Don't use the #Zika virus to push an abortion agenda!

Petition to: WHO and PAHO


Don't use the #Zika virus to push an abortion agenda!

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Don't use the #Zika virus to push an abortion agenda!

UPDATE: 02/05/15 -- The UN has (unsurprisingly)  jumped on the Zika abortion bandwagon. In a press release sent out today, the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner states, “Upholding human rights is essential to an effective public health response and this requires that governments ensure women, men and adolescents have access to comprehensive and affordable quality sexual and reproductive health services and information, without discrimination.” They further explain that, “comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services include contraception -- including emergency contraception -- maternal healthcare and safe abortion services to the full extent of the law."

We’ve added the UN  Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner as a target of this petition, since it is clear that they need to hear (loud and clear!) that abortion is NOT the answer to the Zika virus!


Their strategy is clear.

Radical pro-abortion groups are using the "Zika" virus to promote the legalization of abortion-on-demand throughout Latin America.

While the Zika virus should certainly be taken seriously as a threat to pregnant women and their unborn babies, it should NOT be used as an excuse to extend pro-abortion laws in Latin America.

We cannot allow the pro-abortion left to use this virus as another excuse to legalize abortion and take away the lives of innocent, precious babies.

Monica Roa, a spokeswoman for Women's Link Worldwide, blatantly admitted that the pro-abortion left is using this horrible situation as an opportunity to push their abortion agenda. In an interview with NPR, she explained, “Women who are pregnant should have information about the possibility of interrupting the pregnancy if the law allows it in that country. In the countries where the law doesn't allow for [abortion], I think the debate [about reproductive rights] should be on the table and discussed in the context [of Zika virus infections].”

Her “polite” way of pushing abortion is by explaining that these women should “interrupt” their pregnancies. But we know that this is really just a "cleaner" way of arguing that these women should be encouraged to end their babies’ lives because they may have a birth defect.

This is immoral utilitarianism at its best. The disabled and most vulnerable members of our societies deserve our protection and support, NOT the death sentence!

This discussion has unfortunately already begun to seep into the political sphere. Brazil’s Secretary of Maternal Health, Nelson Tavares, argued last week that “The question is not [whether to be] in favor or against abortion. . . It is [to] scientifically discuss [what] is going to be the depth that [we] will give the issue of allowing abortion in the case of microcephaly or anencephaly.”

Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, told health officials from around the world "Although we are still working to establish causality with Zika, we cannot tolerate the prospect of more babies being born with neurological and other malformations.”

This is a clear message of eugenics! The solution to this tragic problem is prevention, research, and medical assistance, NOT abortion... not the purposeful taking of life!

Write to the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization to ask that they STOP using this outbreak for political and ideological gain. These organizations are meant to ensure the HEALTH of all members of society, not the eradication of the weakest among us.

The WHO and the PAHO should make clear public statements that the presence of the Zika virus in no way indicates the need for more open abortion laws in Latin America.

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Don't use the Zika virus panic for ideological reasons

Dear WHO, PAHO, and OHCHR leaders, 

I am writing in regard to your "global alert" on the Zika virus.

As you know, the abortion lobby and some governments are promoting reforms in abortion legislation as a result of this alert.

Even if the research ends up showing that there is a link between microcephaly and the Zika virus, taking the lives of innocent and vulnerable babies is not the correct response and will only turn us into eugenicists.

Faced with an epidemic of a virus like Zika, a balanced and thoughtful response should include preventative measures, a good communication campaign to fight the virus, and research to stop this outbreak and prevent future outbreaks.

I hope that you will not allow the Zika virus to be wrongly used in an ideological campaign against the right to life before birth.

Please issue a clear public statement explaining that the spread of the Zika virus in no way indicates the need for more open abortion laws in Latin America.

Thank you for protecting the lives of all people, even those who are disabled, young, and vulnerable.

[Your Name]

Don't use the #Zika virus to push an abortion agenda!

Sign this petition now!

86,706 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.