Michigan lawmakers try to silence pastors



Michigan lawmakers try to silence pastors

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Michigan lawmakers try to silence pastors

We were told that the LGBT agenda was all about tolerance.  “Support gay rights, they will never affect you or your churches.  Gay rights are all about love and tolerance.”  But once same-sex marriage became legal everywhere and “gay rights” became ubiquitous, LGBT activities have not stopped there—happy to be tolerated and to tolerate others’ viewpoints.  No, now activists on the Left are continuing to push until all dissent, all traditional viewpoints are outlawed or eradicated.

Unfortunately, Metro City Church in Michigan is one of the latest victims of this coercive system.

Pastor Jeremy Schossau of Metro City Church believes the Bible’s view of sexual identity and thus sees cultural praise for homosexuality, transgenderism, and bisexuality for what it is: harmful and destructive to young people.  As such, he did what pastors do: he hosted a program for young women who struggle with these sexual identities to learn what God and the Bible have to say about sexual identity and morality.

But no sooner had the church announced this “Unashamed Identity Workshop” than the persecution and harassment began.  Strangers from all over the country began pouring in death threats to the church office.  Angry activists actually threatened to burn the church down and kill church members—using Facebook, Twitter, and the church’s phone number to torment its leaders.  All because the church doesn’t believe in these activists’ understanding of “love” and “acceptance.”  

Death threats in the name of love.  Interesting strategy to say the least. 

Now, Democratic State Representatives are joining in on the action: attacking this church for preaching the truth of the Gospel.  State Rep. Adam Zemke incorrectly called what Metro City Church is doing “conversion therapy” and then stated he is sponsoring legislation to make the practice illegal in Michigan.  That’s right!  A state representative is so biased against Christian teaching that he claims that mere counseling to follow God’s commands in a church is the same as conversion therapy.  And after this gross smear, he goes further to claim the State should be able to outlaw churches from teaching their congregants the joys and pleasures of following God’s law when it comes to sexual practice and identity.

Not only would such a law clearly be unconstitutional, but it’s just another example in the long line of Leftists changing the definition of terms in order to win the debate before it begins.  They aren’t willing to discuss religious liberty or the Bible—all they do is call Christians “bigots” or anti-love and use words like “tolerance” to describe the hate they show to Christians.

This anti-church, anti-religious liberty attack cannot be allowed to stand.  Sign this petition now to tell Representative Zemke and all of his allies on the Left that we will not sit by as he attacks religious liberty in our churches.  Pastors have the absolute right to preach God’s word—until a few years ago, every person in the country agreed with this basic point.

But no longer—now we must fight for the right of Christians everywhere.  Please sign this petition to protect the ability of churches to teach the bible.

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Tolerance for all

Representative Adam Zemke,

Metro City Church has recently come under fire for teaching a Bible study about sexuality. You have incorrectly called what Metro City Church is doing “conversion therapy” and stated you are sponsoring legislation to make the practice illegal in Michigan. 

You have stated that the state should be able to prevent churches from teaching Biblical sexuality at all if it is counter to the popular view of sexuality in the culture.

Any such law would be clearly unconstitutional. But further, through your actions you have demonstrated that you are not interested in promoting a democratic tolerant society. Instead what you promote is name calling and fear mongering. There is nothing tolerant about silencing culturally unpopular viewpoints.

America was founded on the fundamental principle that all people have freedom of religion. Your attacks on Metro City church are unkind, divisive and deeply un-American.

Please stop attacking Christians for simply teaching Christians doctrine.

[Your Name]

Michigan lawmakers try to silence pastors

Sign this petition now!

467 people have signed. Help us reach 500 signatures.