Amber Rudd: Ensure a Fair & Open Review into Prolife Presence Outside Abortion Centres

Petition to: Amber Rudd


Amber Rudd: Ensure a Fair & Open Review into Prolife Presence Outside Abortion Centres

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Petition to: Amber Rudd

For the Attention of Home Secretary Amber Rudd,

We welcome the review you are about to conduct into prolife prayer vigils as it provides an opportunity for clarity with regards to what actually happens outside abortion clinics across Britain.

Alongside a fundamental freedom to protest, we completely agree that genuine harassment, according to its legal definition, should not be tolerated, and should any evidence of this be found, appropriate action should be taken against those involved.

As part of your duty to ensure a fair and open review, we would like your assurance that every effort will be made to meet and speak with women who chose not to have an abortion following an encounter with those at the prayer vigils.

The groups who engage in these vigils are clear that over the years they have been doing this, thousands of women have been enabled to have their babies with the ongoing support and help that has been offered to them. Given this large number, it should not prove difficult to get their testimony.

We are sure this review will involve speaking with the abortion clinics as well as the some of the women who have used their services and witnessed the prayer vigils and/or protests outside of the clinics. However, in order to come to an accurate assessment of what is happening at these clinics, this review must also consult those women who decided to accept the help being offered to them at such vigils, instead of proceeding with an abortion.

If there has been the level of harassment claimed by some MPs and abortion clinics, then we would expect this to be reflected in police record of arrests and prosecutions. Collecting this data is necessary to give an accurate reflection of the gravity of this situation rather than simply taking the abortion clinic's word without any further scrutiny.

We also hope you will consider the clamour for buffer zones and the possible repression of people's right to protest in the wider context of a campaign to silence prolifers everywhere, including universities and on social media.

We, the undersigned, trust you will do everything to support a fair and open review.

[Your Name]

Amber Rudd: Ensure a Fair & Open Review into Prolife Presence Outside Abortion Centres

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