Atlantic Philanthropies: Stop Meddling in Irish Politics

Atlantic Philanthropies: Please stop pushing your cultural imperialism


Atlantic Philanthropies: Stop Meddling in Irish Politics

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Atlantic Philanthropies: Stop Meddling in Irish Politics

In the context of the rapidly approaching referendum on same-sex marriage in Ireland on 22nd May (next Friday!), people around the world should be made aware that this push for same-sex marriage in Ireland has not at all been a "home-grown" phenomenon, but, rather, a carefully-orchestrated and massively well-funded assault on the natural family, coming from private American funding.

Over the last 13 years, Atlantic Philanthropies, an American organisation, has donated €735 Million to causes in Ireland. And, according to their own website, roughly €25 Million of that money has been earmarked for the promotion of LGBT interests in Ireland.

€25 Million.

Simply put, that kind of money can have a major influence on Government policy. In fact, in a recent article in Alliance Magazine (1 April 2013) Christopher Oechsli, CEO of Atlantic Philanthropies, said: "Our Board recently met with the Taoiseach (the Irish Prime Minister) and Government Ministers about what we are seeking to do in our final years and the key questions that arose were about impact and sustainability."

With respect to impact on social issues, Atlantic Philanthropies certainly are not shy about reporting on what they have done. In their report, entitled, "Catalysing LGBT Equality and Visibility in Ireland," Atlantic Philanthropies details its funding, and gives a breakdown of how their money has been able to influence Irish social and political life.

In the report's synopsis page, (, the author reviews some "accomplishments" of Atlantic's grantees, including:

"* Passage of a landmark 2010 civil partnership law

* Secured public referendum on civil marriage, which is scheduled for 2015 [The referendum which is about to take place!]


* Government creation of a Gender Recognition Advisory Group, the role of which is make recommendations on how to proceed toward legal frameworks for gender recognition for transgender people"

The report itself goes into much greater detail about the efforts of Atlantic's grantees to influence different sectors of Irish society, including Irish politicians. And, in one part, it expressly says: "The Funding Aimed to Achieve These Four Goals: * Deliver legislative change on same-sex partnerships and transgender identity".

Having an office in Dublin shields Atlantic Philanthropies from the usual government restrictions on foreign money being used to influence Irish government policy. Actually, in reality, it has allowed them to use their money to buy influence over Irish social life - importing into Ireland policy which the vast majority of Irish people have not asked for.

In that sense, this interference in Irish life has been most unwelcome, and is seen by many as a type of cultural imperialism. (

In the run-up to the referendum on same-sex marriage, which has largely been foisted on the Irish people, please send Atlantic Philanthropies a clear message: Stop interfering in Irish politics, and stop your funding of projects which seek to change Irish government policy and law!

Thank you!

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Atlantic Philanthropies: Stop Interfering in Irish Politics

To the Members of the Board of Atlantic Philanthropies:

From the evidence presented in various news articles and from your own website, I have been made aware of your organisation's interference in Irish politics, and I think it is completely out of order.

To interfere so shamelessly in the affairs of a sovereign nation is a type of cultural imperialism which is best consigned to the annals of history. Please stick to charitable giving and stay well out of political interference. 

Please, stop giving to projects which seek to change Irish government policy and law!

[Your Name]

Atlantic Philanthropies: Stop Meddling in Irish Politics

Sign this petition now!

13,657 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.