I'm done with Liam Neeson - and Amnesty Int'l: #DefundAmnesty!

Petition to: Amnesty International Leadership


I'm done with Liam Neeson - and Amnesty Int'l: #DefundAmnesty!

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I'm done with Liam Neeson - and Amnesty Int'l: #DefundAmnesty!

UPDATE 10/27/2015 - Actor Liam Neeson has made an ad for Amnesty Internation shamelessly promoting the introduction of abortion into Ireland. The actor's intervention into Irish moral and political life has come as Amnesty intensifies its campaign to legalize abortion in Ireland and across the world.

Amnesty International was founded to advocate for the rights and freedom of prisoners of conscience. Today, Amnesty’s website states that: "Through our detailed research and determined campaigning, we help fight abuses of human rights worldwide. We bring torturers to justice. Change oppressive laws. And free people jailed just for voicing their opinion."

But, unfortuntely, that’s not all they do.

These days, Amnesty has become one of the loudest international advocates for abortion on-demand.

Therefore, no-one who wishes to defend genuine human rights can, in good conscience, be a member of, or support Amnesty International with their time or money.

Amnesty has lost its longstanding moral credibility through a wholly unnecessary deviation from its mission. In promoting abortion, Amnesty has caused division among its own membership, jeopardizing its support by people of many nations, cultures and religions who share a consistent commitment to all human rights.

For years, Amnesty has promoted abortion in virtually all countries in which it is active. Striking examples include:

  • Amnesty has become one of the loudest and most insistent supporters of abortion on demand in Ireland. The key slogan calls abortion a "healthcare right."
  • Amnesty International has, in fact, launched a global campaign to promote abortion throughout the entire world, called "My Body, My Rights." Amnesty has also run prominent pro-abortion campaigns in Mexico, El Salvador, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina, and in many other countries.
  • Out of 55 public submissions published by the UN’s Human Rights Committee, Amnesty’s intervention was one of only two calling for abortion to be declared a "human right." In their submission, they say that the right to life does not apply "before birth." And, this only happened a couple of weeks ago (June, 2015)!

Amnesty International is supported by many people in good faith, who, because of their good work in the past, have been living under the misapprehension that Amnesty simply promotes things like the rule of law, respect for religious liberty, an end to torture, and the release of political prisoners.

We therefore call on all those who have until now, in good faith, made donations to Amnesty International, to stop funding this group. Donating to Amnesty International now means supporting "Abortion International."

We call on Amnesty to STOP pushing abortion on pro-life countries like Ireland, El Salvador and Paraguay.

We ask all those who sign this petition to also spread it among their friends and acquaintances.

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Thank you!

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Petition to: Amnesty International Leadership

To the managers and staff of Amnesty International,

Amnesty International used to be one of the world’s leading human rights NGOs. Although it did not deal with every human rights issue, the organization did a lot to help political prisoners and prisoners of conscience all over the world.

However, Amnesty’s policy shift towards promoting abortion now means that I, and many others, can no longer support your organisation because you are campaigning against the most fundamental human right, the right to life.

Of particular concern is Amnesty’s push to foist abortion on pro-life countries such as Ireland, El Salvador, Mexico and Paraguay. Please respect their pro-life culture which protects mother and baby and STOP pushing abortion on pro-life countries.

Amnesty International has unfortunately become an organization that no-one, who wishes to defend human rights, can, in good conscience, support as an active member or as a donor.

By signing this petition, I solemnly declare, that, as long as these policies are in place, I will no longer support Amnesty International in any way, and I will try my best to make as many others as possible aware of your role as abortion campaigners.

[Your Name]

I'm done with Liam Neeson - and Amnesty Int'l: #DefundAmnesty!

Sign this petition now!

156,510 people have signed. Help us reach 200,000 signatures.