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Il y a trois semaines, sept dirigeants chrétiens au Soudan ont été arrêtés après avoir refusé de laisser le contrôle de leur église au gouvernement.

Firma subito e condividi la petizione a sostegno del Bus della Libertà di CitizenGO e Generazione Famiglia, che in questi giorni girerà l'Italia per svegliare le coscienze contro il dilagare dell'ideologia Gender in ogni contesto sociale: leggi, televisione, cultura e, soprattutto, nelle scuole dei nostri figli e dei nostri nipoti. Basta subire, dobbiamo alzare la voce. Adesso o mai più. Firma subito!

The National Trust has been aggressively promoting a “progressive” ideology which seeks to erase the role of religion in public life and wishes to compel others to support an ideology which they oppose.

Earlier this year the National Trust have

We hear a lot about liberal bias against conservatives. The news media insists it doesn’t treat Republicans and Democrats differently despite numerous and obvious examples of this unfair treatment. Today’s universities are no better.

We recently reported to you that Democratic Senators Diane Feinstein and Dick Durbin have joined Bernie Sanders in advancing anti-Christian bias in the U.S. Senate. All three now have questioned nominees for positions in the federal government—intimating that their faith may be inappropriate for their role in government.

Marie Stopes an International Chain of Clinics in the world have been advertising abortion on demand in Kenya and other parts of Africa. It is evident that the chain of clinics offers abortions even when this is illegal in a record 52 African Countries out of 54.

One of the most exciting moments for any pregnant couple is finding out the gender of their baby. By the eighteenth week, it is obvious via ultrasound whether the couple is having a little boy or a little girl.

A forte reação à criminosa exposição Queermuseu (criminosa por violar o art. 208 do Código Penal) fez com que o banco Santander, acuado, a cancelasse.

Dans une tribune du 12 septembre 2017, Valérie Boyer, députée des Bouches du Rhône revient sur les propos de Marlène Schiappa, Secrétaire d'Etat chargée de l'égalité entre les hommes et les femmes.

A Christian family is preparing to take legal action against a school for allowing children to change their “gender identity”.

Nigel and Sally Rowe have removed their six-year-old son from the school after a classmate was declared “transgendered” and came to school demanding to be recognised as female on some days.

URGENT! Aidez-nous à empêcher la Convention d'Istanbul d'être adoptée par le Parlement de l'UE.

Le vote sur cette dangereuse Convention aura lieu en septembre.

Nous pouvons et devons arrêter la Convention d'Istanbul car cela créera une confusion juridique sur les différences entre les hommes et les femmes.

Az európai parlamenti képviselők a mai napon, szeptember 12-én szavaznak arról, hogy az Európai Unió csatlakozzon-e az Európa Tanács nőkkel szembeni erőszak és a kapcsolati erőszak elleni küzdelemről és azok megelőzéséről szóló egyezményéhez, az Isztambuli Egyezményhez.

Za ratifikaciju Istanbulske konvencije jučer je u EU parlamentu glasovalo 489 zastupnika, protiv ratifikacije ih je bilo 114, a 69 ih je bilo suzdržano. Od 11 hrvatskih zastupnika u Europskom parlamentu protiv ratifikacije Istanbulske konvencije glasali su Marijana Petir (Nezavisna), Ruža Tomašić (HKS) i Ivica Tolić (HDZ). Ivana Maletić (HDZ) bila je suzdržana. 7 zastupnika glasalo je za ratifikaciju Konvencije: Tonino Picula i Biljana Borzan (SDP), Ivan Jakovčić (IDS), Jozo Radoš (GLAS), Davor Škrlec (Nezavisni, bivši OraH) te Dubravka Šuica (HDZ) i Željana Zovko (HDZ). Pristup EU Istanbulskoj konvenciji još je jedan alat za prisiljavanje država na ratifikaciju jer ju je do sad samo 18 država članica EU ratificiralo. Razlog tome su ozbiljne sumnje država članica kako njen sadržaj instrumentalizira borbu protiv nasilja nad djecom i ženama u svrhu nametanja rodne ideologije.

Комитет по правам человека ООН подготовил документ, где «право на жизнь» толкуется как дающее «право» убивать детей и безнадежно больных людей. Подпишите международное обращение, требующее, чтобы эти безобразные положения были исключены из документа, и под видом «права на жизнь» не поддерживалось «право» на убийство.

O espaço Santander Cultural, localizado em Porto Alegre (RS), está promovendo uma exposição "artística" chamada Queermuseu. 

We recently reported that Senator Bernie Sanders believes Christians are unfit to hold public office because they believe in salvation through Christ alone. He attacked a nominee for the White House Office of Management and Budget for believing that Muslim theology does not lead to salvation—or in other words, being a traditional

Abortion is a grave evil in our society. It’s critical that we fight on all fronts to empower women and protect vulnerable, unborn babies.

There is immense pressure on Christians to conform to the liberal sexual ethic of our society and celebrate gay marriage. During the summer, gay pride parades and celebrations shut down traffic in nearly all major cities and LGBTQ rhetoric and imagery dominated the advertising campaigns of major corporations.

Boko Haram is an extremist, Islamic, terrorist organization based in northeastern Nigeria. The group aims to impose Sharia on the northern parts of the country. This is a considerable attack to religious freedom.

O Ministério da Educação está impondo novamente a Ideologia de Gênero ao povo brasileiro.

O MEC introduziu dezenas de referências à Ideologia de Gênero em todas as matérias que compõem a Base Nacional Comum Curricular, que será obrigatória, a partir do ano que vem, a todas as escolas públicas e privadas do Brasil.