Free Alfie Evans from Alder Hey Children's Hospital

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Free Alfie Evans from Alder Hey Children's Hospital

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Free Alfie Evans

Dear Alder Hey Children’s Hospital officials,

Release Alfie Evans to a hospital of his parents’ choosing. Alfie should be given every chance at life. 

Alfie has no medical diagnosis, without which it is impossible to determine his long-term outlook. Alfie is responsive to his parents and others and is not in terminal stages. Removing his ventilation, and thus purposely and prematurely ending Alfie's life, is utterly unnecessary when there are still other options, and even recommendations and assistance offered for Alfie's rehabilitation and going home. 

Please respect the wishes of Alfie’s parents and allow them to transport Alfie to another hospital. Keeping Alfie intubated and drugged in a bed for a year without tracheostomy, complete assessment or treatment for known conditions is cruel and out of step with accepted international standards. Killing a disabled child who could go home with his parents is discriminatory and extreme - in fact, it's murder.

It is unconscionable and a shock to the world that you are disrespecting the rights and wishes of Alfie’s loving parents, and denying Alfie his rightful chance at life. We call on you to withdraw your court case and allow Alfie's transfer to a hospital of his parents' choosing.

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Free Alfie Evans from Alder Hey Children's Hospital

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