Concerned Parents of Eswatini

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Concerned Parents of Eswatini  

Mr Deputy Prime Minister,

 We have noted with great disappointment your statements regarding homosexuality as reflected in the Times of Eswatini dated 08 October, 2019.

We further condemn your disrespect towards chiefs of the Shiselweni Region.

May we remind you that in our culture chiefs are a direct extension of His Majesty the Ingwenyama. 

It is with great shock and disappointment that the people of Eswatini have learnt through local media that the registrar of companies intends to register Rock of Hope Organization.

It is with great despair that the people of Eswatini have learnt that you intend to promote the LGBTQI agenda during the Bushfire 2018 Festival. Here’s why this is a huge problem:

Dear Members of Rock of Hope Organization, Firstly it is well known that you never disclosed your real agenda when you applied for registration as a Non-Governmental Organization. You declared yourselves as a health NGO.