Facebook Must Not Censor Christians and Conservatives

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Facebook Must Not Censor Christians and Conservatives

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Facebook Must Not Censor Christians and Conservatives

Facebook will hire 3,000 new employees tasked to monitor and delete potential instances of hate speech. These employees will also work with governments to make sure “the violator” is additionally punished.

What does hate speech mean to Facebook?

We constantly see the news articles, and they are international, of Facebook claiming"hate speech" to censor Christians and Conservatives for expressing a point of view which differs from that of their corporate leaders.

  • Facebook removed a patriotic picture of fallen Marines - posted by a user in the United States. 
  • Facebook censored Canadians for criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to refugee shooting.

What a weapon to combat someone who holds a different belief structure than you! 

Richard Allan, Facebook’s Vice President of Public Policy for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, in his statement, admits that there is a lack of international consensus on the definition of hate speech.

“Our current definition [Facebook] of hate speech is anything that directly attacks people based on what are known as their “protected characteristics” — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or serious disability or disease… Although a number of countries have laws against hate speech, their definitions of it vary significantly.”

He says, “In Germany, for example, laws forbid incitement to hatred; you could find yourself the subject of a police raid if you post such content online.”

But, what standard will be used to monitor hate speech and to notify authorities of a potential crime.

Is CitizenGO committing a crime? Because, in Germany, just this week, 182,824 active users signed a petition against a bill introducing same-sex marriage. This petition went viral and was share on Facebook each minute it was active. Should those users be censored or thrown in jail, perhaps a police raid!

Here are some other potential examples of hate speech.

  • In Mexico, the CitizenGO #FreeSpeechBus is routinely threatened by federal authorities as “promoting hatred towards members of the LGBTI community. The #FreeSpeechBus simply says to “leave our children alone!” Their government has labeled our activities to defend children hate speech!

Should our #FreeSpeechBus be censored of Facebook?

  • CONAPRED, the same Mexican entity that condemned our work in Mexico is constantly censoring its country’s Catholic bishops. Just ask Bishop Ramon Castro, the Catholic Bishop of Cuernavaca, Mexico who was investigated for speaking out against a law that would make same-sex marriage legal.
  • In Michigan, a Catholic farmer was banned from a municipal farmer’s market over his views on same-sex marriage.
  • In the United Kingdom, a Christian student was removed from a university course because of a Facebook post he made in defense of Kim Davis, The Bible, and against same-sex marriage.

Please take a moment to sign our petition to the Facebook decision maker, Richard Allan, demanding Facebook avoid political bias while removing hate speech and Christians and Conservatives have the rights to express themselves too!

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Petition to: Facebook

Dear Mr. Richard Allan,

Facebook must not use its Community Operations Team as a weapon to silence Christians, Conservatives, and others expressing an opposing point of view which differs from those of your corporate leadership. 

Free speech is an inherent right; a liberty which must be universal for all.  Facebook users deserve the right to be patriotic, have biblical views, or disagree with policies made by their government without being censored by the platform or reported to government officials.

Please respect the rights of your users to express their view points, even if they differ from your own. 

[Your Name]

Facebook Must Not Censor Christians and Conservatives

Sign this petition now!

21,318 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.