Statement on the disinformation campaign launched against CitizenGO in Africa

Statement on the disinformation campaign launched against CitizenGO in Africa


In the last few weeks, radical left groups from Africa have launched in a coordinated way a campaign of disinformation against CitizenGO. The accusation is part of a campaign launched with the sole purpose of discrediting CitizenGO and our successful work in defense of life, family, and freedom in Africa and all over the world. 

In response, CitizenGO issues this statement:

  • CitizenGO is a global prolife and pro-family organization that aims to empower people to take political action in the defense and promotion of life, family, and freedom. 

  • CitizenGO offers a platform for citizens to create petitions in 11 different languages. 

  • CitizenGO has both a local and international focus. We are more than 17 million citizens worldwide committed to extending our values and changing the world.

  • At the local level, it is the Campaigns Director of each region or country who reflects our member’s values through a variety of activities focused on trying to influence institutions and decision-makers to protect fundamental human rights.

  • CitizenGO has successfully helped mobilize citizens, who, with their signatures, were able to stop in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, and East African Legislative Assemblies laws in 2019, 2021, and 2022 that sought to promote abortion, the sexualization of children, and womb rental.

  • CitizenGO defends the freedom of speech and promotes the participation of citizens in the process of creation of laws that affect their country or threaten fundamental values such as life, family, and freedom.  

  • Petitions are a mechanism for citizens (petition signers) to communicate with their representatives. CitizenGO’s platform is. In this respect, by connecting real constituents with their elected representatives, CitizenGO is helping upgrade and promote democracy.