Join the Declaration of Mothers



Join the Declaration of Mothers

6,772 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.

Join the Declaration of Mothers

#MomsMarch: Join our national call-to-action by signing the Declaration of Mothers to raise the standard of decency and civility in America and stand united for truth, family, freedom, and the constitution which protects our divine rights as mothers.

Elevating the status of motherhood and proclaiming that truth is self-evident, family matters, and freedom is worth fighting for.


To elevate the status of motherhood and reclaim our culture for our children and the future of America

This Call to Action is to be endorsed by women and mothers throughout the nation, and will be presented to Congress and the nation On March 8th at a national press conference in Washington D.C.

In May, 2017 HomeMakers for America released the Declaration of Mothers launching a national movement of mothers to reclaim our culture for truth, family, and freedom. The national impact of this document has been profound. Thousands of women in over 4,000 cities and every state in America have signed the Declaration. Governors from 13 states have, or are in the process, of issuing proclamations recognizing the Declaration of Mothers and proclaiming March 8th International Mothers Influence Day; and on February 2nd, Congresswoman Diane Black (Rep, TN) introduced the Declaration of Mothers into the Congressional record.

It is clear that despite what the media and radical feminists would have us believe, the pink-hatted protestors do not speak for the majority of women in America—or the world.

Last year at the United Nations Council on the Status of Women, the big push by feminists was to declare motherhood a “burden” defining it as “unpaid work” that needs to be recognized, reduced, and redistributed.”

In the annual letter from the Gates Foundation (Feb 2017) Melinda Gates said “the real issue isn’t how much time women spend on unpaid work—it’s how much time they don’t spend contributing to society and pursuing higher education or a career.” She further stated that given the opportunity women would “spend more time doing paid work, starting businesses, or otherwise contributing to the economic well-being of societies around the world. The fact that they can’t, holds their families and communities back.”

Women around the globe are repelling this ludicrous notion, refusing to allow a mother’s love to be cheapened, belittled, and marginalized. In January, 2018, HomeMakers for America partnered with women from around the world to pen a Worldwide Declaration of Mothers which has since been signed by organizational leaders representing 8 million people in over 150 countries around the world.

The battle Phyllis Schlafly fought four decades ago is resurfacing with a vengeance, as witnessed in the Women’s March protests and their radical anti-motherhood crusade; but that is not what the majority of women in America stand for. Feminists know just how powerful a mother’s influence is and they know we stand in the way of their radical agenda. If they can’t convert us, they will try and silence us.  But we will not be silenced!

Through the Declaration of Mothers the silent majority of women in America are speaking loud and clear. 

Add your name to the Declaration of Mothers petition and let’s show Congress just how many women in America love God, stand for truth, reverence family, and cherish freedom. The more signatures we take to Washington, the more powerful our voice!

Thomas Paine said, “A little matter will move a party but it must be something great that moves a nation.”

It’s time to move a nation!

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Declaration of Mothers

A Proclamation for the Preservation of Liberty & Virtue

As the mothers, primary Makers of the Homes of America and molders of the future of our nation, we declare that the liberty and freedom of all people begin in the home and that a nation is but a magnified home. The values and virtues taught within the family will determine the values and virtues of the nation as a whole.

We recognize the sacred role of mother as the heart of the home and home as the heart of society. The liberty of each individual begins in the home and parents are, first and foremost, the primary teachers and protectors of their children in a free society. Properly constructed social, religious, and governmental institutions are designed to support and strengthen the family unit, not replace it or regulate it. No association or government organization can replace the family no matter how well-intentioned or well-designed it may be.

Living as a free people in a free society is directly linked to being a people of faith, virtue, and patriotism—the three pillars of liberty. Homes and families with mothers who nurture and teach these principles produce leaders who honor and hold sacred the nobility of the individual.

We affirm that “All men and women are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” and to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, [receiving] their just powers from the consent of the governed.”[1] 

To secure the blessings of liberty, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America created a written constitution under the inspiration of Almighty God. Each generation is responsible for safeguarding the Constitution and teaching their children the responsibilities associated with the preservation of this sacred document and the rights secured by it. 

Each member of the human race is born with intrinsic dignity and the right to liberty, self-determination, and self-governance. The individual’s responsibility of work, education, and industry are crucial elements of self-governance in society and the preservation of human dignity.

The rights of a free people are protected and preserved through honorable, virtuous, leadership which invokes the nobility inherent in all men and women. Successful leaders in the home and family govern by correct principles, teach by example and stand for self-evident truths and liberty sustaining principles. 

As the lessons of history clearly demonstrate, we recognize that freedom is fragile. It is a rare and prized possession and requires constant care and vigilance for its preservation. Living as a free people does not come instinctively; principles of freedom must be studied and applied. Each generation has a responsibility to instill a love of liberty and virtue in the hearts of the next generation.

To safeguard the liberty and enhance the future of our children and grandchildren, we affirm our commitment to “stand fast in that liberty wherewith God has made us free”[2] that “government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”[3]

1. Declaration of Independence

2. Galations 5:1

3. Gettysburg Address

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Join the Declaration of Mothers

Sign this petition now!

6,772 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.