Tell City Beach: Stop selling Playboy clothing!

Cease promoting porn culture and the objectification of girls and women


Tell City Beach: Stop selling Playboy clothing!

3,921 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.

Tell City Beach: Stop selling Playboy clothing!

Right now, porn is being promoted to teenagers across the country through a popular surf retail outlet.

Brisbane-based City Beach recently unveiled a new range of Playboy-branded clothing available both online and in-store. Items for sale include tops with the Playboy bunny logo and typography with one T-shirt featuring a scantily dressed woman.

These products are of course modelled by young women being used by City Beach to advertise the infamous global brand. A brand, which was started by Hugh Hefner in the 1950s, has a very long history of severely damaging and exploitative sexual behaviour which cemented the foundation for the modern multi-billion dollar porn industry and sex trafficking.

As expected, the surf store copped widespread backlash on social media from customers disappointed and disgusted by the partnership with Playboy.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves (for) promoting this brand to our young daughters. City Beach is a staple for them and now you’re openly bringing in a porn brand? Super disappointed to see this, especially in the current ‘conscious’ climate,” one social media commenter wrote.

One male couldn’t have described his concern better: “Is this what female empowerment looks like at City Beach? Encouraging teens to walk around with a sign that tells every bloke to imagine them in Playboy? Pathetic and shameful.”

In view of the concerns, City Beach hit back playing the “bullying” card.

“We do not promote or endorse male or female objectification,” City Beach said.

“We let our customers choose the type of brands they want to purchase by providing diversification in our product offering.

“We have many customers who love the Playboy fashion brand, so we ask that you please be mindful in not bullying or shaming those who wish to wear this brand.”

What part of customers showing distress and concern at products associated with a label tied to a long history of exploitation is “bullying?”

What part of advertising a brand synonymous with sexual exploitation is “diversification?”

City Beach has joined a worrying trend of retailers in recent times introducing impressionable young people to pornography and sending a message that objectifying and exploitive behaviour is “normal.”

This is not the first time City Beach has allegedly promoted exploitive products with products depicting naked women bound and gagged sold approximately 10 years ago.

In light of the current cultural climate swirling with rape allegations against politicians and figures in the media spotlight, we need to reinforce a strong message to our young people that “repping” a label which thrives off the objectification and humiliation of women and the molestation of young children is a poisonous message to propagate.

We have a responsibility to stand up against the overwhelming tide of sexualisation currently gripping our youth culture.

Sign our petition today to send a very clear message to City Beach: promoting a brand which directly funds, contributes to and legitimises sexual exploitation will not be tolerated. Tell them to act today or face a national boycott.

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Stop selling Playboy clothing

Dear City Beach management,

It has come to my attention that you are selling Playboy branded clothing both online and in-store. This is extremely disappointing and is not the right message we should be sending teenagers and young people.

The items clearly promote porn culture and the mainstream objectification of girls and women. It is important to highlight the danger of promoting what Playboy epitomises: unbridled exploitation of vulnerable females. I therefore request that you immediately remove the Playboy fashion line. 

Your company should demonstrate some social responsibility by standing up for the rights of females in the face of the towering porn and modern slavery industry.

I ask you to act immediately,

[Your Name]

Tell City Beach: Stop selling Playboy clothing!

Sign this petition now!

3,921 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.