Ban Abortion Clinic Marie Stopes from Kenya

Stop Marie Stopes Kenya #SaveKenyanBabies


Ban Abortion Clinic Marie Stopes from Kenya

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Ban Abortion Clinic Marie Stopes from Kenya

Marie Stopes an International Chain of Clinics in the world have been advertising abortion on demand in Kenya and other parts of Africa. It is evident that the chain of clinics offers abortions even when this is illegal in a record 52 African Countries out of 54.

In Kenya, they have put on very suggestive adverts asking youths to give them a call in case they get pregnant as they  “have a solution to the pregnancy”.

Earlier this year, Culture of Life Africa released a bombshell  report that is titled "Marie Stopes International (MSI) — the largest global abortion provider in the English-speaking world — is committing illegal abortions in Uganda and other African countries."

In the report and expose the Former Manager of Marie Stopes International in Uganda Dr. Desire Kerubo  confirmed that the only services offered by Marie Stopes  Clinics was abortion.  "There was no help [for women]," says Desire Kerubo, the former manager of an MSI clinic in Hoima, Uganda. "Their service was abortion."

In fact, Marie Stopes even admitted that they perform illegal abortions: Paul Cornellisson, MSI Programme Director for South Africa, admitted to attendees at a conference in 2007 that "We do illegal abortions all over the world."  As recently as 2012, Zambia banned MSI from operating in its territory after the organization perpetrated over 500 illegal abortions there.

Kerubo recounts in the expose that the MSI clinic she worked at in Uganda committed abortions on underage young girls, failed to report rape and sexual violence, and disposed of the baby remains by flushing them down the toilet or throwing them into a pit latrine.

Kenyan women and youth are now becoming a victim of the blood thirsty clinics who are now even advertising abortions in the streets of Nairobi and other rural areas.

Last year African Organization for Families launched  40 Days for Life Campaigns that included prayers at the gates of Marie Stopes Kenya , three babies were saved from abortion in the last campaigns but this is not enough as every day babies are killed in the abortion clinics and it should be stopped!

Please sign this petition to the Ministry of Health in Kenya to ask the Minister to stop the abortion clinic from advertising abortion  and ban their activities as well in the country.


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Stop Marie Stopes from Advertising Abortion!

Dear Dr. Cleopha Mailu,

I write to you this petition asking you to stop Marie Stopes Kenya from advertising abortions to our youth and women.

Abortion is illegal in Kenya which means the clinic is performing illegal activities in the country  and they need to be stopped.

Your excellency, Marie Stopes has been notorious in offering medical and surgical abortions in all their clinics in the country, a business that is doing so well under your watch.

We are pained and perturbed by this and thus demand for immediate investigation of their activities. We also demand that the clinics be banned from operating in the country and the managers be arraigned in a court of law.

We are counting on you for this illegal trade of killing babies to end in our county.

Kindly act quickly.

[Your Name]

Ban Abortion Clinic Marie Stopes from Kenya

Sign this petition now!

3,483 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.