Netflix: #StopIndoktrinierung



Netflix: #StopIndoktrinierung

Netflix: #StopIndoktrinierung

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I don't know if you heard. A Netflix children's series has included a lesbian kiss in a series aimed at 7 year olds! Have we gone crazy?

I tell you: the series Jurassic World (Camp Cretaceous in Spanish) narrates the adventures of a group of teenagers abandoned on Isla Nublar, evacuated after the events of Jurassic World 2015.

In chapter 8 Yazz reveals to Sammy how he feels about her and they end up kissing. 

Subsequently, both their friends and their families support their lesbian relationship because of how supposedly happy the two 'girlfriends', as they like to call themselves, are....

Write now to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and show your outrage: a lesbian kiss is absolutely inappropriate for 7-year-olds. As long as he doesn't back down on LGBT indoctrination in children's series, I will support this boycott campaign!

As you can imagine, the issue has unleashed a wave of outrage around the world. If we parents can't have peace of mind when our children watch series inappropriate for them, we're simply not going to take that risk anymore.

The ball is in Netflix's court. It has to decide whether to follow the LGBT agenda or the families' agenda.

At the moment betting on the LGBT agenda doesn't seem to have gone very well: it has lost TWO-THIRDS of its value since October last year. It is at the same levels as before the pandemic, as if it had missed the opportunity of confinements....

Recently they released Paradise PD showing Jesus as a violent character. CitizenGO launched a campaign and we delivered over half a million signatures to Netflix headquarters. 

And before that, at Christmas, they launched another blasphemous story where CitizenGO mobilized over a million signatures.

It goes on and on and I am convinced that CitizenGO's action has had its effect.

Now the decision is Netflix's.

Mr. Reed Hastings: decide whether you want to pursue the LGBT agenda or the family agenda. They are not compatible. And count me out if you continue with your LGBT strategy.

We recently achieved the great victory of getting EWTN, Mother Angelica's Catholic channel, to remain on the DirecTV platform. We did it!!!!

We did it because there were many thousands of us who wrote to the CEO of the platform. And that was a very effective trickle. 

One message, another, another, another, another. Can you imagine receiving thousands and thousands of emails of complaints?

That's what we have to do with Netflix. Send them one email and another, and another, and another, and another.....

With every signature to this campaign we are sending an email to the CEO of Netflix.

It's the only way to stop them from stomping on their customers.

You want to tell them now, sign our campaign!

231.858 haben unterzeichnet. Lassen Sie uns 500.000 erreichen!

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