Boston: NO to Satanist Opening Meeting with Prayer

Petition to: Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh


Boston: NO to Satanist Opening Meeting with Prayer

2,976 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.

Boston: NO to Satanist Opening Meeting with Prayer

Help us reach 20,000 signatures to stop The Satanic Temple from leading the invocation during a Boston City Council meeting.

Satan is both the adversary to God and Man and now members of The Satanic Temple are petitioning Boston City Hall to idolize and worship him during a 2016 Boston City Council meeting. Satanist, claim if they don’t get their way, they’ll sue.

But, this comes very shortly after other local municipalities and state officials in Massachusetts agree to the expansion of this seeker-friendly satanic cult in Salem, Massachusetts.

Help us petition Boston officials. Join us in telling them that we stand firm against The Satanic Temple praying and worshiping the Devil during a Boston City Council meeting.

As Satanists work very hard to normalize Satan -- CitizenGO has and is working very hard both publicly and privately to fight against these Satanic cults who try to invade our public and private schools, the marketplaces, and our government buildings.

In 2014, with around 45,000 signatures, we stopped a sacrilegious ceremony known as a “black mass,” which is designed as a mockery of the Catholic Mass in which Satan is invoked and the Eucharist is desecrated generally through profane sex acts, at Harvard University.

Between petitions in 2014 and 2016, we sent around 240,000 signature to the Mayor of Oklahoma City in an attempt to stop the black mass from occurring on city property. This lead to private meetings with city officials. Because of our efforts, we are in an ongoing discussion on ways to prevent this disturbing event in the future.

We know that if you can help us reach 20,000 signature over the next week, we will be able to reach key leaders in Boston City Hall to prevent The Satanic Temple from opening a council meeting with prayer.

We need to stop accepting bad and evil in the name of “political correctness.” Fight for our common values and what is right.

Just recently, The Satanic Temple has set up its international headquarters in Salem Massachusetts, only one mile of the historical Salem witch trails site.

The Satanic Temple, with now 50,000 members, is doing everything in their own power to grow and try to mimic our church systems: becoming legal entities in the eyes of state and city governments, holding public prayer sessions, invade our schools by starting clubs, and now asking to be featured by city councils as a guest reverend (of some sort).  

On their property, they also house an art gallery in honor of the heathen idol Baphomet, a “sabbatic goat”. Behind this building, they host an eight-foot tall statue of Baphomet that sits in a shed, where visitors can pay to view it and honor Satan.

More anti-Christianity. Keep in mind, these attempt to normalize Satan are made by the same folks who attack Christianity. The Satanic Temple as taken legal action against the placement of the Ten Commandments in civic settings and intervened in various school districts to contest public prayer or challenge the existence of Christian clubs.

We must contest: their push to normalize Satan and make any sign of Christianity or our Savior illegal in the public sphere. 

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No to The Satanic Temple invocation

The Satanic Temple is not an organized religion but rather an occult who practices private ceremonies which are designed as a mockery of the Catholic mass, where Satan is invoked and the Eucharist is desecrated, generally through profane sex acts.

These private and now sometimes public ceremonies require a Eucharist to be stolen from a Catholic church.

The stated purpose of The Satanic Temple is to attack all aspects of Christianity while normalizing Satanism.

I implore you to take a stand in favor of public decency by not allowing The Satanic Temple to lead the invocation at any Boston City Council meeting. 

[Your Name]

Boston: NO to Satanist Opening Meeting with Prayer

Sign this petition now!

2,976 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.