Slovak Voters Say 'YES' In Family Referendum

Over 90% support marriage and the family


Slovak Voters Say 'YES' In Family Referendum

110,207 people have signed.

Slovak Voters Say 'YES' In Family Referendum

Last weekend, Slovak voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly in favour of marriage and the natural family in a nationwide referendum.

The results showed that over 90% of the electorate voted in favour of family and marriage on all three questions (listed below). Question One - defining marriage as between one man and one woman - received the most support, with a huge 94.50% approval from voters.

This is a massive victory for the natural family, and the support of over 100K active members of CitizenGO was very much appreciated by the organizers of the referendum.

Although the referendum is not legally-binding (as the 50% voter quota was not reached), the percentage of the electorate who voted in this referendum (21.4%) is still roughly 8.3% HIGHER than voter turnout in Slovakia for the 2014 EU elections (13.05%). And, as was noted by one of the referendum organizers, the turnout actually resembles the national vote for Smer, the Prime Minister's party.

If you haven't signed this petition, we ask you to consider signing - to say, "Thank-you!" to all of the Slovak voters who came out in favor of traditional values and against the cultural imperialism and intolerance of the Liberal Left - AND, to encourage civic societies in Slovakia to continue their defence of the natural family and marriage. In a show of solidarity, your signature will be sent to the referendum organizers.

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The referendum asked 3 questions:

1) On Marriage: Do you agree that no other cohabitation but the union between one man and one woman should be called marriage? 94.50% YES vote in the referendum.

2) On Adoption: Do you agree that neither same-sex couples, nor groups, shall be allowed to adopt children and subsequently raise them? 92.43% YES vote in the referendum.

3) On Sex Education and Euthanasia: Do you agree that schools cannot require the participation of children in classes dedicated to sexual behavior or euthanasia if their parents or the children themselves do not agree with the content of the lessons? 90.32% YES vote in the referendum.


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Here is a fantastic ‘Yes’-side video:

Translation for the video:
Woman (Social Worker): Adamko, your new parents are here.
Child: And where is mummy?
In writing: To children, everything is clear.
You can say what you think on the referendum...

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Slovakia: Thank you and continue to stand firm!

Dear Slovak voters,

I want to express my support for your referendum in favor of the family. This is a great opportunity for democratic participation and an important battle in favor of the values of marriage and the family.

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Slovak Voters Say 'YES' In Family Referendum

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110,207 people have signed.