President Uhuru Kenyatta: Expedite the adoption of the National Family Policy



President Uhuru Kenyatta: Expedite the adoption of the National Family Policy

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President Uhuru Kenyatta: Expedite the adoption of the National Family Policy

The Kenyan government through the Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social services drafted a family policy with the help of stakeholders in 2017.

This policy is the best thing to ever happen for the pro-family movement in Kenya but there has been delay and dallys since 2017 with the ministry giving excuses every time for not adopting the report at the cabinet-level.

It is important to have this policy adopted before the next government. We are aware that a lot of lobbying from the anti-family movement has been taking place so as to sabotage this policy, thus this petition.

According to the draft policy, the below will be the advantages of a statute governing the family in the Republic of Kenya-

The development of the National Family Promotion and Protection Policy is based on the requirement in the Constitution that the family shall enjoy the recognition and protection of the State. The policy will enable a more comprehensive and focused approach in ensuring that;

i. The family as the most fundamental unit of society provides the platform for human capital development that will propel the development of the nation. This will be achieved by developing and implementing policies, strategies, programmes, services, and the supporting infrastructure to empower families through their inherent strengths.

ii. There is a total and holistic direction for family wellbeing that encompasses physical, mental, economic, social, psychological and spiritual development at every stage in the family life cycle.

iii. Formation and strengthening of the family institution so that each family member can be empowered to perform, jointly and fairly, their roles in terms of family relationships, economy, career and lifestyle in order to improve stability, harmony and well-being.

iv. Efforts to guide and nurture families with skills to inculcate, internalize and practise good moral and family values. These values can be the catalyst for success and self-protection. The practice of moral values by each individual family member will be reinforced in educational institutions, educational institutions, the community and at the workplaces. 

v. Efforts to strengthen inter-generational ties where the elderly are valued and are critical in transferring positive values to future generations. Hence, a culture of a close-knitted family having the attributes of loving, caring, commitment will be enhanced to review and restructure policies, objectives, strategies and programme development to be more family-friendly.

vi. Enhancing the implementation of family wellbeing programs. Service facilities and infrastructures will be expanded and coordinated to support programs targeted for different family types. These include widow(er) headed families, single-parent families, impoverished families, hardcore poor families, vulnerable families (neglected or street families), families having children with special needs, families with disabled family members and families caring for frail older persons.

The family in Kenya is under a threat especially for homosexual activists and groups that want to corrupt the youth. These groups are powerful and well monied.

The most important though is to defend the family in Kenya and that is why we ask you to sign and share this petition to the Kenyan president.

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Adopt the National Family Protection and Family Policy

Dear your excellency,

Since 2017, the National Social and Family protection policy was drafted by the Ministry of East African Affairs, Labour and Social Protection in collaboration with over 15 stakeholder organizations.

This policy is supposed to protect the family in Kenya. It is a very important policy that took a lot of work and input from everyone involved.

It is though disappointing that since 2017, the policy has not been approved at the cabinet-level as it has not been considered for discussion.

We understand that the family is under attack from many quotas and those that are involved in attacking it has been lobbying against the policy.

With this petition, we urge you to order the discussion of this policy at the cabinet level with immediate effect to enable it to become a bill.

Kindly consider.

[Your Name]

President Uhuru Kenyatta: Expedite the adoption of the National Family Policy

Sign this petition now!

3,279 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.