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As March 8th approaches, Women of the World Platform, an international platform formed by 24 worldwide partners, wants to make MOTHERS present in Women’s day.

Mothers are the heart and nurturing force of the family and society but are greatly ignored. We want to make them and their work visible and valued in politics, institutions and the media. 

The WORLDWIDE DECLARATION OF MOTHERS has already been signed by more than 60 associations in 30 countries. 

If you want, you can also add yourself and make it possible for MOTHERS to be protagonists on Women's Day and all other days. Let’s make it possible that the media, social networks and politicians talk about them and take them into account in their proposals.

The Worldwide Declaration of Mothers state, among others, that “Society needs stable families in order to produce secure and happy children”. And also that “Motherhood is one of the most important, rewarding, and exciting occupations a woman can engage in”

We want to stop the fact that motherhood and dedication to the family is underestimated. Motherhood greatly benefits women. A woman’s identity is enhanced when she becomes a mother.

We are taking the Declaration to the UN CSW in New York next March and we will present it there during a Parallel Event at UN headquarters and sending it to politicians and personalities who have real influence on the policies of their countries and on the international institutions. But we will also send and deliver it in person to politicians from different countries through our partners.

And, of course, we will spread it widely in social networks and the mediaof many countries. We want to present them a long list of adhesions, will you help us by joining you too?

    • 28 Too Many     United Kingdom
    • Alerta Puerto Rico           Puerto Rico
    • ANCIFEM (Asociación Nacional Cívica Femenina)             Mexico
    • Asocación Católica de Maestros de Valencia       Spain
    • Asociación de Mujeres Peñallana.           Spain
    • Asociación Foro Isleño de la Familia        Spain
    • Associação Filhos da Luz               Brasil
    • Association for Life and Family  Slovakia
    • Be Human Global Leadership Programm              Mexico
    • Big Ocean Women          United States of America
    • Canada Silent No More (CSNM) Canada
    • Centro Internacional para la Defensa de la Vida  humana (CIDEVIDA)     Spain
    • Citizen Go           Global
    • Coalición puertorriqueña por Amor a la Niñez    Puerto Rico
    • Comité Nacional Provida, A.C.    Mexico
    • Derecho a Vivir Spain
    • Endeavour Forum           Australia
    • Enossi Axion (ENAX)       Greece
    • Enraizados          Spain
    • European Federation of Catholic Family Associations (FAFCE)     Europe
    • Familias Numerosas de Madrid Spain
    • Familienallianz  Austria
    • Family Watch International        United States of America
    • Femenine Genius Foundation   Hungary
    • Femina Europa                 France
    • FISAR (Fundación San Ramon)   Chile
    • Free Society Institute     Lithuania
    • Fundación Centir             Colombia
    • Fundación Familia y Futuro (FFF)             Ecuador
    • Grupo de investigación Lumen, Escuela de Filosofía y Humanidades Universidad Sergio Arboleda             Colombia
    • Guadalujana A.C.             Mexico
    • Hnutí Pro život ČR           Czech Republic
    • HomeMakers for America           United States of America
    • In the Name of Family/U ime obitelji      Croatia
    • Instituto Municipal de la Familia de San Pedro   Mexico
    • Institutt for familiepolitikk Norge             Norway
    • Interessenvertretung ungeborener Menschen  Germany
    • International Solidarity and Human Rights Institute (ISHRI)          United States of America
    • Istituto de Política Familiar - Federación Internacional                   Spain
    • Kenya Christian Professionals Forum      Kenia
    • Madres en Red Argentina
    • Movimiento Vida SV       El Salvador
    • Mujeres por la salud y el desarrollo         Mexico
    • Novae Terrae Foundation            Italy
    • Observatorio Regional para la Mujer de America Latina y el Caribe A.C. Global
    • Plataforma per la Família Catalunya-ONU            Spain
    • Pro Mujer           Peru
    • Pro Vita Bucaresti            Romania
    • Profesionales por la Ética             Spain
    • Promujer y Derechos Humanos                 Peru
    • ProVita Onlus - Italia      Italy
    • Real Women of Canada Canada
    • Red Familia Colombia    Colombia
    • Red Vida y Familia-EC     Ecuador
    • Res Claritatis      Czech Republic
    • Rosario Te Quiero PRO VIDA      Argentina
    • Ser Familia MX Mexico
    • Serbian movement Dveri             Republic of Serbia
    • Temps de Dones              Spain
    • The Worldwide Organization For Women [WOW]            United States of America
    • Together for Life Ministries         Canada
    • Un Paso al Frente            Colombia
    • United Families International     United States of America
    • Vida y Familia    Peru
    • Voz Pública A. C.              Mexico
    • Woman Attitude              Belgium
    • Worldwide Organization of Women - Africa        Nigeria
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“Women make a great contribution to the welfare of the family and to the development of society, which is still not recognized or considered in its full importance. The social significance of maternity, motherhood and the role of parents in the family and in the upbringing of children should be acknowledged.” Paragraph 29 of the UN Beijing Platform (1995)

1. Mothers are the heart and nurturing force of the family and society. Mothers provide the empathy, tenderness, and resilience that a thriving society demands. By giving life, and nurturing their children, mothers, in cooperation with fathers, become the strength and the sustaining force of humanity. Mothers and fathers each play vital roles in all societies.

2. Society needs stable families in order to produce secure and happy children. Children who are raised by dedicated mothers in a stable familial environment benefit all of society.

3. Motherhood is one of the most important, rewarding, and exciting occupations a woman can engage in, yet motherhood is vastly underestimated, belittled, and even disregarded in today's world. Society often discriminates against motherhood by ignoring and rejecting its intrinsic value and irreplaceable influence in creating and sustaining prosperous societies.

4. Women in the labour market often experience discrimination for choosing motherhood. Mothers deserve equal opportunity, consideration, and respect in employment.

5. Motherhood greatly benefits women. Along with a chance to experience multiple leadership, communication, and life skills, it affords an essential feeling of completeness that women need. A woman’s identity is enhanced when she becomes a mother.

"Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance”. Article 25.2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore:

I. Mothers and their children need to be respected and honored as important members of society.

II. Motherhood and familial dedication demand and deserve social and political recognition.

II. Full dedication to the family must stop being disregarded, and used as a reason to condemn mothers into social depravity.

The family is the basic unit of society” (Beijing Platform 1995) and motherhood is the heart of the family. Mothers must be respected in policy, society, and the home.

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Sign this petition now!

1,205 people have signed. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.