Fake News and the Real Citizens Assembly

Fake News Media Misrepresents the Rally for Life


Fake News and the Real Citizens Assembly

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Fake News and the Real Citizens Assembly

IN BRIEF: The Irish Times are making up facts about the Rally for Life and are being grossly biased in their journalism. This is fake news.


80,000 people attended the Rally for LIfe on the 1st July. The Rally has rightly been dubbed ‘the real Citizens Assembly’ and tens of thousands who marched on Saturday will do everything they can to ensure the 8th amendment would be saved.

“This is an incredible, powerful day, when massive crowds of ordinary people turned out to Save the 8th, to say no to abortion and yes to Life, to tell Leo Varadkar that he would lose this referendum on abortion, because the pro-life majority has arisen and will work night and day to Save the 8th,” said Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute. “We were expecting 50,000 but as the Rally moved through Dublin City, up to 80,000 people brought the city to a standstill as they joined in to Save the 8th.

Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the media has been largely quiet on the event. The little reporting focused on clashes between the pro-life marchers and the pro-choice protesters, which in reality, consisted mostly of the tiny pro-choice crowd screaming at the people at the rally.

The Irish Times is particularly guilty of this kind of distortion. Not only has it painted this false picture of the day, but it has apparently made up the numbers of people who attended the rally. They estimate between 10,000-20,000 and cite the Gardai as their source, yet when contacted the Garda Press Office confirmed that it did NOT give this figure to the Irish Times. So where did they get it?

Even if this figure came from a credible though mistaken source, honest reporting would have mentioned that most estimates for the numbers present were over 70,000.

This is fake news. This is propaganda.

If you purchase the Irish Times, you should cease doing so. If you do not, you should encourage others to stop doing so.

In the meantime, please sign this petition calling the Irish Times out on their fake news and asking them to rectify the situation.





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We Demand Fair News Coverage at Pro-Life Events!

To whom it may concern,

As is frequently the case, your paper is engaging in dishonesty and selective reporting on the abortion issue, specifically in relation to the Rally for Life in Dublin on the 1st July.

“Gardaí estimated between 10,000 and 20,000 were at the march”

The Garda Press Office has confirmed that it did not give this information to the Irish Times, so quite where this figure comes from is a mystery.

Even if you were told this, unbiased reporting would alert the reader to the fact that most estimates put the number between 60,000 and 80,000.

Subsequent reporting on this important event has been sparse and ideologically focused i.e. the presentation of the rally focused on the minor clashes, consisting of pro-choice activists shouting at the marchers from the side-lines.

This is fake news.

I will not be purchasing your paper or subscribing to any of its contents online. I will encourage those within my sphere of influence to do the same.

The Irish Times does not have to be a partisan paper.

“Facts have no agenda. Real news has value.”

This is true. Perhaps you should follow your own tagline.

[Your Name]

Fake News and the Real Citizens Assembly

Sign this petition now!

1,104 people have signed. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.