Tell Alibaba: stop selling child sex dolls

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Tell Alibaba: stop selling child sex dolls

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Tell Alibaba: stop selling child sex dolls

UPDATE - 22 JULY: Earlier this week, we joined in with other advocacy groups and launched our campaign calling on multi-national shopping platform to immediately remove vile child sex dolls on sale.

Not long after our petition launch we received information that Collective Shout, who originally launched the investigation into the sickening 'products’, was successful in pressuring Alibaba to remove them. 

Alibaba has said it will be working to prevent this from happening in future. We were expecting it would take much longer to see a resolution to this issue, so this is a great outcome.

We would like to thank our CitizenGO supporters who lent support to this important cause by writing to Alibaba directly or signing our petition.


The topic of this action alert is very confronting.

You see, right now, extremely realistic child sex dolls are being sold online right here in Australia and New Zealand. We need your help to stop this depravity!

Last week, advocacy group Collective Shout released findings from its undercover investigation into global shopping giant Alibaba. Some of the listings they exposed included dolls with replica genitalia and video guides demonstrating how they could be “used”.

Outrageously, sale of these dolls continues despite the fact that Alibaba has previously stated the items were in violation of their terms and conditions and said that they would remove them from sale. Still, nothing has happened.

Despite the fact that obtaining and owning a child sex doll is illegal in Australia,  profit-hungry vendors are offering to ship to the country.

According to reports, some of the items advertised as “sex dolls for men” were as small as a six-month-old baby with one listing even describing the ‘baby’ as ‘cute’ and ‘soft’ and another headlining the ‘product’ with ‘take her home... for man sex.’

Disturbingly, another featured a silicone 4 ft. 9 in. ‘small breast, young girl’ that was so tiny it could be taken apart and packed into a suitcase. 

The disgusting items are being sold for between $250 - $500 each by at least 18 different suppliers on the Chinese owned ecommerce platform.

I cannot even express how difficult and distressing it is to explain to you what is happening here. The word ‘disturbing’ doesn’t even begin to describe how vile and perverted these ‘products’ are. Some of the ‘product’ descriptions are so graphic to write about.

Alibaba is directly enabling and profiting from a trade which is not victimless. According to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey (ABS, 2017), 11% of women and 5% of men in Australia report having been sexually abused before the age of 15 years.

The easy access to child sex dolls sold online thanks to Alibaba is no doubt facilitating the perverted fantasies and deviancy of paedophiles across the country.

As recently as May this year, federal police arrested three men in New South Wales for the purchase and possession of childlike sex dolls - one of which was imported from China.

A study conducted last year by the Australian Institute of Criminology found that child sex dolls are linked to an increase in child sexual abuse and desensitisation to the damage that sex abuse causes to children.

The sale of child sex dolls potentially results in the risk of children being objectified as sexual beings and of child sex becoming a commodity… there is a risk that child-like dolls could be used to groom children for sex, in the same way that adult sex dolls have already been used,” the study said.

The study also refuted claims that child sex dolls have a therapeutic benefit in preventing child sexual abuse.

We cannot stand aside and continue to let paedophiles feed on the twisted fantasies of helpless babies and young children.

You can help us take urgent action today by signing this petition calling on Alibaba to cease sale of these vile items.

Please, SIGN the petition to Alibaba, to stop this disgusting trade in its tracks.

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Stop enabling child sexual abuse

To: CEO Daniel Zhang and Founder and Director Jack Ma.

I am writing to express my strong disgust at Alibaba’s blatant sale of childlike sex abuse dolls on its multi-national online shopping platform. The very fact that some of these dolls have very sexualised descriptions and video guides for ‘using’ these items is extremely vile and perverted.

Due to your lack of moral conscience, paedophiles have easier access to childlike sex dolls. It is an offence to purchase and possess these dolls in Australia and yet your corporation is directly enabling and profiting from a trade which is not victimless.

Child sex dolls are linked to an increase in child sexual abuse and desensitisation to the damage that sex abuse causes to children especially because dolls cannot express emotion.

Babies and children are not sex objects.

Child sex is not a commodity.

Grooming children for sex is not okay.

Child sex dolls do not have any therapeutic benefit in preventing child sexual abuse.

Please, act now and remove these ‘products’ from sale as a matter of urgency. Myself and many others around the country will not be buying products from Alibaba until this matter is resolved.


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Tell Alibaba: stop selling child sex dolls

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