Maltese pro-lifers need your support as they fight for the life of the human embryo

The Morning After Pill Works as an abortifacient, and can deprive the human embryo of life


Maltese pro-lifers need your support as they fight for the life of the human embryo

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Maltese pro-lifers need your support as they fight for the life of the human embryo

Last October, the Medicines Authority of Malta went against the advice of the Parliament of Malta, to permit the importation and sale of the Morning After Pill (MAP). Parliament had advised that any decision taken on the MAP should be in accord with Maltese law, including on the human embryo.

But, in spite of Parliament's recommendations, the Medicines Authority blatantly disregarded established Maltese law on the human embryo.

And, this is astonishing for the very simple fact that, in Malta, there is actually an Act of Parliament, entitled, the "Embryo Protection Act, 2012". So, unlike in other countries, where nothing so specific exists, it seems logical that this would be the first place that any agency of government would check, before seeking to amend policy.

Section 8. (1) of the Act states:

Whosoever, other than for the purpose of implantation in a woman as may be authorized by the provisions of this Act disposes of, hands over or acquires a human embryo produced outside the body, or removes such embryo from a woman before the completion of implantation in the womb, shall be guilty of an offence and, on conviction, shall be liable to the punishment of a fine (multa) of not less than five thousand euro (€5,000) and not exceeding fifteen thousand euro (€15,000) or to imprisonment not exceeding three years or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Read in its proper context, that of being about the protection of the human embryo (as the name of the Act confirms), it is crystal clear from this Section of the Act that the human embryo possesses the right to be protected by law. Indeed, this Section treats the human embryo with the respect it deserves as the most vulnerable member of the human family.

So, we know that Maltese law protects the human embryo.

AND, we also know that the Morning After Pill can function as an abortifacient, defined as: that (chiefly a drug) which will cause a miscarriage.

Indeed, one commonly sold MAP, called Levonelle One Step 1500 (levonorgestrel), has an instruction sheet (see below) which states that, "Levonelle One Step is thought to work by:

  • stopping your ovaries from releasing an egg;
  • preventing sperm from fertilising any egg you may have already released;
  • stopping a fertilised egg from attaching itself to your womb lining."

And, the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists (people who should know how drugs actually function) agree. In the Summer of last year, they released a statement on the MAP, calling attention to the abortifacient effect of the MAP:

"On the one hand, one has to view the matter from a purely scientific angle; indeed studies have shown that it is not scientifically possible to exclude that the MAP does not preclude implantation of a fertilised ovum in the endometrium..."

Furthermore, and crucially, they go on to say:

"Pharmacists as independent healthcare professionals are guided by the ethical code of the Pharmacy Council which is based on the principle of beneficence and abhors maleficence.  Pharmacists may refuse to dispense prescriptions which would mimic the action of the MAP on the basis of conscientious objection..."

So, it's pretty clear that the pharmacists of Malta believe that, scientifically, the MAP can function as an abortifacient, because it can interfere with a fertilised ovum's implantation in the womb. If this weren't the case, then why would their invoking of conscientious objection be necessary?

In sum, therefore, in cases in which implantation is inhibited by the MAP, we can say that that drug is acting as an abortifacient. And, causing an induced abortion in Malta is, by law, illegal.

So, by filing a judicial protest against the Medicines Authority of Malta, the doctors, who are members of Life Network Foundation Malta, are simply recognising that Maltese law protects the human embryo from destruction, independent of implantation in the womb of a woman.

As such, and if the law means anything at all, this legal reality must be vindicated by the Courts.

This petition, therefore, recognises the good judgement of the members of the Life Network Foundation Malta, and encourages them to see through their judicial protest. And, it will also be Cc'ed to the Medicines Authority.

Thank you for signing this important petition, today!


The Embryo Protection Act, 2012 -

Instruction Sheet for Levonelle One Step 1500 -

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Thank you for telling the truth about the Morning After Pill - it can act as an abortifacient

For the Kind Attention of:

  • The Chairman of Life Network Malta

And, Cc'ed to:

  • Chairman of the Medicines Authority Malta

I want to thank you for taking your judicial protest - even in a personal capacity - against the Medicines Authority's - and, its Chairman's - decision to allow for the over-the-counter sale of the Morning-After Pill (MAP).

It would seem that in his utilitarian zeal for "efficacy", which he listed last October, as one of the criteria upon which the Medicines Authority used to make its decision on the MAP, Prof Anthony Serracino Inglott, Chairman of the Medicines Authority Malta, has overlooked the most relevant issue in the matter: That the MAP can actually function as an abortifacient.

Notwithstanding the effort, by some Maltese media outlets, and others, to suggest that the MAP is solely contraceptive in nature, even the pharmaceutical companies, themselves, have admitted that that's not all they can do.

Indeed, Levonelle One Step's (an MAP) lists of indications, on an official information sheet (which comes with the drug) reads as follows: "Levonelle One Step is thought to work by stopping a fertilised egg from attaching itself to your womb lining."

So, when the Medicines Authority, or any other body, suggest that the MAP does not work by intentionally causing an induced miscarriage (i.e., by intentionally depriving the fertilised egg of its natural home), they must actually argue against the makers of the drug, who know very well how it functions, and who suggest otherwise.

Fortunately, the human embryo is protected under the Embryo Protection Act, 2012. And, because of this Act, the human embryo has recognised, legal protection, whether in a petri dish or in the womb of a woman.

Thus, regarding the MAP, it is crucial to recognise that the human embryo has a protected right to life under the Embryo Protection Act, simply by its existence as part of the human family, irrespective of how pregnancy is defined.

As such, the sale of abortifacient drugs in Malta is illegal, not legal - and should, much less, be available over-the-counter.

Therefore, we encourage you in your fight to allow the truth about the MAP to become known in Malta.

When the law was passed, only 5 years ago, the expectation was that the human embryo would have its right to life vindicated whether or not it was found in utero (See, in particular, Section 8).

It is a nonsense to think that cynically changing the definition of pregnancy, to suit a political agenda, can somehow alter the fact that a living human being can now, somehow arbitrarily be deprived of his/her life.

Under the law, that situation should - as shown above - never be allowed.

So, thank you - and, your fellow doctors and lawyers - for standing up for the human embryo, who is the smallest, most vulnerable of human beings. And, thank you for taking your judicial protest. We will encourage our friends, neighbours and local politicians to keep pressing for adherence to the law.

[Your Name]

Maltese pro-lifers need your support as they fight for the life of the human embryo

Sign this petition now!

1,547 people have signed. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.