Remove Abortion from the United Nations Agenda #CSW62

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Remove Abortion from the United Nations Agenda #CSW62

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Remove Abortion from the United Nations Agenda #CSW62

Sign this petition to stop the United Nations from using our taxpayer dollars towards the killing of unborn babies and a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum designed to teach 3-year-old girls how to masturbate and to explore their sexuality.

The agenda for the sixty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations has the International Planned Parenthood Foundation and other abortion advocates excited. The United Nations is turning their full attention towards promoting abortion and comprehensive sexuality education.

United Nations member states will send delegates from their capital to represent them at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from March 12th to the 23rd. When they arrive, they will be greeted by the full weight of the United Nations system -- 80,000 career bureaucrats -- who will lead negotiations to discuss how billions of development aid dollars will be spent globally to help women and girls.

Finding solutions to eradicate poverty and hunger, improve health and education, and produce clean water are among the vital needs of women and girls in less fortunate nations, yet they remain among the least of the UN's priorities.

Instead of focusing on basic needs, the first draft of the report demands that all nations agree to the following destructive and controversial items:

  • free access to abortion for all women and girls;
  • abortion as a fundamental human right;
  • unlimited access to condoms and other methods of birth control; and
  • comprehensive sexuality education to girls as young as 0-4 years of age.

Without your help, we are unable to stop this harmful agenda.

Six pro-life campaigners from CitizenGO will attend the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women to participate in the negotiations.

We need an army of pro-lifers to sign this petition so we can use it as a negotiating tool.

After you sign the petition, we will put your UN delegation and State Department on notice. We will immediately send an email on your behalf, demanding they call for the deletion of all references to the harmful agenda that supports abortion, free access to birth control, and comprehensive sexuality education in the above-linked report.

Instead, we will demand that they promote real solutions for women and girls: nutrition, clean water, healthcare, and education.

Take a moment to sign the petition now so we can be your voice for life.

More information on the comprehensive sexuality education curriculum mentioned above... The United Nations uses the World Health Organization curriculum guidelines to promote comprehensive sexuality education.

The following is an excerpt from the curriculum found directly on the World Health Organization website:

“Toddlers: 2 and 3 years old (curious/exploring their bodies) - Toddlers are becoming aware of themselves and their bodies. They also learn that they look different from other children and adults (they develop their identity). - Toddlers learn that they are boys or girls (they develop their gender identity). - Toddlers become very interested in their own bodies and those of people around them. Often they study their own bodies and genitalia in detail and also show them to other children and adults. - Toddlers start deliberately touching their genitals because it makes them feel good”

You are welcome to keep reading here:

More information on the Commission of the Status of Women report:

Abortion is specifically mentioned on 4 occasions in the report. You can find it mentioned in paragraphs 7, 10, m, and z. Comprehensive sexuality education is mentioned in paragraph y.

You are welcome to read the report here:

You can read about Comprehensive Sexuality Education here:

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Delete Sexual and Reproductive Health Terms from CSW62 Report

Abortion and comprehensive sexuality education are controversial topics among most United Nations member states. They are not agreed-upon conclusions. Including this language in international documents is culturally insensitive and impedes the local sovereignty of United Nations member states.

To better help women and girls globally, please remove any mention of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Comprehensive Sexuality Education from the final report generated at the sixty-second Commission on the Status of Women. Instead, spend your time and resources focusing on initiatives that promote clean water, eradicating hunger and poverty, and maternal health.

Women and girls all over the world will thank you!

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Remove Abortion from the United Nations Agenda #CSW62

Sign this petition now!

197,148 people have signed. Help us reach 200,000 signatures.