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Dove, a popular personal care brand owned by Unilever Plc., just released a so-called “inclusive” Mother’s Day advertisement that includes a male to female “transgender” individual as an example of real motherhood.

Help us tell Dove that biological men cannot be mothers.

Earlier this year, we told you about Governor Cuomo’s radical plan to expand abortion in New York and require insurance companies to pay for it. Now, Governor Cuomo is demanding insurance plans bow to another manifestation of the sexual revolution – the LGBT lobby.

Science has proven that we all become humans at the same time – at the moment of conception. So since we all come into existence in the same small vulnerable way, wouldn’t it make sense to protect the youngest and sm

Abortion is a grave evil in our society. It’s critical that we fight on all fronts to empower women and protect vulnerable, unborn babies.

Right now, so-called Civil Partnership legislation is before Romania's Chamber of Deputies.

"Civil Partnership" is basically another term for civil marriage for those who are co-habiting, but, the main difference between civil partnership and civil marriage is that, at the moment, only men and women - under the Romanian Constitution - can enter into marriage.

À la fin du mois de février 2017, M. Omar Hasan al-Bashir, le Président du Soudan, a relâché le pasteur tchèque, Petr Jašek, innocent de tout, après quatorze mois d'emprisonnement dans les prisons soudanaises. Il est désormais sain et sauf, de retour dans sa famille en République Tchèque.
Cependant, le pasteur Hassan Kodi et son élève Abdulmonem Abdulmawla qui étaient co-accusé de Petr Jašek restent étrangement enfermés dans les prisons soudanaises.

A movement of students at Pomona College, part of the Claremont Consortium, is demanding the president of the college silence conservatives on campus.

All across the country, conservative speakers have been barred from presenting at colleges due to violent student protests.

Determining cause of death is very important. When someone dies and his or her cause of death is uncertain, often an autopsy is performed. If an individual dies of natural causes, the case is closed.

The Times newspaper recently did a "sting" on two crisis pregnancy centres in Dublin which actually tell women the truth about abortion - that, abortion harms women and kills an unborn child.

A lot of noise was made by the media, but, their overwrought moral indignation wasn't the end of the story.

Earlier this month, Life Charity came under considerable pressure from certain quarters of the media and the abortion lobby because of a small government grant they have received to assist them in their vital work.

Good news this week as the Tasmanian State government announced that the government will be scrapping the controversial Safe Schools Program.

Good news this week as the NSW State government announced on Sunday that the government will be scrapping the Safe Schools Program.

Suicide is a terrible scourge for those suffering from depression, and a terrible tragedy for any family who must cope with the loss of one of its members.

And, it is especially hard on young people. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds.

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Abortion is a grave evil in our society. It’s critical that we fight on all fronts to empower women and protect vulnerable, unborn babies. There are many means by which we can accomplish this goal, and we should applaud every legal limitation to abortion as it represents lives saved.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech.”

Recently, the Alaska House Health & Social Services Committee listened to arguments regarding House Bill 54, which would legalize doctor-prescribed and assisted suicide. As we know, life is precious at all stages and we must fight to protect it.

Spanish radicals on the Left have made an outrageous demand: That the ownership of the Cathedral of Zaragoza and the Church of the Magdalena (again, in Zaragoza) be transferred from Church authorities to municipal authorities! We reject this attempt at unjust seizure!

Last Sunday two deadly attacks rocked Egypt in two different cities, killing at least 45 Christians. Daesh (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attacks in what has become an everyday occurrence for thousands of Christians worldwide.