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Defending life, family, and freedom across the world

Senate: Shelve the Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019

Abortion is about to be made legal in Kenya! You need to move fast and stop the back door legalization of abortion through the Reproductive HealthCare Bill that has already gone through the second reading in the Senate.

The bill which is sponsored by Hon. Susan Kihika advocates for “Legal and Accessible Safe Abortion”, adolescent-friendly “Family Planning” services, surrogacy, test-tube babies and even Comprehensive Sexuality Education for children.

It is also evident that pro-abortion organizations such as IPAS are sponsoring this bill as they have held numerous meetings with senators to monitor its progress in the floor of the house.

This bill opens a pandora’s box on a number of issues that are already defined in the constitution of Kenya 2010. It  seeks to interprete Article 26 of the Bill of Rights by trying to make Article 26 c and d  friendly to abortionists and those that seek abortion on demand.

If this bill is passed, any woman who walks into a clinic and gives consent for abortion will be allowed to procure it contrary to the current laws.

Any medical practitioner will also be expected to procure an abortion as long as the woman has demanded for it even when it is against their religious beliefs or values. If this medical practitioner fails to offer the abortion by either themselves or referral, they will be jailed for three years.

The bill also makes it possible for anyone in the medical field to procure an abortion.

For the longest time now, Kenyans have fought the destructive Comprehensive Sexuality Education which advocates for among others abortion as a right, homosexuality for children, masturbation and even sexualization of children.

The Reproductive Health Bill 2019 will make Comprehensive Sexuality Education legal through its article 27. It will also make available abortion services that cater for adolescents.

Besides, surrogacy and InVitro Fertilization will be legalized through this bill making Kenya the second African country to legalize these after South Africa.

This bill needs to be stopped immediately, you need to ask the Speaker of the Senate Honourable Kenneth Lusaka to shelve it as it does not reflect the spirit of the Kenyan law and the values held by the majority of Kenyans.

The Kenyan constitution in Article 26 makes it clear that life begins at conception and should be protected under the Bill of Rights. The penal code also forbids abortion .

Please sign this petition to help us stop the back door legalization of abortion in Kenya.

For more information:

The Reproductive Health Bill of Kenya 2019

Abortionists (IPAS) are behind the Reproductive HealthCare Bill 2019 in Kenya


DC Comics to release blasphemous series about Jesus

UPDATE: Feb. 14th, 2019

After our petition went viral, DC Comics has decided to cancel "Second Coming"!

Read more:

DC Comics is set to release an outrageous and blasphemous new series featuring Jesus Christ as the sidekick for an "all powerful" superhero.

Let DC Comics know that this comic is inappropriate. It should be immediately pulled from their release schedule.

According to Fox News, the “Second Coming” comic “reimagines why Jesus left earth the first time and is coming back again.” Author Mark Russell recently shared a bit about the concept behind his comic. He explained, “God was so upset with Jesus’s performance the first time he came to Earth, since he was arrested so soon and crucified shortly after, that he has kept him locked-up since then.”

Can you imagine the media and political uproar if DC Comics was altering and poking fun at the story of Muhammad... or Buddha?

This blasphemous content should not be tolerated. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. His story should not be ridiculed for the sake of selling comic books.

When asked how long his series will continue, Russell explained, “We’re slated for six issues but the goal would be to turn it into an ongoing if the reaction is positive.”

Let DC Comics know that the reaction is most assuredly not positive. If we can’t stop the initial release, hopefully we can ensure that there are no future releases. 

Please sign this petition if you agree that DC Comics should pull this blasphemous series. Your signature will be sent directly to DC Comic’s Executive Vice President Amit Desai, Publisher Dan Didio, and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee. 

Let's Get Asia Bibi Out of Pakistan

UPDATE: May 8th, 2019

We are able to confirm that Asia Bibi has successfully relocated to Canada where she will start a new life with her family. We praise God for this deliverance and thank our supporters and signers for their efforts to defend Asia.

Last week, Asia Bibi was finally acquitted in Pakistan after over eight years of court proceedings. She has been in prison since June 16, 2009, accused of the crime of breaking a Sharia-based blasphemy law. Her Muslim co-workers, who reproached her for being a Christian, brought the accusation after an argument over a drinking vessel.

Her family has been informed that, in recent months, her physical condition has gotten worst during her stay in Multan prison.

Since her incarceration, the platform (belonging to the CitizenGO Group) has fought for her freedom, supporting her family and channeling the economic aid of thousands of citizens to defend this Christian mother.

However, although she has been acquitted, her problems are not over.

Her acquittal has provoked a wave of violence throughout Pakistan that has already left several dead. Asia Bibi's lawyer has had to flee the country in order not to be killed. The situation is more delicate than ever. 

We at CitizenGO wish to help take Asia Bibi and her family out of the country and give them a better life. However, they are now prohibited from leaving Pakistan, and her court case might be reviewed.

That is why we are asking the Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, to intercede as soon as possible so that this Christian woman and her family can leave, and that the necessary security measures will be taken to keep them alive.

We also ask United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, US President Donald Trump, and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, to pressure Khan with all available diplomatic tools in order to achieve complete freedom for Asia Bibi and her family.

Venezuelans are dying. Sign now!


On Thursday, September 27th, the UN Human Rights Council approved a resolution for the protection of Human Rights in Venezuela, something that has never happened before. There were only seven votes against it!

This means that the UN now recognizes the flagrant violations of Venezuelans' most basic rights and it is urging Maduro's regime to "accept humanitarian assistance in order to address the scarcity of food, medicine and medical supplies."

This is precisely what we had requested and, with your invaluable help, we have achieved it!

Rubén Navarro, a representative of CitizenGO, spoke to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva about our campaign.

We were also able to deliver more than 123,000 signatures from active citizens like you from around the world to the offices of Mark Lowcock, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and to Tedros Adhanom, General Director of the World Health Organization (WHO).

We were in contact with 16 member state representatives and we met formally with nine. The international community is really worried about the situation in Venezuela.

On August 20th we had convened a press conference with four exceptional witnesses of the situation suffered by the Venezuelan people: Patricia Carrera, president of LEAN Foundation and human rights activist; Carleth Morales, journalist; Carlos Moreno, brother of a murdered Green Helmet and Araminta González, who had been tortured for two years.

You can watch a video summary of the press conference here:

The event had a great impact and we reached dozens of national and international media outlets. Venezuela made the news again after months of complicit silence from the media.

We are excited to have helped hundreds of Venezuelans thanks to your collaboration with the shipment of 4,790 kilos of medicine. Almost five tons! It is very inspiring to see all the grateful children, families, and all kinds of people.

You can watch a video overview of our efforts here:


The Venezuelan people are dying due to a lack of medical treatment. This urgent petition asks the United Nations and the World Health Organization to create a humanitarian corridor to save the Venezuelan people.

The deadly Chávez regime has held power in Venezuela for 20 years. Now, the lethal regime has led to the total ruin of the country... a country with the largest reservoirs of oil on the planet!

All of this is thanks to Venezuela's nefarious administration, whose ideological basis is communism or 'the socialism of the 21st century'.

Who pays for the consequences for this disastrous regime? Not the leaders of the government, such as President Nicolás Maduro or well-known politician Diosdado Cabello, who have luxurious apartments in New York. And certainly not the daughter of Hugo Chávez, who has a fortune valued at 3.6 billion USD by Forbes.

Hugo Chávez's daughter has access to 3.6 billion dollars... and people in Venezuela are dying of hunger and suffering due to the lack of basic medical services! Venezuelans have to stand in long lines to get so much as a roll of toilet paper.

The situation is dangerous and unsustainable, but the international community has thus far remained idle. The humanitarian emergency in Venezuela is no longer making prime time news, and it has therefore fallen out of interest for international institutions.

Here are some important facts about the situation in Venezuela:

  • The average monthly salary in Venezuela is about 5,916,000 bolivares (Bs) or $34.30USD. Some of the medicines they need to import cost over $3,800USD.
  • In 88% of the hospitals, there are no drugs available. In 79%, there are no sanitary materials and water cuts are a constant occurrence.*
  • 30% of doctors with more than 30 years of experience, and 75% with ten years or less of experience, have left the country.*
  • 90% of treatments for diseases such as cancer, AIDS, or hemophilia are not available.
  • From January to May of this year, the price of drugs tripled from 1,000% to 3,000% of the cost before the crisis.**
  • Most importantly, 16,000 people are at risk of imminent death. The number increases every day.

With these facts in mind, we are asking the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to intercede and immediately create a humanitarian corridor to ensure the supply of medicine and basic sanitary material.

This must be done to save the people of Venezuela. The suffering and mistreatment of the Venezuelan people should be considered crimes against humanity.

Write to the United Nations and the World Health Organization to make them aware of the extremely delicate situation in Venezuela. Ask them to immediately establish a humanitarian corridor for the entry of medicines and sanitary material to help the battered population.

*Data from Médicos por la Salud

**Data from Federación Farmacéutica Venezolana (Fefarven)

Turkey Must Release Pastor Andrew Brunson from Prison!

Turkey’s crackdown on Christianity has put an American clergyman in jail for over 500 days without due process.

Pastor Andrew Brunson, an American clergyman and missionary from North Carolina, has lived peacefully in Turkey for the last 23 years. During his time in Turkey, Pastor Brunson, alongside his wife Noreen, has served as the pastor of a small Protestant congregation, of around 40 members, at the Izmir Resurrection Church on the west coast of Turkey.

Pastor Brunson and his wife Noreen, raised their three children in Turkey and had applied for permanent residency. In October 2016, when Pastor Brunson and Noreen were asked to go to the police station, they were under the impression it was to receive notification about the status of their permanent residency request. Instead, they were both locked into a prison cell, accused of collaborating in a conspiracy “against national security” and “membership of an armed terrorist organization.”

Noreen Brunson was released two days later while Pastor Andrew Brunson remains in prison awaiting trial, which is expected to begin on April 16, 2018.  

A 62-page indictment was recently released against Pastor Brunson, claiming his involvement in "Christianization," which is being treated as an act of terrorism. Also, the indictment is full of false witnesses claiming Pastor Brunson misrepresented Christianity and spoke against the government. All which Pastor Brunson claims as untrue as he maintains his innocence.

Pastor Brunson is 50-years-old and, if convicted, these serious charges carry with them a 35-year sentence. Without pressure from President Donald J. Trump and the United States Department of State, this could be a life sentence for Pastor Brunson.

Furthermore, Pastor Brunson is not alone. Open Doors USA claims there are 187,000 Christians in Turkeys. Turkey is ranked 31st on their 2018 World Watch List. Christians face a “very high” level of persecution mainly stemming from “Islamic oppression.”

Open Doors USA claims, “Religious nationalism has grown to new heights. President Erdogan has strengthened his position, trying to transform Turkey from a secular state into a Sunni Muslim one. Leaving Islam for Christianity is considered a betrayal of the Turkish identity, Islam and the family. Christians have no access to state jobs and experience discrimination in private employment, especially where employers have ties to the government.”

Turkey as a member of NATO is claimed to be an ally of the United States. Yet, since a failed coup against the Turkish government by religious outsiders, Turkey has digressed in protecting the rights that the United States and our Constitution hold dearly as a pillar to all mankind.

Currently, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, or freedom to organize or demonstrate are among an unprotected class in Turkey. However, in the United States of America, rightfully so, our government protects the rights of Turkish citizens to practice their faith and live peacefully among others.

Sign our petition to demand the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson from prison. 

For more information:

Help Dr Katarzyna Jachimowicz in her legal fight to retain freedom of conscience for doctors in Norway

Last year, we learned about the story of a brave Polish doctor fighting for physicians in Norway to exercise their right to freedom of conscience, in their work. Dr Katarzyna Jachimowicz has been fighting, for herself and for other doctors to have this fundamental right respected and vindicated by the state of Norway.

She is ready to take this fight to Norway’s highest court, and, even, to an international court, if necessary.

With this petition, let us express our solidarity with the doctor, who, on our behalf, is fighting this fight, alone. Let us, therefore, utterly object to any state trampling on the basic right of every doctor – to do as their conscience dictates.

Unfortunately, as predicted, the judgement of the Lower Court (i.e., the Court of First Instance), was not successful.

And, moreover, the Lower Court’s judgment includes this absurd quote: "The fact that a woman (patient) who is requesting an IUD is referred to another doctor (other than GP of that patient), due to the GP’s conscientious objection, represents, according to this Court, a form of discrimination due to her sex. According to this Court, it is sufficient to note, that, it follows from human (physical) nature, men will not be subject to the situation that they have to go to another doctor than their GP due to the doctors conscientious objection to this type of reproductive preventive medical treatment."

It is worth recalling this story:

Dr Katarzyna Jachimowicz has been a doctor for 24 years, and worked as a family doctor at the Family Outpatient Clinic in Sauherad (Sauherad legesenter) for 4 years. During this period, there was no complaint about the doctor's work. From the beginning of her employment at the clinic, management knew that Dr Jachimowicz would not agree to prescribe or insert an IUD (intrauterine device, aka the “coil”) into a woman. It should be noted, here, that, in Norway, it is not only competent gynecologists who prescribe and insert IUDs, but also family physicians in general practice.

So, from the beginning of Dr Jachimowicz’s employment, this was not a problem for the clinic, as other doctors were willing to prescribe an IUD, even though the device could malfunction. It is worthwhile to add that an IUD is not only a contraceptive, but sometimes, if a child has been conceived, the device can also cause miscarriage.

In fact, an IUD can prevent the nesting of an embryo in the uterus, and this action can result in the death of the human embryo.

Thus, the contract between the clinic and Dr Jachimowicz contained a clause which stipulated that Dr Jachimowicz would not perform these procedures. And, the management agreed to this arrangement.

Between the years 2011-2014, there was an intense debate – and, opposition to - the right of family doctors in Norway to exercise their right to freedom of conscience in their practice.

Doctors who stood their ground were subjected to detailed investigation.

And then, on January 1, 2015, a new law was passed forbidding family doctors from refusing to perform any activity on the basis of their beliefs...except, however, when lacking the appropriate skills.

But, the January, 2015 monitoring letter instructed physicians to adapt to the new regulations. And so, the issue intensified at the beginning of 2015.

In Dr Jachimowicz’s case, a state-sanctioned review of her clinic was performed by a provincial doctor, and the report included a statement that the conscience clause could not be applied in relation to the prescription and insertion of an IUD. But, the report only stated that Dr Jachimowicz declared that she "would not insert an IUD," but did not include her conscientious objection.

Throughout the Telemark region, where Dr Jachimowicz’ clinic is located, four physicians opposed these practices and did not perform them.

All of these doctors were expected to leave work on their own initiative, and three of them decided to take this step. However, Dr Jachimowicz stayed at the clinic. As a result, the managing director of the outpatient clinic fired Dr Jachimowicz from work in December, 2015.

It should be added that, while Dr Jachimowicz is a Polish woman, she speaks Norwegian (her husband is also Polish) and works, using the same methods, as doctors from Norway. Her dismissal, therefore, was not a form of discrimination on the grounds of nationality, but only on the grounds of conscience.

It is hard to believe that in Norway, a country that speaks so much about tolerance and human rights, basic freedoms, like that of freedom of conscience, are not respected.

Dr Jachimowicz was kicked out of work only because she listened to her conscience and did not want to contribute to killing. The details of the dismissal leave no doubt that her dismissal is a violation of fundamental human rights and intolerance.

On October 31st, her trial starts before the Norway’s High Court (or, Court of Second Instance).

Let us hope that this Court finds that doctors, guided by their right to freedom of conscience, may not be discriminated against.

The number of signatures signifies the number of people in defense of Dr Jachimowicz on petitions about this matter at CitizenGO. The Norwegian Ministry of Health confirmed last year that it received 120,000 signatures on her behalf regarding this issue.

It is important that we send the Norwegian Ministry of Health even more signatures, and, thus, show that we do not agree on restricting the basic right of every doctor to work in harmony with his or her conscience.

We encourage everyone to sign this petition in defense of Dr Katarzyna Jachimowicz. We petition the Norwegian Minister of Health to create such legal conditions that doctors can practice their profession in harmony with conscience.


Let us stand for freedom of speech in Europe

Freedom of speech in Europe is in great danger!

On 9 December 2021, the European Commission proposed to extend the list of EU crimes to hate speech and hate crimes.

If this proposal is accepted, your pro-life and pro-family voice will be shut down in all the EU and the Republic of Ireland. Sorry, but I must warn you about the upcoming danger: your right to free speech will be violated by public and private entities.

It's a tactic by the radical left to censor any dissent to their agenda worldwide. By changing the definition of what free speech means, they’ll strike a blow on our freedom to defend our opinions and beliefs… We are on the brink of being unplugged!

The debates are still going on, but the vote is inexorably coming. The next meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council will be in Luxembourg on 9 - 10 June 2022. We plan to persuade some delegates of the EU Member States to vote against the new hate speech laws and make them derail… But I need your help NOW!

If freedom of expression is suppressed, the system of government turns into totalitarian tyranny.

We are increasingly seeing how hate speech laws can be misused for persecuting people of different opinions. Biden administration in the US has announced its intent to establish a Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) to label information it does not like as disinformation. The Finnish pro-gender prosecutor persecuted the Christian politician Päivi Räsänen for her biblical views on marriage, family, and sexuality.

We have numerous examples of this in the UK, not least with our Campaign Director, Caroline Farrow who has been contacted by the police twice now in relation to misgendering. Several Christian pastors have found themselves under arrest for preaching the Gospel on the streets because the content is deemed 'hate speech and one woman was arrested in front of her children, put in jail and later convicted of hate speech for causing offence by misgendering a transgender activist before her conviction was overturned. 

We must stop it before it is too late!

The new hate speech laws proposed by the Commission to be added to Article 83(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) are very loosely worded and might be arbitrarily misused by some powerful groups e.g. pro-abortion and pro-gender politicians, judges, and activists.

Another problem is that we have no clear definition of what hate speech and hate crimes are. 

The radical left wants to have free hands to shut you down and censor the pro-life and pro-family voices! If they get away with this in the EU, they’ll feel entitled to impose the same censorship in the rest of the western countries, including the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

We are mobilizing thousands of citizens around the world to prevent the radical left in the EU from converting you into a criminal… But we have to move fast to convince the delegates since the vote session is expected on 9-10 June.

The situation is difficult, but we have hope.

For the introduction of the new hate speech laws, the delegates of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg must unanimously vote.

It means that if we manage to persuade some delegates of the EU Member States to vote against the new hate speech laws, we can win and defend our freedom of speech.

However, if we fail, it might very easily and quickly happen that we will face judicial trials for our pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Christian opinions presented in public. Then, free Europe will be over.

I hope that this is not what you and I want. Let’s act NOW to avoid it.

Therefore, we need to speak up and defend freedom of speech before it is too late!

Please, sign our petition and stand for freedom of expression in Europe!

More information: 

Ireland to opt into EU wide hate speech ban

Komisia navrhuje rozšíriť zoznam trestných činov EÚ tak, aby zahŕňal nenávistné prejavy a trestné činy z nenávisti

Rada pre spravodlivosť a vnútorné veci, 9. – 10. júna 2022

Rada pre spravodlivosť a vnútorné veci, 3. – 4. marca 2022

Extending EU crimes to hate speech and hate crime

We must protect free speech—Enough is enough!


Resume church registration in Kenya

Since 2014, there has not been church registration in Kenya.

The Attorney General of Kenya suspended the registration of any church in 2014 quoting "qualification requirements for pastors" among the justifications.

In 2017, the incumbent president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta promised to prioritise the lifting of the ban but his term is coming to an end in August 2022 without fulfilling his promise.

Religious freedom in Kenya is at stake, it is paramount that President Uhuru Kenyatta orders the lifting of the ban as soon as possible.

Sign this petition demanding that President Uhuru Kenyatta orders with immediate effect the resumption of registration of churches in Kenya.

More information:_

Do not scrap religious studies in Kenyan schools

A handful of non-believers are pushing the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development to scrap religious education in schools.

The sensational group which is not even registered in Kenya has been pushing for all things immoral to the throats of Kenyans who believe otherwise.

Irreligious people in Kenya constitute only 0.4 % of the Kenyan population which now stands at over 53 Million.

85 per cent of Kenyans are Christians, 11 per cent are Muslims and the rest belong to other religions. 

The Kenyan Constitution's preamble begins with acknowledging God which means Kenya is basically a religious country.

The said group of irreligious people have also been pushing for all things immoral including abortion, homosexuality, sexualization of children and even contraception for teenagers.

They thus have no authority to dictate what should or should not be in the Kenyan curriculum as they don't speak for Kenyan parents.

With this petition, we demand that KICD shreds the petition by the irreligious and ignore their ridiculous demands.

More information

Justice for Kianjokoma brothers and for the Kitengela four

The last couple of weeks have been the most traumatising in Kenya.

We have witnessed young lives being buried after they were allegedly arrested and lost their lives in the circus.

A few hours later four other young lives were murdered by what is alleged to be herdsmen. 

 Six lives have been lost but no one has been brought to book to date in what police claim to be "complicated cases".

This only adds to many others who have lost their lives mysteriously in Kenya

The inability or rather the laxity of the police and or the Ministry of Interir to bring to book the people responsible for the death of these young people is the highest disregard to the right to life and justice.

The families of these victims are in pain, we have seen them wail and lose themselves in the dark reality but the question is whether at least they will get justice.

Sign this petition and join the movement that is going to be fighting for justice and the respect of the lives of the Kianjakoma brothers and the Kitengela four.

UGANDA MOE: Ask Makerere University to stop discriminating against students based on their religious beliefs

It is a dark day for students from Universities in Uganda who attempted to participate in an event hosted by Makerere University, the largest and oldest UNiversity in Uganda.

The university has been running a week-long campaign on what they term as "Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights". This event was targeting all University students but what has happened has left some students frustrated and infuriated.

The campaign which is sponsored by International pro-abortion groups is pushing for anti-life agenda to the students and it will not allow students who believe abortion is murder to participate.

In what seems to be a calculated move to shut down pro-life students, the leadership of the University threw out any student with contrary opinion from a zoom meeting they held on Tuesday the 27th of July.

A youthful participant who was scheduled to speak was thrown out at the last minute. He was told that background research on him indicated that he was pro-life and thus not fit to speak!

Another student was kicked out of the zoom meeting when she raised concerns about the agenda of the event.

Tens of other students were locked out of the zoom meeting due to their religious beliefs. Additionally, any student who asked sensitive questions based on morals and reservations about contraception and abortion was removed.

Organizers were advertising abortion centres Marie Stopes Uganda and nowhere did they inform participants about the dangers of contraception and abortion. The students were regarded as sex slaves who must be directed to contraceptive and abortion centres without any question, anyone who dared question this, was kicked out!

Marie  Stopes International are not new to controversy and have been advertising abortion like candy in Africa. In Kenya, they were suspended after they led a massive pro-abortion advertising campaign targeting the kenyan youth .

It is shocking and disappointing to see that in such a leading university, students have no freedom of speech or freedom to stand by their religious beliefs.

This needs to stop and that is why we are asking the ministry of education in Uganda to take quick action against the perpetrators.

We need to have all students respected and not discriminated against based on their religious beliefs.

Stop the abortion and Sexualization bill at the East African Legislative Assembly

The East African Community could still be forced into debating yet again the very controversial "Sexual and Reproductive and Health" bill. This is the fourth attempt by the East African Legislative Assembly to try to re-table this bill after several unsuccessful attempts.

For the last five years, four fresh attempts have been made at introducing the controversial “Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)” bill at the East African Legislative Assembly. The recent attempt has renamed it the “Sexual and Reproductive Health Bill” dropping the contentious “rights” qualification, with the radical ‘rights contents remaining. all the same.

Every time this bill has been introduced, citizens from member states have objected to it as it pushes and seeks to authorize/legalize abortion, contraception, and sexualization of children; surrogacy mandates Assisted Reproductive technology and even gender ideology.

The heavily funded abortionists seem not to give up and have often camped at EALA to train members of parliament on how to push for abortion and their evil anti-family agenda. The public hearings associated with this Bill have always been favorable to the abortionist groups and SRHR supporting entities, who are selectively invited to endorse the scheme unchallenged..

The fresh attempt to introduce the bill is “privately” sponsored through Hon Kennedy Mukulia Ayason, who in the previous sitting shamelessly defended “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.” We clearly see the EAC is being used as a law-making conduit to clear ways for legal attack and abuse of our children in the name of sexual Reproductive Health law. A law when passed does not add any value to the day-to-day livelihood of our children, and indeed the East African member States.

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has been the target of determined abortion groups who want to see abortion on demand, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and gender ideology, legal in East Africa. 

These abortion groups supported by elements in the European Union and led by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) have led to cultural imperialism and neo-colonialism, especially in East African countries, as they attempt to overhaul their pro-life laws, and erode religious values.

Their recent failed attempts were in having abortion legal in Kenya and Malawi through the infamous “Kihika Abortion Bill “ and the Malawi Abortion bill, respectively. Having failed at this level, they have now targeted the EALA.

SIDA has been sitting with the sometimes naive or rather often greedy members of EALA to train them on how to table the controversial abortion bill and how to defend it in the face of "conservative backlash". These abortion groups have been pouring money and training the legislators to be insensitively pro-abortion.

It is sad that now Hon. Mukulia Kennedy has become their latest crusader and is heard shamelessly defending Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in the previous EALA sittings. According to Hon Kennedy Mukulia,  " Comprehensive Sexuality Education is good for our society and that SRHR is not harmful". The Bill euphemistically refers to “Age appropriate comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)”  but the CSE promoted by United Nation agencies is never age or culturally appropriate. The CSE promoted by UN agencies and the EU entails the following:-

Encouraging acceptance and exploration of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities (Homosexuality and transgenderism)

Promoting high-risk sexual behaviors (including anal and oral sex) and teaches they are safe.

Promoting sexual pleasure and promiscuity as a right for children.

Promoting abortion as safe and without consequences.

Encouraging children to experiment sexually with individuals of their sex or the opposite sex.

Claiming that access to “comprehensive sexuality education” is a human right.

Teaching children and youth that they are sexual from birth.

Promoting condoms to children without informing them of their failure rates.

Promoting disrespect for parents and religious and cultural values.

Promoting sexual counseling, information or services to minors without parental consent.

Training children to advocate for their “sexual rights” in laws and policies.

Encouraging  “peer to peer” sexuality education.

The ideology of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights is the most abused today by abortionists; it is a euphemism for abortion and LGBT rights.

The Republics of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, the United Republic of Tanzania, and the Republic of Uganda are the countries that will be bound by this legislation in case it is passed. These countries have had a real battle with abortionists independently. It seems now they have to fight again at the East African Community level, where EALA representatives are bent to go out of their way and mandate to make controversial laws for sovereign member States; well aware that provisions such as abortion, contraception for children, Surrogacy among others are illegal and unacceptable by member states. 

The following status of pro-life laws in the targeted countries:-

Burundi- Abortion on demand is illegal

DR Congo- Abortion on demand is illegal

Kenya-Abortion on demand is illegal

Rwanda-Abortion on demand is illegal

South Sudan-Abortion on demand is illegal

Tanzania-Abortion on demand is illegal

Uganda-Abortion on demand is illegal

Kindly sign this petition, ask the speaker of EALA to have the controversial  "SRHR" bill by Honourable Kennedy Mukulia withdrawn with immediate effect.


Hon. Mukulia Kennedy seeks house leave to introduce abortion “srhr” bill

EALA sitting endorses controversial abortion bill


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