Say No to the Church of England's Transgender Trojan Horse

Keep Transgender Ideology Out of Schools


Say No to the Church of England's Transgender Trojan Horse

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Say No to the Church of England's Transgender Trojan Horse

Earlier this week, the Church of England issued updated guidance – Valuing All God’s Children – on “homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying” in schools.

While rightly highlighting the equal dignity that all children have regardless of any other considerations, and their equal right to education, the document is nothing short of a Trojan Horse – it is a wholesale, entirely uncritical, endorsement of transgender ideology.

Children suffering from confusion in regard to their gender deserve help and respect but this will not be found in transgender ideology (here and here). This guidance assumes, without recourse to evidence or argument, that the best(/only) way to help these children is to entirely endorse their gender confusion.

This includes, at a minimum, allowing them to use the changing facilities and toilets of their choice regardless of any consideration for the privacy or well-being of other children and referring to them by their “preferred pronoun”.

The guidance is nothing short of an official lie, and failure to endorse this lie can have dire consequences.

The document says:

“Homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying can be defined as behaviour or language which makes a person feel unwelcome or marginalised because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, whether actual or perceived, or because of their association with people who are, or are perceived to be, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (e.g.children of same-sex couples.”

As is frequently the case, this definition is entirely subjective and determined by the victim. This means the mere accusation of “bullying” itself, whether it is based in reality or not, proves the guilt of the “perpetrator”. “feeling unwelcome or marginalised”, whether or not anything was said or done which genuinely constitutes “bullying”, is extremely expansive. Depending on the sensibility and character of the “victim”, almost any behaviour or language could make him/her “feel unwelcome or marginalised”.

Given the appalling treatment of Mr Joshua Sutcliffe, we are beginning to see just how totalitarian this ideology is. Mr Sutcliffe is a maths teacher who is in danger of losing his job for the pseudo-crime of “misgendering” a pupil i.e. he called a girl a “girl” when she wishes to be called a “boy”. Mr Sutcliffe promptly apologised for this non-incident and continued to refer to this child by her name only so as to avoid any possible conflict.

This was not sufficient for the school which has since suspended Mr Sutcliffe. His place at the school is still to be determined.

However despicable the treatment of Mr Sutcliffe was, the CofE guidance and definition of bully, essentially necessitates that this is the response of any CofE school.

Teachers who do not accept transgender ideology, which utterly divorces sex from “gender” and completely redefines what it means to be human, will rapidly be marginalised or forced out of the classroom.

The guidance is nothing short of an official lie, and failure to endorse this lie can have dire consequences. The guidance requires us to completely reinvent our categories of “man” and “woman” without any evidence given that they are in need of revising.

Failure to completely accept this nonsense will almost certainly come with the now meaningless label of “bigot” or the even more vacuous label “transphobe”. It could result in the loss of work, and who knows what the future holds for the majority of us who refuse to endorse this Orwellian reality warping.

The Church Of England’s guidance is at best an attempt to end bullying whilst making an utterly foolish and myopic concession to a totalitarian ideology which is attempting to recreate society in its own image and likeness. At worst, the CofE is fully aware of the ideology contained within its efforts to end bullying and is intentionally advancing it under this guise.

Either way, this guidance will only serve to spread misery among those who buy into it, adults and children alike, and oppress those who reject it.

It must be rejected.

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Retract the Transgender Trojan Horse - Valuing All God's Children

For the attention of the Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby - Archbishop of Canterbury

I note with great disappointment that the latest Church of England guidance - Valuing All God’s Children - has apparently done nothing short of entirely endorsing transgender ideology in its schools.

For the tiny number of children who do indeed suffer with gender difficulties, they are absolutely entitled to the same basic respect, dignity and education as all other children. Due to the respect owed to them, it is a profound insult on their innocence and dignity to teach children (implicitly or explicitly) that they have a “gender” entirely unrelated to their sex and possibly set them up for a life time of confusion and misery.

Under the guise of preventing bullying – a cause I have yet to see anyone oppose – you are introducing an entirely novel and false ideology into schools which is completely foreign to any traditional understanding of Christianity. The CofE is apparently endorsing wholesale, the completely unproven idea that referring to a child by anything other than their “chosen pronoun” is to harm or disrespect that child in some way.

Generally speaking, whilst most people are not especially concerned with how a child, particularly, a very young child, wishes to dress when at play, most people will rightly be concerned about allowing boys into girls’ changing facilities and with the very recent case of Mr Joshua Sutcliffe, many teachers will rightly be concerned about their job security.

In the pseudo-investigation against Mr Sutcliffe for his pseudo-crime of “misgendering” a child (for which he apologised), the school concluded that ‘avoidance of using gendered pronouns contravenes the school’s code of conduct with regard to demonstrating an awareness of sexual and cultural diversity of students.” Such a judgement would be laughable were the consequences of it not so serious, both for Mr Sutcliffe personally and for teachers and wider society.

Mr Sutcliffe used the child’s name but would avoid referring to this girl as “he” or “him”. But this was apparently not enough. Mr Sutcliffe it seems, should be compelled to used language which he rightly recognises does not reflect reality. In other words, Mr Sutcliffe (and by implication all other teachers) are being forced to endorse a lie.

It is a profound evil to force an individual to endorse, by use of language, a world view or ideology which they reject. It is nothing short of a direct attack of freedom of conscience and freedom of thought, and even an attack on the individual’s right to be the author of their own destiny in terms of the ideas they believe and the world view they adhere to.

While the guidance obviously does not address Mr Sutcliffe’s situation directly, it can clearly be read as support for the disgraceful way his school has handled this (non-)situation, and, by implication, as support for forced speech by pupils and teachers. Anything else it seems, would fall under the ever expanding definition of bullying.

This is why this guidance from schools for the CofE is so utterly contemptible. An organisation which is supposed to be standing up for Christian faith, is in fact engaging in Orwellian reality warping which would make the most repressive Stalinist proud.

As the Sutcliffe case shows only too clearly, those who reject or resist, are to be disciplined, punished or made to suffer to some degree depending on the seriousness of their “crime”.

In particular regard to the content of this guidance, as you will be aware, it says teachers in Church of England schools should "avoid labels and assumptions which deem children’s behaviour irregular, abnormal or problematic just because it does not conform to gender stereotypes or today’s play preferences” and also informs us that “[Children] are in a ‘trying on’ stage of life, and not yet adult and so no labels need to be fixed.”

As usual, the term “gender” is left completely undefined and one can only surmise that it is entirely subjective, corresponding to nothing outside of the individual who experiences it – whatever “it” is.

Both of these statements, understood in relation to “gender”, contain false assumptions about what it means to be human especially from a Christian perspective. They contain the confused and false dualistic idea that “gender” – the undefined, non-physical, nowhere to be found subjective perception of reality – is something entirely distinct and unrelated to our sex – the definite, physical, objective reality of our bodies. Or, more generally, that the human person is really a kind of free floating mind or soul, entirely distinct from his/her physical body.

This is as false as it is foreign to the Christian tradition.

Teaching children they have a “gender” which is entirely subjective and unrelated to their sex is wrong. It is evident that the authors of the document are unable to recognise an incoherent ideology when they see it.

I urge you to retract this guidance which is little more than a Trojan horse. No one wants any kind of bullying to take place in schools. This should not be used as an excuse to promote this dangerous ideology guaranteed to spread misery among those who buy into it and limit the freedom of those who reject it.

Stop teaching our nation’s children this dangerous nonsense.

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Say No to the Church of England's Transgender Trojan Horse

Sign this petition now!

13,453 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.