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Csatlakozzon petíciónkhoz, ha úgy érzi, hogy az említett kiadványt nem szívesen adná gyerekek kezébe!

Last week the Nebraska Judiciary Committee listened to arguments for LB450, “Patient Choice at End of Life”, which would legalize doctor prescribed-suicide. As we know, life is precious at all stages and we must fight to protect it.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk by the Left about the danger of “Fake News.” Major Media outlets decry alternative news outlets as untrustworthy and demand that the general public trust them, and them alone.

The principle of freedom of speech has been under persistent attack at universities across the UK in recent years.

A CitizenGO lhe convida a participar da 61ª sessão da Comissão sobre o Status da Mulher (CSW, na sigla em inglês) na ONU.

Os estados membros enviaram delegações para lhes representar na sede da ONU em Nova York.

CitizenGO lädt Sie ein, sich an der einundsechzigsten Sitzung der Kommission für die Rechte der Frauen bei den Vereinten Nationen (CSW61) zu beteiligen. Viele der 193 Mitgliedsstaaten haben Delegationen zu den vom 13. bis 24. März 2017 am Hauptquartier der Vereinten Nationen stattfindenden Beratungen entsandt. Auch wir sind mit einer Delegation bei den Beratungen vertreten, denn neben Repräsentanten der Mitgliedsstaaten und UN-Institutionen werden bei der ECOSOC akkreditierte Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGO´s – zu denen CitizenGO gehört)...

Az ENSZ Nők Helyzetével Foglalkozó Bizottságának 61. ülésszaka az utolsó hetéhez érkezett.

The #FreeSpeechBus is now in the United States and Spain. Show your support!
Boys are boys, and girls are girls. It's biology, not bigotry.

Professor Wendy Savage, former abortionist and current member of the Medical Ethics Committee (MEC) for the British Medical Association (BMA), has recently stated her support for the abhorrent practice of sex-selective abortions.

Firma subito e diffondi la petizione per chiedere all'Assemblea regionale umbra di respingere l'Atto n.15-bis, che legittima, sponsorizza e finanzia con 50.000 euro pubblici l'ideologia Gender in ogni contesto sociale, specialmente scolastico, affidando ogni potere di controllo e rieducazione alle associazioni LGBT. Firma per restare libero di pensare, esprimere, educare...

A debate will commence this Tuesday in the Northern Territory (NT) Parliment on The Termination of Pregnancy law Reform Bill 2017

In one of his last public functions as Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown will be celebrating Mass on RTE, today, for St Patrick's Day (2017).

No one, including doctors, nurses, and hospitals, should be forced to violate their own consciences. However, some abortion advocates are fighting to force medication professionals to participate in abortion even if it violates their personal beliefs.

The tragic reality of the American politician system is that it is made up of politicians who act in self-interest. Often, instead of doing what they know is right, they choose whatever appears to be the most popular opinion at the time.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has just signed legislation into law that will require abortion providers to offer women seeking abortions the opportunity to receive an ultrasound and hear their baby’s heartbeat. 

At the end of February, 2017, Mr. Omar Hasan al-Bashir, the President of the Sudan, pardoned Petr Jašek, the Czech development aid worker, after fourteen months' imprisonment in Sudanese prisons, enabling him to return to his family in the Czech Republic.

However, Pastor Hassan Kodi and student Abdulmonem Abdulmawla - Petr Jašek's co-accused - strangely remain locked-up in Sudanese prisons. At the end of January, 2017, they were sentenced by a court in Khartoum to 12 years each...

ATUALIZAÇÃO -14/03/2017: Considerando-se a nova petição entregue ao STF pelo PSOL (também para solicitar a legalização do aborto), precisamos mais do que nunca conseguir pautar o PL que prevê o estabelecimento de crime de responsabilidade para ministros do STF.

CitizenGO vous invite à participer à la soixante et unième session de la Commission de la condition de la femme aux Nations Unies.

Pridružite nam se na 61. zasjedanju Komisije o statusu žena u sjedištu UN-a u New Yorku. Zasjedanje će trajati od 13. – 24. ožujka 2017., a na njemu će prisustvovati 193 članice Ujedinjenih Naroda.

В марте в ООН состоится 61-я сессия Комиссии по положению женщин. Сторонники радикальных идеологий хотят использовать ее, чтобы навязать миру аборты, контрацепцию, сексуальное просвещение детей и гомосексуализм. CitizenGO хочет это изменить! Подпишите международное обращение, став частью нашего голоса в защиту жизни, семьи и детей во всем мире!