AMC - Do not renew blasphemous - and, downright disgusting - show "Preacher"

AMC - Do not renew "Preacher" for another season!


AMC - Do not renew blasphemous - and, downright disgusting - show "Preacher"

14,137 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.

AMC - Do not renew blasphemous - and, downright disgusting - show "Preacher"

In the last few weeks, AMC - American Movie Classics - aired the tenth episode, in its second season, of its "original programing", Preacher. The episode was entitled, "Dirty Little Secret", and we, along with many viewers and members of the public, wish that AMC had kept it a secret! In fact, better had the episode never been made.

Preacher is based on a cult comic book series of the same name, and follows the misadventures of a small town preacher who, losing his faith, seeks to find God.

But, actually, the AMC series only pretends to have something to do with God, when, in reality it is absent of anything divine - and, rather, filled with the profane and blasphemous, often offending specifically against Christianity.

WARNING (the following may be disturbing to some readers, as it has to do with the blasphemous depiction of Christ) - Indeed, in this episode of Preacher, there is a explicit sex scene in which Jesus is depicted as having sexual relations (in silhouette) with a married woman, just before His Crucifixion. And, later in the episode, the fictitious, inbred progeny of Christ meets the protagonist of the program...

Scripture is then misquoted, suggesting that Jesus and the disciples are dolts. But, is there really any need to explain further?

As Catholic League president Bill Donohue said regarding this sickening display of ignorance by AMC: "Depicting Jesus in a grotesque sex scene is an assault on the sensibilities of all Christians, as well as people of good will who are not Christians."

Even AMC, themselves, call Preacher, "absurdly twisted," on the show's webpage.

Unfortunately, then, for the viewing public and society, generally, it seems that in striving for the almighty dollar, AMC may have lost its soul.

And, or, certainly its moral compass.

But, perhaps, what should we expect, when the show's writer and executive producer, Seth Rogen, has been responsible for such other profanations as The 40-year-old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno? It would seem that much of Rogen's body of work as an artist consists of demeaning sexual content...

Preacher is no better. 

As most people know, AMC, like many other cable networks, has produced more and more "original programing" over the last few years. This kind of programing offers the possibility to cable networks of staying in business, as pay-per-view increases while normal subscriptions may remain static or even decline.

But, Preacher is offensive in the extreme. And, one may wonder how AMC can hope to maintain its traditional audience of classic film viewers, at the same time as producing programing which offends the same demographic who typically watch their channel.

With this petition, therefore, we wish to HELP AMC stay in business! We are calling for them NOT to renew Preacher for another season.

Thank you for signing this petition.


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AMC should not renew offensive program "Preacher"

For the Attention of:

  • President and CEO of AMC - Mr Josh Sapan

We, the undersigned, are aware of AMC's broadcast of the latest episode of the program called "Preacher" - which blasphemously depicts Jesus in a (silhouetted, yet, nevertheless) graphic sex scene.

Words fail to describe how utterly appalling and offensive such programing is to people of faith...and, should be, even to people who are non-believers.

By this unbecoming display of ignorance, it seems that AMC has completely lost its moral compass in search of the almighty dollar.

But, who do AMC wish to attract and encourage with such programs?

Perhaps, the dissolute, depraved, debauched, lustful, and lewd? Or, perhaps, it wishes to attract and encourage those who see nothing wrong with mocking God and the things which people of faith hold dear.

AMC should now reflect on its role as one of the bodies which should defend common decency, rather than tear it down. For, it is only by upholding high moral standards that we can all get along.

For these reasons, we call on AMC to redeem itself by not renewing "Preacher" next season. This kind of programing is beneath AMC, and also lowers the tone for the whole of society.

Thank you for your serious consideration.

[Your Name]

AMC - Do not renew blasphemous - and, downright disgusting - show "Preacher"

Sign this petition now!

14,137 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.