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Say NO to compulsory vaccination

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Say NO to compulsory vaccination

At a December press conference, prime minister Boris Johnson has said that there may come a point when the UK has to have a national conversation about mandatory coronavirus vaccination.

Politicians often float ideas to see how the public responds before introducing new laws and policies; therefore, it is time to make a stand and let the government know the strength of opposition to any such move.

The government has already ignored a sizable rebellion in the House of Commons and introduced vaccine passports despite the evidence suggesting that they do not work. Boris Johnson, therefore, needs to know the enormous strength of opposition to any scheme to introduce compulsory vaccination or expansion of the vaccine passports scheme. As the omicron variant sweeps through the country, Boris Johson is going to come under increasing pressure to be seen to act. As we have seen with the booster programme, the vaccine requirement is likely to change and extend over time. 

Vaccination is a health treatment that should benefit a person based on their individual needs. Whether or not to receive the vaccine should be an entirely personal choice based on an individual’s specific circumstances.  

Every vaccination carries the risk of side effects. Many people will decide that the risks of vaccination outweigh the risks of Covid-19, which is their personal decision. Nobody should be treated as a means to an end and required to jeopardise their health or go against their conscience or firmly-held religious beliefs for the good of others. 

When it comes to coronavirus, vaccine status primarily tells the individual about their own chances of becoming seriously ill and not whether or not they pose a risk to others. 

The latest research from Oxford University demonstrates that in the case of the Delta variant, both the vaccinated and unvaccinated have similar risks of transmitting the virus. This is borne out by statistics from the UK’s Health Security Agency that show consistently similar or higher rates of infection amongst the vaccinated.

It is a violation of human rights and several international treaties to use force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching or another ulterior form of constraint or coercion to make people receive medical treatment against their will. Consent to a vaccine or any medical treatment should be informed and voluntary.

Nobody should have to be forced to give up their personal bodily autonomy in order to put food on the table.

The introduction of mandatory vaccinations would unfairly discriminate against a significant minority based on their personal medical choices and lead to a two-tier society whereby the unvaccinated are banned from full participation in society and become an underclass.

The media is already beginning to propagate terrifying rhetoric against the unvaccinated, who are portrayed as a threat to society.  Scientific evidence demonstrates that vaccines are only effective in stopping people from becoming seriously ill from coronavirus. They do not halt the spread of the disease. 

Requiring everyone to be certified as ‘safe’ to go about their daily lives is a step on the road to authoritarianism. It opens the gate towards a chilling system of social credit.

Sign the petition to say no to mandatory vaccination and allow individuals to choose for themselves. 

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NO to compulsory vaccination

Dear Boris Johnson (Prime Minister)
Sajid David (Health Secretary)

Dominic Raab (Justice Secretary)

In a recent press briefing, Boris Johson said that there could soon need to be a ‘national conversation about mandatory covid vaccinations’. This is in addition to the mandatory vaccinations already imposed on care home workers and soon to be imposed on those who work for the NHS.

I wish to express my fervent opposition to all forms of compulsory vaccination.

Mandatory vaccination has no place in a free society. It is up to the individual to weigh up the benefits and risks and decide for themselves whether or not they wish to avail themselves of any particular medical treatment.

In terms of the coronavirus, vaccine status mainly tells an individual their particular risk of becoming seriously ill with the virus. It does not indicate whether or not they are a risk to other people. 

Nobody should be discriminated against because of their personal health choices or forced to have a medical treatment against their conscience to participate fully in society.

Mandatory vaccinations would create an unfair two-tiered society and break social solidarity and cohesion. They undermine trust in public health authorities and disproportionately impact minority groups. This has echoes of the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century. Unvaccinated people will become second-class citizens. 

The right to live and work without being subjected to a medical procedure or the whims of a tinpot bureaucrat must be restored and protected. 

Therefore, I urge you not to go down the path of the UK’s European neighbours and resist any plans to introduce mandatory vaccinations and repeal the existing vaccine mandates for health and social care workers. 

[Your Name]

Say NO to compulsory vaccination

Sign this petition now!

25,439 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.