STOP Campaigns of Disinformation at the UN, Bring Justice to Rwanda!

Petition to: Honorable Dr. Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information


STOP Campaigns of Disinformation at the UN, Bring Justice to Rwanda!

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STOP Campaigns of Disinformation at the UN, Bring Justice to Rwanda!

The current exhibit on Rwanda at UN Headquarters is dominated by ludicrously unreasonable insinuations that all but blame the Catholic Church for the genocide. This, in spite of the fact, that the President of Rwanda denounced “the direct role of Belgium and France in the political preparation of the genocide and the participation of the latter in its very execution,” as it has done so, continuously, for the last 20 years.

The exhibit does not name the governments of Belgium and France as those responsible for paving the way to the killings and heinous abuse that occured by way of the former’s neocolonialist policies and the latter's direct participation in training and arming those who carried it out the genocide….

The exhibit does not clarify who was behind the unleashing of an unspeakably racist and misogynist violence against a population that is predominately Catholic, violence which lead to the gruesome deaths of 1 million innocent men, women, children, and babies, and the systematic rape of more than 500,000 women of color, 70% of them contracting HIV (part of the plan)...

Instead, the text of the UN display accuses Belgium, but principally, the Holy See.

-There are also a vast number of discrepancies concerning the text, content, and attribution of the current exhibit on display on the premises of the UN Headquarters.

To begin with, the organizers of the current exhibit at the UN are listed on the webpage as follows: Kwibuka, The government of Rwanda, the Kigali Memorial Center, and the Aegis Trust. There is however, no mention of the current exhibit on: Kwibuka20 (; Rwanda Government (; Kigali Memorial (; Aegis Trust (

In the description of the UN New York Exhibits link the following assertion is also made: “Endorsed by the Permanent Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations.”  But there is no mention of the exhibit on the New York page of the Permanent Mission of Rwanda ( ) at the UN either. 

Nor does the website of the Outreach Programme on the Rwanda Genocide at the United Nations list the current exhibit. Instead, it lists another 2007 event—by the Aegis Trust of UK—of a very different nature and purpose, namely: to educate the public, examine what went wrong concerning UN inaction in Rwanda, to promote reconciliation, and understand what should be done to avoid such horrendous tragedies in the future.

-With the closure of the General Assembly Building of the United Nations for renovations in May of last year, exhibits moved to a temporary visitor center located in the Dag Hammarsköld library building.

At an undisclosed date between late March and May of this year, it was rendered impossible to see the exhibit by walking directly from one side of the UN premises to the other, except through emergency exits and back UN building corridors open to authorized personnel only.

The Tribunal in Paris, France has repeatedly called for the declassification of French secret intelligence reports dating from its military presence in Rwanda in the 1990s and its requests have been repeatedly denied.

Florence Michon was the investigating judge at the military tribunal in Paris in charge of the judicial inquiry opened in 2010 “against X for complicity in genocide, crimes against humanity, complicity and conspiracy to commit genocide pointing mainly to the involvement of the French army during the events in Rwanda in 1994.”  Several human rights organizations within France, namely Association Survie, Fédération internationale des droits de l’homme, and La ligue des droits de l’homme, have worked tirelessly to bring justice to the victims of the French orchestrated massacre in Rwanda—as have many writers, activists, and investigative reporters inside and outside of the country. 

After all is said and done, the current Rwanda exhibit at the UN does not reflect a genuine interest in understanding and preventing Rwanda-esque tragedies—like it does not respect the human dignity of any of those who have lost their family members, lost their parents, lost their limbs, lost their innocence, have been infected with a deadly virus, have been emotionally or physically scarred, or those who have died.

[The previous contains excerpts from an investigative report by IHSV, courtesy of the author.]

For more information… (In French - May 26, 2014) (In French -February 2, 2014) (Independent inquiry into the actions of the United Nations during the genocide.)


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Petition to: Honorable Dr. Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information


The exhibit “Kwibuka20: Memory, Unity, & Renewal in Rwanda After the Genocide” presently on display within your department at the United Nations Headquarters represents a shameful manipulation of suffering for socioeconomic and political ends.

We ask you to please investigate fully who is behind the planning, preparation, and execution of this hateful, racist campaign of disinformation concerning the 1994 Rwandan genocide and its perpetrators. NONE of the information that has been made public about the organizers of the actual exhibit is consistent and, on the contrary, these inconsistencies reek of a carefully pre-meditated plot to mislead both the public and the diplomatic establishment.

It is difficult to believe that your department could be completely unaware of the direct role of the French military in training and arming the authors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The government of Rwanda has been adamant about this fact for the last 20 years and the judiciary processes in the French courts are no international secret.

There is no mention of the incriminating role of the government of France in the text of the current exhibit in your department and instead the blame for the deaths of so many innocents has been heaped— with the help of an astonishingly twisted “logic”—on the shoulders of the Catholic Church. This is absurd.

We feel that it is not acceptable for the organizers and producers of the exhibit to make personal use of the crimes against, and extermination of, innocent civilians in Rwanda—a predominately Catholic nation —as an instrument for political, social, professional, or economic gain. This is an abuse of the authority and good name of the United Nations as a respected institution. Furthermore, not telling the truth when the victims of heinous crimes are African people points to a very vile form of racism.

The exhibit currently on display at the visitor center is a grievous insult to not only to Africans, Catholics and Christians, but also to the innocent minds of children and to the survivors of history’s holocausts and genocides—and to everyone, of any religion, who has worked earnestly towards reconciliation and peace among peoples.

The Holy See, the survivors of the mass-killings and their communities, the nation of Rwanda, and the school-age children who have been lead astray by the exhibits’ cynical attempts to brainwash diplomats, students, and tourists alike, deserve and request an apology and an explanation.

A veritable river of blood is rising towards the doorsteps of those who hold power but continue to misuse it for their own apparent advantages; sooner or later they miscalculate. Please investigate this matter with the fullest extent of your authority and please, Honorable LAUNSKY-TIEFFENTHAL, make your conclusions public.

"The Charter calls on staff to uphold the highest levels of efficiency, competence and integrity." -Ethical Standards (UN Secretary-General's Office)


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STOP Campaigns of Disinformation at the UN, Bring Justice to Rwanda!

Sign this petition now!

219 people have signed. Help us reach 500 signatures.