People of Ireland: Stand Strong for Marriage!

Decision Time for Ireland on Marriage


People of Ireland: Stand Strong for Marriage!

51,626 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.

People of Ireland: Stand Strong for Marriage!

In a little over two weeks’ time, on Friday, 22nd May, a referendum will be held in Ireland on Same-Sex Marriage (SSM).

Should the Irish people vote for it, it will be the first time ever that any sovereign nation will have adopted SSM by popular vote.

But, right now, there is a mammoth battle between the ‘No’ side, which is fighting to preserve marriage as between a man and a woman, and the other side, which is seeking to redefine marriage as between, “two persons without distinction as to their sex.” (Proposed wording of the amendment)

Make no mistake, this is more than just a battle to preserve marriage. This is also a battle to preserve the natural family (see the Irish Independent link below). And, also, this is a battle to preserve freedom of conscience (see the Irish Catholic link below).

And, although the polls show that the ‘No’ side is trailing the other side by a wide margin (see the breakingnews link below), this is not unusual in SSM referendums. Indeed, in 2012, Slovenians voted to reject SSM in a referendum, even though the polling data suggested that the pro-side would win by huge margins.

In Ireland right now, you could say that the ‘No’ side faces a David vs Goliath task. The pro-side are supported by all of the political parties, the vast majority of the mainstream media and by numerous celebrities.

However, what the pro-side fear is that their ‘soft’ support will evaporate as polling day approaches.

Both sides are now locked in a fierce struggle, but it appears that the ‘No’ side arguments are now gaining a lot of traction with voters.

And, it’s little wonder as the ‘No’ side has been working hard to craft effective and informative materials.

One ‘No’ side organization, Mothers & Fathers Matter, has erected 3 campaign posters (see the Irish Examiner link below). One asks voters to reflect on the fact that Ireland already has Civil Partnerships (which grant most rights accorded to married couples). Another questions the future use of surrogacy in the context of SSM. And, finally, the third poster simply says that “Children Deserve a Mother and a Father.”

The hostility which has greeted these posters by the opposition has been shrill and, in some cases, downright scary (please see the link below).

But, even despite the duplicity and the ugliness of the opposition, the main ‘No’ side website,, has been getting a huge number of hits, and continues to attract overwhelming requests to get involved and to donate (which you can only do if you are an Irish citizen).

Perhaps this is because the Irish people are wakening up to the fact that the true colours of the opposition (that is, the ‘Yes’ side) are not at all the happy colours of a rainbow flag, but rather, the colours of an intolerant, authoritarian regime.

Thankfully, the ‘No’ side continues to make advances. But, the next two weeks will be absolutely crucial to the outcome.

Please help the Irish ‘No’ campaign by doing 3 important things to support marriage and the family:
1) Pray for them and the Irish people;
2) Sign this petition of support;
3) Visit the website And, if you are Irish, or know Irish people living abroad, share it with them, as well as your friends, family and neighbours. 

Thank you!

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'No' Campaign: You have my support!

Dear 'No' Campaign Leaders and Activists,

Thank you for your efforts to protect marriage as between a man and a woman. I know you face two more weeks of gruelling days and nights, and I want to let you know that you - and Ireland - will be in my thoughts and prayers during that time.

Your fight is not just about Ireland. Because Ireland punches well above its weight socially and culturally, what happens in Ireland will, no doubt, affect opinion all over the world. So, please continue in your struggle and be courageous.

For my part, I will sign and, or, share this petition, and get involved in the campaign to the extent possible. I will also inform myself and others as to the nature of the debate and issues going on in the Irish referendum. 

Thank you again for your time, energy and sacrifice.

[Your Name]

People of Ireland: Stand Strong for Marriage!

Sign this petition now!

51,626 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.