Keep St. Gabriel monastery in Berlin as a place of spirituality and worship

Petition to: Franziska Giffey, the Mayor of Berlin


Keep St. Gabriel monastery in Berlin as a place of spirituality and worship

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Keep St. Gabriel monastery in Berlin as a place of spirituality and worship

Until a few days ago, the monastery of St. Gabriel with its church of St. Annunciation in Berlin's West End was a special spiritual gem in the diverse and creative religious life of Berlin, which is considered one of the most open and innovative capitals in Europe.

The monastery of St. Gabriel was founded by Bernhard Lichtenberg, then provost of the cathedral. In 1936, he brought the Steyl Adoration Sisters, affectionately known as the "Pink Sisters" because of their habit, to Berlin because he felt it was important to have a place of "perpetual adoration" in Berlin to pray against misanthropy, oppression and the Nazi regime.

During the war, the sisters prayed hidden in a cellar. Bernhard Lichtenberg himself was arrested for his sermons against the Nazis and met his death on the way to Dachau concentration camp. He is now venerated as a martyr and blessed of the Catholic Church.

After the war, the present monastery building with church, which is a listed monument, was built, where "Perpetual Adoration" was held without interruption until the end. On January 29, 2022, the church and monastery were closed.

The continued existence of the St. Gabriel Monastery and its future use represent a great responsibility, task and opportunity for both the city and the church.

After all, these are not only listed buildings, but also a spiritually significant intangible cultural heritage. Especially as a result of its foundation by Bernhard Lichtenberg, who was one of the clearest ecclesiastical critics of Nazi rule and who took the risk of death for his convictions and resistance against the Nazis.

Following the founding impulse, St. Gabriel's has always acted not only as a place of prayer but also as a shelter for the persecuted and marginalized.

All this is now at stake as long as the Order of the Steyl Adoration Sisters want to sell the monastery of St. Gabriel and the church belonging to it without the competent authorities of Berlin clearly committing themselves to the preservation of the spiritual place of St. Gabriel with a special history and obligation.

Please support the attached petition to Berlin's governing mayor Franziska Giffey, asking her to fulfill the obligation for the future that comes from the history of the monastery of St. Gabriel.

Information about the initiators of the petition:

The initiative "Pro Monastery St. Gabriel" was founded in October 2021. More than 200 people of different backgrounds and denominations are committed to the cause of preserving the monastery. As a result, the transfer of the monastery to a retirement home operator, which was imminent at that time at short notice, did not take place. This encourages us and also grants us the time to commit ourselves to a spiritual and charitable revival and revitalization of this unique place. For the people of Berlin and beyond.

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Keep St. Gabriel monastery in Berlin as a place of spirituality and worship

To the Governing Mayor of the City of Berlin, Franziska Giffey,

To the Superior General of the Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration, Mother Mary Magdalene, 

To the architect Stefan Thiele, 

We, as Catholic and non-Catholic citizens of the city of Berlin, of Germany and of many friendly cities and countries, are concerned about the future of the sacred and historically important Gabriel Monastery in Berlin-Westend, which was closed on January 29 after 76 years of blessed activity. We would like to address three requests to the responsible persons in church and city: 

1. We ask to open the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and to keep it accessible for prayer and visits. Catholic lay associations and interdenominational circles are willing to organize and finance this. 

2. We ask for transparency in the bidding process and in the decision regarding the future of the site. We urge the inclusion of spiritual proposals from Berlin that include worship and care for the needy, and the willingness to consider all proposals that would allow the return of the Rosa Sisters. 

3. above all, we ask for your prayers, positive thoughts and ideas for the future of the place.


Sehr geehrte Regierende Bürgermeisterin der Stadt Berlin, Franziska Giffey,
sehr geehrte Generaloberin der Dienerinnen des Heiligen Geistes von der ewigen Anbetung, Mutter Maria Magdalena,
Sehr geehrter Architekt Stefan Thiele, 

wir katholische und nicht-katholische Bürgerinnen und Bürger der Stadt Berlin, Deutschlands und aus vielen befreundeten Städten und Ländern, sind besorgt betreffend der Zukunft des sakral und historisch bedeutsamen Kloster Gabriel in Berlin-Westend, das am 29.1. nach 76 Jahren segensreichen Wirkens geschlossen wurde. Wir möchten drei Bitten an die Verantwortungsträger in Kirche und Stadt richten: 

1. Wir bitten die Kirche Mariä Heimsuchung im Kloster St. Gabriel zu öffnen und sie für Gebet und Besuch zugänglich zu halten. Katholische Laienverbände und interkonfessionelle Kreise sind bereit, dies zu organisieren und zu finanzieren. 

2. Wir bitten um Transparenz in der Ausschreibung und bei der Entscheidung betreffend der Zukunft dieses Ortes. Wir bitten eindringlich darum, geistlich-spirituelle Vorschläge aus Berlin, die Anbetung und Fürsorge für die Bedürftigen beinhalten, aufzunehmen, und um die Bereitschaft, alle Vorschläge zu prüfen, die eine Rückkehr der Rosa Schwestern ermöglichen. 

3. Wir bitten vor allem um Ihr Gebet, um positive Gedanken und um Ideen für die Zukunft des Ortes.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

[Your Name]

Keep St. Gabriel monastery in Berlin as a place of spirituality and worship

Sign this petition now!

1,013 people have signed. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.