake the world: Shiite parties in Iraq want to allow the marriage of girls from the age of nine!

Why is this an issue???

Shiite MPs have proposed an amendment to the Iraqi Parliament, to change the Personal Status Law, No. 188, which has been in force since 1959. Among other things, this draft, drawn up by a Shiite law school, aims to reduce the minimum age for marrying girls to nine years...

Vor wenigen Tagen hat der französische Staatsrat (Conseil d’État) eine gravierende Verfügung erlassen: von dem Denkmal, das der bretonische Ort Ploërmel im Jahr 2006 zur Erinnerung an den polnischen Papst Johannes Paul II. auf einem öffentlichen Platz errichtet hat, muss das Kreuz entfernt werden.

Quer durch Europa wächst, nicht nur unter Katholiken, die Empörung über diese Gerichtsentscheidung, bei der sich der Conseil d’État auf das strenge französische Säkularismusgesetz von 1905 beruft...

Last week, the Supreme Administrative Court in France (the French Council of State) ordered a cross to be removed from the memorial of Pope John Paul II, located in a public square in Brittany, in the village of Ploërmel.

This decision shook the whole of Europe, and not just Catholics.

Last year, we learned about the story of a brave Polish doctor fighting for physicians in Norway to exercise their right to freedom of conscience, in their work. Dr Katarzyna Jachimowicz has been fighting, for herself and for other doctors to have this fundamental right respected and vindicated by the state of Norway.

This week's International Consultation on Christian Persecution in Budapest heard from both persecuted Christians and government ministers.

Верховная Рада Украины приняла закон об образовании, ущемляющий права национальных и языковых меньшинств, в том числе русских граждан Украины. Подпишите международное обращение, призывающее Верховного Комиссара ООН по правам человека вмешаться и использовать свое влияние, чтобы предотвратить окончательное принятие этого закона!

The European Parliament will vote on the EU's accession to the Council of Europe's Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (the so-called Istanbul Convention), at its September plenary session - in only a few days, on 12 September!

The EU Commission has an uncanny knack for being able to locate a speck in the eyes of others, without removing the plank from their own. And, this is particularly true where "transparency" in accounting is concerned.

The LGBT "Pride" parade, which occurred at the end of this past June, was heavily promoted by Dublin Bus - as the accompanying picture attests.

The EU Commission has just published a new Charter on "Diversity and Inclusion".

The press release, accompanying the Charter, states that four groups of staff and managers, working for the EU, will receive preferential treatment, including women, the disabled, older members of staff, and the LGBT community.

UPDATE 02. August 2014: Meriam Ibrahim ist gestern in den USA angekommen. Sie landete zusammen mit ihrem Mann und ihren zwei Kindern in Philadelphia.

Mit über 1,7 Millionen, von den Behörden anerkannten Unterschriften, ist ONE OF US die bisher erfolgreichste EU-Bürgerinitiative der Geschichte. Ein großer Dank an alle, die dies möglich machten und monatelang geworben und kampagnisiert haben!

Invia un messaggio alla Commissione Europea per chiedere ai suoi membri di dare ascolto ll'iniziativa popolare "Uno di noi" a sostegno del diritto alla vita in ogni sua forma. Difendiamo "Uno di Noi" dall'aggressione delle lobby e dei deputati pro-aborto.

Having gained more than 1.7 million signatures, One of Us is the most successful European Citizens’ Initiative so far. This is all in thanks to you, as you have made this possible -- spending months vocalizing your support, collecting signatures.

Help turn Hungary into an advocate for life at the United Nations.

Currently, Hungarian Delegates are involved in high level negotiations at the United Nations, Commission on the Status of Women meetings. But, Hungary, despite having strong national policies against abortion, the manner in which Hungarian Delegates are negotiating, does not reflect those policies.

Free movement of workers directive hijacked by LGBT agenda - adopt the alternative motion.

On Wednesday 12 March 2014 the European Parliament will adopt a legally binding resolution on measures facilitating the exercise of freedom of movement for workers.

This Tuesday 11 March 2014 , the European Parliament will vote on its 2012 Annual Report on the equality Between women and men. The Report was prepared by Communist MEP, Inês Cristina Zuber from Portugal.

Stop the report that promotes: early childhood indoctrination in gender ideology at public schools (without the prior consent of parents,) abortion, LGBT “marriage”, and gender quotas in public life and the business sector.

Shortly after the Estrela Report was defeated, European Parliament leftists went straight to work with their next initiative, the “Lunacek Report.” With your help, as we did with the Estrela Report, we can defeat this too.

Please help us send thank you notes to the MEPs that voted in favor of the amendment that rejected the “Estrela Report” from passing.

By signing this petition, you are thanking the Members of European Parliament for standing against the Estrela Report.