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Even following the very public release of Asia Bibi, Christian are being openly persecuted by the Pakistani government for following their faith.

Examples of this persecution are being widely reported in media outlets and verified through information we receive from other non-profits.

On Friday, June 28, Amazon stopped selling books that describe methods to heal homosexuality or suppress unwanted same-sex desires.

Amazon censored the following titles, among others: 

A family in Michigan is being bullies by their local community for practicing and expressing their faith.

The Tollgate Woods HOA demands that the Samona family remove their small statue of the Virgin Mary or face fines or legal action.

Sign this petition to defend the Samona family.

BREAKING NEWS: Disneyland Paris just celebrated Disney's first sponsored "Gay Pride Parade."

Sign the petition against language in the Human Rights Resolution that pushes abortion, the LGBT agenda, and gender ideology.

A court has ordered that a mother with a learning disability who is 22 weeks pregnant must have an abortion. The woman is understood to be in her 20s and has been diagnosed with a moderately severe learning disability.

Unplanned is a powerful new blockbuster film that chronicles the life of Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director whose life and career were turned upside-down by what she saw one day in her clinic.

"'Unplanned' is my story, and you can't unsee it." - Abby Johnson

Last week, Gabby Helsinger was suspended by Lebanon Public High School in Ohio. Why? Because she posted Bible verses around her high school campus.

Precisamos de sua ajuda para impedir que a ONU continue promovendo aborto, orientação sexual e identidade de gênero, bem como um currículo de educação sexual que ensina meninas de três anos a se masturbar e a explorar sua sexualidade.

Assine esta petição, que será apresentada na 63ª sessão da Comissão sobre Status das Mulheres na ONU.

We need your help to prevent the United Nations from promoting abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity, and a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum designed to teach 3-year-old girls how to masturbate and to explore their sexuality*.

It’s Christmas time in America which means storefronts everywhere will be a bit brighter and radio stations a bit more joyful. There are many symbols of Christmas in our secular culture. There’s Santa or Frosty the Snowman. There’s talk of elves and magical reindeer. We get Christmas trees and stockings for our fireplaces.

At one time the University of California, Berkeley proudly stood for free speech and freedom of thought. Those days are over. Students a now must completely conform to the new sexual orthodoxy or face the venomous rage of the student body. 

President Trump has announced his nominee to fill the empty Supreme Court seat. That nominee is Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

A couple of weeks ago, President Donald J. Trump was the very first POTUS to address the Susan B. Anthony List gala. While speaking at the podium, he quoted Jeremiah 1:5: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

Stand together with other Californians. Sign our petition against the harmful comprehensive sexuality education curriculum that is plaguing California schools and eliminating parents’ rights.

Lawmakers in California are partnering with school districts to force students to learn a horrific sex education curriculum.

In a very short amount of time, America has been completely transformed by the new wave of the sexual revolution. Twenty years ago, “gay marriage” was a hypothetical concept and hardly anyone had even heard about transgenderism. But today, gay marriage is normal and being “gender nonconforming” is celebrated to the point of nonsense.

Unfortunately, many people in our culture are arguing that all babies with Down syndrome should be aborted.

On February 22, Harvard College put the school's largest Christian student organization on "academic probation." Their crime?

Last Friday, the Utah State Senate voted 26-1 to send Senate Bill 118 (SB 118) - Abortion Law Amendments (Informed Consent) - to its third reading. This is the last step needed before the Bill is sent to the State House, where it would go through a similar process.

So, although the Bill still has hurdles to overcome, it has a great start in the Legislature.

OkCupid’s “DTF” advertising campaign promotes lesbian sex, prostitution, drug use, and promiscuity, and it will be viewed by millions, including children, in public spaces.  Click "Sign" to join our petition asking that OkCupid's "DTF" advertisements be removed immediately.