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Ask your candidate to reject Stonewall's manifesto

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Ask your candidate to reject Stonewall's manifesto

Stonewall have produced an 18 page election manifesto which they are asking candidates to make a public pledge of support for. While it is not unusual for lobby groups to produce election literature, the sheer scale and depth of Stonewall's maifesto demonstrates the extent to which they wish to influence government policy and public life. Other lobby groups, such as for example, the World Wildlife Fund and the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Royal College of General Practiioners have kept their manifestos to 1-2 pages. 

Stonewall is already influencing policy in every area of public life and has managed to achieve institutional capture of many of our public bodies such as the police force and education authorities, where they are pushing an agenda which seeks to trample all over existing rights and freedoms. Their manifesto seeks to embed these more deeply. We can already see the effect that they are having in schools, universities, local police forces and local authorities across the country.

Candidates in this general election need to be challenged to uphold the fundamental freedoms we all enjoy, which enable social life to be lived decently. This is why we are asking canddiates to explicitly reject the Stonewall manifesto and instead pledge to support the following 5 principles:


1. Say no to reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

Stonewall is asking the future government of taking the extreme step of reforming the Gender Recognition act to enable self-identification and extending this to under 18’s. This would put vulnerable minor children confused about their identity at risk of being set down a path of lifelong medicalisation and sterility and would also remove important safeguards currently in place to protect adults. 

2. To keep single-sex sports and changing facilities

Stonewall are demanding that transgender individuals can ‘fully participate in grassroots sports and kick transphobia out of sports’.

This means that males will be accepted onto female teams where they will have an innate physical advantage and potentially risk the safety of other competitors. This will also mean that women and girls will have to share their changing facilities with men and boys.

The enforced sharing of intimate facilities poses a risk to public health, well-being and safety. It will effectively prevent women from religious and cultural minorities from being able to participate fully in public life. The case of Karen White, the convicted rapist placed into a women’s prison on account of his transgender status illustrates the threat posed to women when gender identity is prioritised. 

3. To uphold fundamental freedoms of conscience and freedom of expression

Stonewall has asked candidates to pledge to “commit to LGBT inclusion across all education and training, including university, apprenticeships and supporting young people in the workplace.”

Universities are supposed to be places of free thought and debate, where competing philosophies  and ideologies can be openly discussed, yet they are constantly having to deal with no-platforming controversies. The last thing that Universities need is Stonewall’s continued influence upon them, especially now that serious concerns have emerged over Stonewall’s transgender training for university staff.

Ordinary members of the public are finding themselves subject to potential investigations by the police if they criticise gender ideology which is perceived as a hate incident. Compelling people to lie about another’s biological sex, constitutes an assault on conscience rights. 

4. To protect parental rights, young children and vulnerable adolescents

The Department of Education has just updated their website which makes it almost impossible for primary schools to opt-out of teaching LGBT content to children. Stonewall have suggested that LGBT ideology is embedded into every single subject in the curriculum, which will make it impossible for parents to operate a veto. This is undoubtedly a form of indoctrination, which does not leave space for children to form their own critical ideas on these subjects without being subject to censure and facing potential sanction.

There has been a tsunami of stories about the way in which very young children are being encouraged to think that biological sex is something which can be chosen and is dependent on feelings instead of discernible fact, influenced by lobby groups such as Stonewall and Mermaids. There is also an accompanying glut of reports about the way in which vital safeguarding of children is being undermined, placing gender identity above and beyond the needs of especially adolescent girls, and also about how children are being fast-tracked onto a path of medicalisation with implications for their long-term health.

While it is important that schools implement zero tolerance policies on bullying of any nature, many parents are deeply uncomfortable with what their children are being taught about sex, sexuality and gender and that their children are subject to both age-inappropriate material and also being confused about biological sex.

Stonewall’s manifesto would force mixed-sex lavatories and changing facilities in schools and would effectively abolish single-sex schools by making it compulsory for them to admit children who identifiy as the opposite sex. 

5. To uphold the impartiality of our public bodies, many of whom seem to have been unduly influenced by Stonewall's ideology

Public bodies such as the civil service, are supposed to be impartial, yet we are seeing far-reaching changes being made to the practical application of public policy, thanks to decision makers who have been awarded official recongition as "Stonewall champions". If elected, candidates should use their influence in the Commons to hold many of these bodies, accountable and to investigate the extent and reach of Stonewall's influence, in the same way that they would should any other political lobbying organisation seem to be unduly influencing policy. 

Please sign our petition pledging your support for these principles, your rejection of Stonewall's principles and ask your candidate to do the same.  

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Pledge to reject Stonewall's election manifesto

To all parliamentary candidates in the general election,

Stonewall have produced an eighteen page manifesto for the general election demonstrating their ambition to deeply influence candidates and election policy, not just in one area of life, like other organisations, but across all levels of government. 

Many of Stonewall's demands clash with fundamental freedoms and important aspects of human dignity and welfare. This is precisely why some prominent members and supporters recently split off to found a new movement, the LGB Alliance.

Stonewall's  aim is to transform our understanding of human reality at the official level, with the general public forced to accept gender ideology, or face criminal and/or professional sanctions. 

I am asking you to explicitly reject Stonewall's manifesto, and instead pledge your support for the following 5 principles:

1. Say no to Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

2. To keep single-sex prison facilities, rape shelters, lavatories, changing facilities, sports categories and sports facilities

3. To uphold fundamental freedoms of conscience and freedoms of expression

4.  To protect parental rights, young children and vulnerable adolescents

5. To uphold the impartiality of our public bodies, many of whom seem to be have been unduly influenced by Stonewall's ideology

Yours sincerely, 

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Ask your candidate to reject Stonewall's manifesto

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