Call Disney: stop LGBTQ propaganda!

Call Disney now


Call Disney: stop LGBTQ propaganda!

Call Disney: stop LGBTQ propaganda!

1,172 signatures

Over 1.1 million signatures sent directly to The Walt Disney headquarters on behalf of those who signed the petition. 

Disney’s Executive Chairman Robert Iger and CEO Bob Chapek plan to toe the line with radical LGBTQ activists, pushing their agenda (seemingly at all costs).

On June 1, 2019, they were first to proudly support Disney’s public and explicit gay pride parade at Disneyland Paris. This was the start that led to their controversial decision to use Disney’s brand to advocate for the political agenda of LGBTQ activists.

But now, COVID restrictions have stifled their income. Truthfully, between that and poor business decisions, The Walt Disney Company is hemorrhaging money. Tens of thousands of Disney employees have been laid off or fired. 

Many investors and executives fear what a boycott means to their bottom line and, quite frankly, to their employees’ jobs. 

Due to this financial crisis, The Walt Disney Company is more sensitive than ever to families’ complaints. Families remain the top source of income for Disney That’s why we are asking for some additional help to get our point across. Now is the time to double our efforts!

Will you pick up the phone now and tell Disney that they are making a mistake forcing the LGBTQ agenda on families trying to enjoy their parks and products. 

Here's where to call:

  • The Walt Disney Company Africa- +27 11 772 2500

Here's an example of what you could say: 

“Since their opening, the Disney amusement parks have been considered a place for families to enjoy time together. Disney has especially excelled at entertaining and captivating children. But parents do not want Disney to indoctrinate their children to LGBTQ ideology. We will not hesitate to boycott Disney’s movies, products, and parks if this indoctrination continues.”

As Disney receives thousands of calls, word will make its way around the building that we are serious. 

Now is our opportunity.

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What did Disney say?

What did Disney say?