Send a message of hope to Asia Bibi

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Send a message of hope to Asia Bibi

21,300 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.

Send a message of hope to Asia Bibi

We just received very exciting news.

A few hours ago, the Islamabad Supreme Court acquitted Asia Bibi from the death penalty in the blasphemy case against her. They have therefore ordered her liberation, and Asia Bibi is a free woman! 

This a great victory for all people of good will who made an enormous effort over the last few years to support Asia Bibi’s case.

Over the last five years, CitizenGOers have helped Asia Bibi in many ways: 

  • We participated in several petitions and online campaign asking for freedom and justice for Asia Bibi. CitizenGO collected nearly one million signatures in Asia Bibi's favor! 

  • You helped CitizenGO organize the #WeAreN Congresses. At the congresses, we hosted Ashiq (Asia’s husband) and Eisham (Asia’s daughter), both in New York at the United Nations and in Madrid. We promoted and spread their voices around the world!

  • You made it possible for Asia Bibi's family to meet Pope Francis in Rome in April 2015.

  • You supported the documentary “Freedom for Asia Bibi,” which was produced by CitizenGO. This video was admitted as evidence in the trial against Asia, and it contributed to her acquittal.

  • You participated in our fundraising campaigns for Asia Bibi, so that CitizenGO could give direct economic aid to her family and help cover her legal costs. 

Please watch and share the documentary "Freedom for Asia Bibi:"

Unfortunately, despite the acquittal, the future for Asia Bibi and her family will not be easy. Extremist Islamic groups are threatening them. In fact, Asia Bibi could be forced to not leave the prison for security reasons.

In these hours, we are planning how to continue helping Asia Bibi and her family, and we have already triggered some actions concerning both direct economical help, networking, and diplomacy. 

But today is also a day of joy... for Asia Bibi, for her family, and for all people who care for Asia Bibi around the world. 

Send a note of encouragement to Asia Bibi and her family. CitizenGO will ensure that each and every message is delivered to Asia Bibi and her family! 

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Write your message of support to Asia Bibi

Write a message of solidarity and support to Asia Bibi. We hope and pray that the Supreme Court of Pakistan's decision to review her case means that her freedom draws nearer.

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Send a message of hope to Asia Bibi

Sign this petition now!

21,300 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.