Stop the Lego LGBTQ set



Stop the Lego LGBTQ set

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Stop the Lego LGBTQ set

On June 1 something terrible happened.

On that date, LEGO launched its first explicit LGBTQ set.

LEGO, one of the most famous toy makers in the world, has decided to emulate Disney in spreading LGBTQ propaganda towards children.

More and more multinationals are participating in this ideological indoctrination... and this is not acceptable.

That is why we must send a clear message to LEGO: leave our children alone.

Sign the petition to LEGO CEO Niels Christiansen and ask him to stop selling this horrible product.

The LEGO set consists of figures in all colors of the LGBTQ rainbow plus light blue, white and pink to separately represent the transgender people and also brown and black to involve coloured people.

The dolls are "genderless", to "express individuality while remaining ambiguous".

The purple figure should represent a drag queen, "a clear nod to all the great drag queens out there," according to the designer.

The set comes with a kind of rainbow as a background, in the same colours as the figures, to emphasize the LGBTQ message.

This is unbelievable. A producer of children's toys should not incorporate these kinds of bizarre, strongly ideological views into products for children.

One thing is clear: we have to do something to stop this.

We are therefore asking LEGO CEO Niels Christiansen to stop selling the LGBTQ product that has been on sale since June 1. But how do we get him to actually comply with this request?

As an incentive, I have opted for a boycott which will last as long as the LGBTQ LEGO remains on the market.

We must make it clear that we will no longer buy LEGO for our children, our grandchildren, or for any other children until LEGO stops this indoctrination.

Only in this way will LEGO really feel the consequences, if they participate in the propaganda of the LGBTQ lobby: in the wallet.

Warn LEGO CEO Niels Christiansen that we will boycott his products as long as he keeps marketing this LEGO set.

This is not an isolated incident. It is in line with the LGBTQ lobby's strategy to normalize their distorted perception of reality.

They like to focus on children, because the youth is the future, after all.

Hence all the LGBTQ information at schools, in libraries, at Disney… and now also at toy manufacturer LEGO.

We must stop this dangerous development so that children can grow up safely in our society.

And we have to hurry, because the LGBTQ LEGO set is currently being sold.

Sign the petition now and then share it with as many friends, family and acquaintances as possible!

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Stop the LGBTQ lego set

For the attention of: Niels Christiansen, LEGO CEO

Dear Mr Christiansen,

We, the undersigned, are shocked by the news that LEGO has launched its first LGBTQ set on June 1.

We find this an unacceptable form of ideological indoctrination from a company whose products are aimed at children.

It is not LEGO's role to incorporate ideological views into its products. Using toys to achieve political goals is completely inappropriate.

We, therefore, ask you to stop selling the LGBTQ LEGO set called “Everyone is awesome”.

If you keep selling this particular LEGO set, we will boycott LEGO for as long as you keep the product in the market.

We will then no longer buy LEGO for our children, our grandchildren, or for any other children, until LEGO stops this indoctrination.

Leave our children alone!


[Your Name]

Stop the Lego LGBTQ set

Sign this petition now!

291,797 people have signed. Help us reach 500,000 signatures.