Do Not Promote Abortion for Women from N. Ireland

Abortion is a great sadness which no woman should have to endure


Do Not Promote Abortion for Women from N. Ireland

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Do Not Promote Abortion for Women from N. Ireland

Speaking at Holyrood earlier this month, Scottish Green party co-convener Patrick Harvie asked: “Does the First Minister agree that the NHS in Scotland should be exploring what can be done to ensure that [women from Northern Ireland] are able to access abortion in Scotland…?”

Nicola Sturgeon responded: “I am happy to explore that with the NHS”, adding: “I believe, like Patrick Harvie, that women should have the right to choose”.

A spokesman for the First Minister later confirmed that she is “very sympathetic” to Mr Harvie’s suggestion.

As is well known, abortion is not a real solution to a crisis pregnancy and not something that any woman wants to go through nor should they have to.

For Nicola Sturgeon to encourage women from Northern Ireland to obtain abortions in Scotland by making them available on the NHS is not only to undermine democracy, but, more importantly, to promote a procedure which has well-known, and often long lasting, negative health effects on women.

For example, following abortion, women are more likely to suffer from major depression, panic attacks, panic disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse disorders.

Women who have had abortions attest to many of these problems.

One woman said:

“You are lied to that you will be ‘fine afterwards’ – I wasn’t and most I know aren’t. I was wracked with guilt and anger that nearly destroyed me and sent me down a path of self-destruction, wrecking every relationship I had. “

and another, when asked what she would tell women considering abortion today, said

“Abortion had a devastating effect on my life. It caused me to become depressed, contributed to the deterioration of my relationship with my mother and put a strain on my marriage. Please re-consider what you think will be an easy way out. It will affect you for the rest of your life.”

Please sign this petition asking Nicola Sturgeon not to support this cruel “solution” to the problem of unwanted pregnancy, and instead offer practical alternatives to alleviate financial and familial pressures which might make abortion seem like the only option.

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Do Not Promote Abortion for Women from N. Ireland

For the attention of First Minister Ms Nicola Sturgeon,

Dear Ms Sturgeon,

I write to you in regard to your plans to allow free abortions for women from N. Ireland. I urge you not to pursue this plan.

Every abortion is a great sadness and is not something which any woman should have to endure. The negative effects that abortion has on women are becoming impossible to deny, and there is increasing testimony from women who regret their abortions.

I recognise the truly desperate and difficult circumstances which might lead a woman to want an abortion, and it is a sad irony of the pro-choice movement that so many women who have abortions feel they have no choice at all.

Providing free abortions for those women from N. Ireland is not a real solution to the problems these women are facing, but amounts to a kind of “quick fix” solution which does not really fix anything at all.

For example, the “Women Hurt” campaign in Ireland allows women who have had abortions to share their stories. One said:

“There was no quick fix for the guilt, the anger, the shame, the grief, the pain of loss. I suffered deep depression on the anniversaries of the abortion. I had nightmares, flashbacks to the abortion, suicidal thoughts, and low self esteem.”

“I have listened to many women’s stories of what led them to “choose” abortion. For some, it appeared to be the very best option. For others, it seemed like the only choice. For all it was the most traumatic event in their lives.”

I urge you therefore not to encourage women from Northern Ireland to have abortions in Scotland by making them free. Instead I would like to see the Scottish Government investigate other initiatives to help women in crisis pregnancy, by providing practical support to relieve financial and family pressures.

[Your Name]

Do Not Promote Abortion for Women from N. Ireland

Sign this petition now!

5,535 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.