Tell the ABC: Stop sexualising our kids



Tell the ABC: Stop sexualising our kids

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Tell the ABC: Stop sexualising our kids

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), in an attempt to be "woke", has been busy indoctrinating little children with poisonous gender fluid ideology.

A recent ABC Kids Community Facebook post featured a radical homosexual drag queen discussing gender fluidity with little children. The video has been viewed over 2 million times. This couldn't be any more inappropriate or disturbing! 

In the "Little Kids Big Talk" segment, young children not more than 8 years old converse with the drag queen asking questions such as “do you like being called a boy or a girl?”

In some ways, the ABC’s behaviour isn't hugely surprising given they have practically taken it upon themselves to constantly marginalise, misrepresent and silence Christian views and beliefs, choosing instead to drive toxic Leftist agendas into the media space.

The ABC is so sold on pushing its own poisonous agenda that rather than letting kids be kids, they are taking advantage of them to spread biological untruths and warped representation of gender.

The worst part is that your taxpayer dollars fund the federal government’s $1 billion budget for the ABC and this is content that is neither appropriate nor helpful to young children in such an impressionable stage of life.

Comments on the original Facebook post exploded with controversy over the content being streamed to young minds. What was ABC's response? To silence alternative views by turning off further comments, citing "We've closed comments on this post due to moderator resources."

Yet again, the ABC has proven they are intolerant and untrustworthy.

Yet again, the ABC has proven they are only interested in exposing their viewers to reckless life-altering and unscientific nonsense.

It is imperative that we protect our children and make the taxpayer-funded ABC accountable for their actions.

Please join this campaign today asking the ABC to stop the blatant sexualisation of children with gender fluid ideology on social media and other platforms. We will make your voice heard loud and clear in the main ABC offices of inner city Sydney.

If the ABC chooses to blatantly disregard our request to spend our taxpayer dollars more appropriately, then we will escalate our complaint to the Minister for Communications to follow up with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Sign now to let the ABC know that you are appalled by this inappropriate content.


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“Kids Ask About Gender”, ABC Kids Community

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Stop the sexualisation of young kids

Dear ABC,

I am extremely disappointed and disturbed to learn the ABC is spending my taxpayer dollars on exposing young children to dangerous gender fluid ideology on the ABC Kids Community's "Little Kids Big Talk" show. In the segment "Kids Ask About Gender", a radical homosexual drag queen converses with some young kids who ask questions such as “do you like being called a boy or a girl?”

This type of content couldn't be any more inappropriate, reckless and confusing - especially for children in such a young, impressionable stage of life. There is significant danger in promoting a path leading towards "gender transition" often involving life-altering cross sex hormones, puberty blockers and surgery - which in many cases young people later regret.

I ask you to remove this content immediately and commit to ensuring future content is family-friendly.


[Your Name]

Tell the ABC: Stop sexualising our kids

Sign this petition now!

5,341 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.