Immediate Halt to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC!

Petition to: Government of British Columbia


Immediate Halt to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC!

Immediate Halt to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC!

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Adriane Dix and Bonnie Henry: The evidence is undeniable that the COVID vaccines are causing massive increases of death and disabilities.


Wide-spread data coming out from all of the heavily vaccinated countries shows that there was a massive spike in all-cause mortality immediately following each Covid-19 vaccine rollout, including boosters (see top image generated from the link below).


On June 30, 2022, ICAN submitted Freedom of Information Act requests to the FDA and CDC for the release of all the Pfizer documents containing data related to the COVID-19 injection. The FDA requested for the 450,000 pages of data to be released over a period of 75 years. Instead, a judge ordered Pfizer to release their documents and make them public at a rate of 55,000 per month. After eight months, the documents are still being released. The released court documents and Pfizer documents can be found at


War Room / DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project.

Over 3500 professional volunteers have been assembled to review, analyze and report on the court-ordered FDA-released Pfizer documents, including 350 attorneys who are identifying legal actions to be taken. The volunteers are compiling data reports, 50 of which have been bound into an ebook, published on Jan. 16, 2023.


All the data reports of Pfizer’s documents are showing explosive evidence of large-scale, serious adverse events and death related to the COVID-19 vaccination. Analyses of the extensive Pfizer data is ongoing and reported to the public, through the Daily Clout. ( 59 data reports have been completed so far, all of which can be found at

We are including a short description, with direct links, to a few of the shocking Daily Clout data reports!



Women Have Two and a Half Times Higher Risk of Adverse Events Than Men. Risk to Female Reproductive Functions Is Higher Still.

Report 38 of Pfizer’s documents provides a wide range of serious damage that occurred to the male and female reproductive systems of 42,086 subjects after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine within the first two and a half months after the Emergency Use Authorization. The data shows an assault predominantly on women’s reproductive and major organ systems (72% women, 28% men). Click on the report and video link below for more details. Look through the extensive list of destructive damage inflicted, including deaths of fetuses. Pfizer has actually stated that when a fetus is lost, that the adverse event has resolved itself.

See Naomi Wolf’s review of Report 38 on the following link.



Infants and Children Under 12 Given the Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Seven Months BEFORE Pediatric Approval. 71% of Adverse Event Cases Classified as Serious.

In Report 54 of Pfizer’s documents, of the 62 children researched, 28 children were excluded and unaccounted for, raising questions. It is reported that of the 34 children included in the Pfizer report, on averageeach suffered 3.88 significant adverse events, including a stroke, facial paralysis and kidney failure! With such a high amount of severe adverse events observed, how did the COVID-19 vaccination ever get approved for children? How were they even allowed to experiment on children in the first place? And, why did the FDA not enforce finding out what happened to the missing children in this seemingly illegal experimentation? Click on the link below for more details and to see a list of adverse events.

Related Article: Over 96 Canadian Children Ages 2-19 have Died Suddenly or Unexpectedly in the Past 3 Months, February 27, 2023 (Dr. William Makis, MD).

Report 50 – STROKE

Post-Marketing Team Micro-Report 3: Stroke System Organ Class (SOC) Review of 5.3.6 

In Report 50 of Pfizer’s documents, data from the UK shows that 275 patients injected with the COVID-19 vaccination had 300 serious stroke events, with 61 people dying within the first three months of the initial rollout. 50% of the stroke events occurred within the first 48 hours of subjects receiving the injection. Pfizer and the FDA were aware of the data yet claimed it was safe and effective. With such conclusive data, why would they continue carrying out the program, prioritizing the injection for the weak and vulnerable elderly population who are more prone to strokes? Follow the link below to see a summary of the report.


Watch Amy Kelly, the Daily Clout project director, along with Dr. Chris Flowers and Dr. Naomi Wolf, break down Report 50.




542 Neurological Adverse Events, 95% Serious, in First 90 Days of Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Rollout. 16 Deaths. Females Suffered AEs More Than Twice As Often As Males.


In Report 57 of Pfizer’s documents, critical cases of neurological damage occurred with patients suffering from altered function of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Half of the reported events occurred within 24 hours of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, with 16 deaths in a 90-day period! Follow the link to read the report.




It is evidenced in Pfizer’s own documents that the FDA and Pfizer knew that these shots were causing significant adverse events and death. 


When the swine flu was sweeping through the U.S. population, that vaccination program was immediately halted after 32 Americans died from vaccine complications! With the COVID-19 injection, it surpassed this number of deaths by multitudes within 24 hours, yet Health Canada continues to promote these vaccines as safe and effective!


Two of the largest drug adverse reporting systems in the world (links below) are showing massive death and disabilities. In the United States, 1,530,328 adverse reports have been made to the VAERS reporting system, including over 34,000 deaths. Important to note, that the VAERS reporting system is underutilized by at least fifty to one hundred times, according to a recent Harvard study. Eudravigilance is a drug adverse event reporting system out of Europe. It shows 2,216,055 adverse reactions after administration of the COVID-19 injection, as of March 14, 2023. If you break down the numbers of all the deaths and disabilities reported, it correlates with the data coming out from Pfizer.


Furthermore, the insurance actuaries are showing an unprecedented surge in death and disabilities among the working population, which directly correlates with the timing of the COVID-19 mandatory program.


We trust that BC’s top health authorities do not have full access to all the data showing unprecedented COVID-19 injection-related harm and death. 


We have all the evidence needed to determine that the COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective. It’s time to halt the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC! 


Thank you for signing and sharing this petition to stop the harmful COVID-19 vaccination program.


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1,506 have signed. Let's get to 2,000!

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Petition to: Government of British Columbia

Immediate Halt to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC!

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Petition to: Government of British Columbia

Immediate Halt to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC!

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