Stop LGBTQ colonization in Europe

Stop the LGBT colonization in Europe


Stop LGBTQ colonization in Europe

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Stop LGBTQ colonization in Europe

New totalitarianism is striking Europe.

On November 12th, the European Union Commission issued a communication announcing its intention to impose a strategy for all EU countries to bow to the LGBTIQ agenda.

The very dangerous strategy wants to impose the legal integration at the European and national level of the following points:

  • Introduction of crime of “Homophobia” at the European level 

  • De facto recognition of same-sex unions in all European countries 

  • Introduction of gender education in schools

  • Legal “Gender” change without age restrictions - even for children!

  • Allocation of funding to LGBTIQ associations

  • Use of the Recovery Fund with an emphasis on the LGBTIQ community

Those who do not follow the diktat of the new rainbow Europe will be excluded from EU funding, including the Recovery Fund for dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.

And to impose their LGBT dictatorship they intend to wipe out the “Veto” each country has in the EU to protect its citizens and sovereignty!

Some countries are already courageously rebelling, such as Poland and Hungary, which have vetoed the Recovery Fund. Hungary is already promoting new amendments to protect the natural family.

And of course the regime media are already discrediting and publicly attacking them.

Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality and rapporteur for the text, said that European countries that do not respect the strategy will be fined:

 "I feel very strongly about this," she said. "Because it’s a way on how to bring a member state in line, hopefully, by saying ‘OK, you don’t get a share which you should get if you don’t respect the rule of law".

For the EU totalitarians, LGBT ideology equals the “Rule of Law”.

Do you realize that? Economic blackmail in times of crisis worthy of the most wicked dictatorships!

They want to perpetuate a real ideological abuse against those sovereign states that have shown firmness and courage against the LGBTQ ideology, denying them financial support against covid.

In fact, they are using the Covid crisis to impose on all European countries a new LGBTQ ideological colonization that will destroy our culture, our identity, our faith.

Without your help, we will not be able to stop them.

Save Europe! Sign the petition to the European Commission now and defend freedom!

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To the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

I find it unacceptable the blackmail that you are perpetrating against my nation and the whole of Europe through the LGBTQ 2025 strategy. 

The statements by Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality, represent ideological blackmail against sovereign states. 

The European Parliament and the European Council cannot establish the crime of "homophobia" because it is outside of their powers, as set out in Article 83 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. 

I ask that the sovereignty of my state on issues such as family, sexuality, education, marriage, and biology be respected. I remind you of the Christian roots of Europe and of its founders.

I demand that the LGBTQ 2025 strategy be withdrawn immediately and the EU country's “Veto” rights be protected.

[Your Name]

Stop LGBTQ colonization in Europe

Sign this petition now!

205,154 people have signed. Help us reach 400,000 signatures.