Apple & Amazon: Stop Funding the Abortion Industry

Innocent Babies need protection from Big Corporations


Apple & Amazon: Stop Funding the Abortion Industry

Apple & Amazon: Stop Funding the Abortion Industry

101,674 have signed. Let's get to 200,000!

It is shocking, but sadly true.

Huge multi-national companies like Amazon and Apple are paying their employees to abort babies.

As a pro-life wave starts to build in the United States, Latin America, and even in the more Leftist parts of Europe, major companies and groups like the United Nations, the American Medical Association, the Gates Foundation and many George Soros-funded NGOs are racing to declare abortion a "human right" and make sure there is no end to the killing of children.

But CitizenGO is fighting back, especially by exposing to the world the sick practices of the huge multi-national companies.

Unlike government-funded agencies like the United Nations, or NGOs with fat-cat funding from Radical Leftists like George Soros or Bill Gates, Amazon, Apple and others depend on consumers like you and me for "good will."

So will you help me spread the news of what Apple and Amazon are doing? Will you sign our petition which we will deliver to each company’s headquarters? I hope so, because without you only the voices of the Abortionists will be heard:

Please sign this petition demanding Apple and Amazon and other huge multi-national corporations reverse this policy to pay employees to travel and get abortions

International companies think they can get away with promoting radical ideologies.

They promote the LGBTQ Agenda, push radical gender ideology on children, and now will directly help their employees pay to kill unborn babies.

Amazon joined a list of international corporations, including Apple, Citigroup, Uber, and Lyft, announcing they will pay up to $4,000 for their United States staff to travel to get an abortion. Payments for abortion are likely being made in other countries, but without the public's knowledge.

For these international CEOs, staying in line with the murderous Abortion Lobby is more important than protecting innocent unborn babies.

You and I must show them their bottom line is hurt more by promoting abortion than standing with the billions of people who believe in the right to life.

Amazon and Apple are some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

And they could use that power and influence to promote a culture of life and family values.

Instead, they have chosen to side with the radical Abortion Lobby and promote a culture of death.

You and I know that Amazon alone, as one of the largest employers in the world, could put that money to better use promoting a culture of life. 

Millions of families fighting to adopt children around the world could use Amazon and Apple’s help finding good homes for children.

Or Amazon and Apple could instead support expecting mothers who choose life over death for their unborn child.

But if all the corporations cowering before the Abortion Lobby don’t hear from millions of customers that their new policy of supporting a culture of butchering babies is unacceptable, the pro-life progress around the world could be undermined.

So please send a message to Big Business CEOs, especially Amazon’s CEO as the second largest employer in the world and Apple's CEO, telling them to reverse this barbaric policy by signing your petition right away.

And after you have signed, forward this message to your family and friends who share our pro-life principles to help spread the message.

The pro-life movement is at a key crossroads.

You and I have shown that giants can be knocked down, and that the battle for life is not lost. The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade in the US has yielded a hysterical reaction on the radical Left and its tentacles in the Governments, media, and Big Corporations (like Amazon and Apple). 

We haven't fought so hard so many years to give up now.

You and I have the opportunity to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies every year who may not get the opportunity to live if this precedent-setting policy is not changed. 

Unborn babies are the most vulnerable of all humans and deserve our protection, and multi-billion-dollar companies like Amazon and Apple can help protect them with life-affirming support for adoption and aid to new mothers.

Unfortunately, the Abortion Lobby and their allies pressure companies into supporting the radical Left-wing agenda which includes a culture of death.

But if enough pro-lifers around the globe stand up and put opposing pressure on companies like Amazon and Apple to reject a culture of death and protect the innocent unborn, tens of thousands of lives would be saved.

That’s why I’m asking you to join our campaign demanding Amazon and Apple reverse its policy supporting abortion by signing this petition today:

Sign now to let Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and Apple CEO Tim Cook know that pro-life citizens reject Amazon’s support of funding the Abortion Lobby.



Amazon to reimburse U.S. employees who travel for abortions, other treatments (Reuters)

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Apple responds to Roe v. Wade rollback, company benefits cover out-of-state travel for reproductive care (CNBC)

101,674 have signed. Let's get to 200,000!

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