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Disturbing new research indicates that nearly 100% of all children with Down syndrome in Iceland are aborted. 

One of the saddest consequences of sin is the perversion of the sacred sexual union between a man and a woman in marriage. God created sex to be the consummating act of a lifelong union between one man and one woman. Further, marriage is intended to paint a picture of God’s undying, unending, unadulterated love for us.

The liberal sexual agenda has come full circle. It used to be that Feminists on the Left claimed that there was no difference between men and women, none at all.

Sadly, most of our culture has become inundated with the Left’s new sexual orthodoxy: free sex with whomever you want, however you want, with no strings attached, and no consequences. And now increasingly, the Left is trying to teach this orthodoxy to our children at younger and younger ages.

Állampolgári kezdeményezést nyújtottak be a mai napon Lengyelországban az abortuszok visszaszorítása érdekében azokra az esetekre fókuszálva, amikor fennáll a magzat betegségének vagy fogyatékosságának esélye.


A massive landslide hit Sierra Leone and left over 300 people dead and 700 missing!

Over the weekend, white nationalists and neo-nazis showed their faces at a shameful and violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Violence surrounding the rally left one young woman dead. 

At CitizenGO, we believe that the conservative movement should denounce and condemn racist rhetoric and all ensuing acts of violence.

Darebin City Councillors will next week vote on an emergency motion which proposes to allow access to council facilities for same-sex marriage campaigners. The proposed motion follows the Federal government’s announcement of a September postal vote on the Marriage Act.

James Damore, inžinier, ktorý pracoval v Googli od roku 2013, dostal hodinovú výpoveď za údajné propagovanie "škodlivých gender stereotypov", keď poukázal na to, že muži a ženy jednoducho nie sú úplne rovnakí.

Religious liberty is under attack in America. According to the anti-religious left, a Christian trying to live out his or her faith in the public square is a grave threat to our society.

Google уволил инженера Джеймса Деймора, который усомнился в насаждаемых ею постулатах гендерной идеологии. Он написал коллегам, что консерваторы часто боятся выражать свои взгляды в Google , и напомнил, что женщины действительно отличаются от мужчин. Подпишите международное обращение к Google с требованием пересмотреть это возмутительное решение!

James Damore, inženjer koji je radio u Googlu od prosinca 2013., dobio je otkaz nakon što je prošli tjedan napisao interni dopis od 3000 riječi u kojem iznosi svoje mišljenje o tome kako su žene manje zastupljene u inženjerskim zanimanjima zbog prirođene sklonosti većine žena prema društvenim i umjetničkim zanimanjima. U dopisu je progovorio i o utišavanju osoba s tradicionalnim uvjerenjima, te koracima koje predlažu Googleu kako bi postao više prijateljsko radno okruženje za žene.

Our culture is obsessed with warped views of sexuality. Seventy-nine percent of men age 18-30 view pornography on a regular basis. Millions of women and children are trafficked every year to fuel that very industry.

One of a parent’s primary responsibilities is to protect and nurture the minds and hearts of their children. That is why we have ratings on movies and parental consent forms for field trips. But what happens when the library story hour becomes a hostile environment for the minds and hearts of children?

Many on the left have turned sex and sexual identity into a kind of god. According to this dogmatic religion of self-expression—there must be complete acceptance and conformity. Never mind the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech—if someone speaks out against any aspect of the Sexual Revolution,

Let us raise the voice and join the Venezuelan people to cry out to those who have the power to intervene in the matter, to put an end to this repression. We can not remain silent, watching the Venezuelan government take more and more power, while the people suffer famine, disease, injustice and misery.

Cornerstone Church Pastor Campbell Markham and street preacher Mr David Gee have been reported to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner due to their comments on same-sex marriage and atheists, highlighting an attitude of cultural victimhood that is gripping the State and the Country.

Liberal media, politicians, and now increasingly big corporations often tout the value of gender diversity. To the extent that there are more men than women in a particular industry or company, the thinking goes, it must be caused by past discrimination.

Egy iráni keresztény lányt a svéd hatóságok annak ellenére akarnak kitoloncolni az országból, hogy tudható, hazájában börtön vagy halál várna rá.

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