Tell Trudeau Ireland Does Not Want Canada's Abortion Extremism!

Keep Canada's Barbaric Abortion Laws Out of Ireland


Tell Trudeau Ireland Does Not Want Canada's Abortion Extremism!

2,393 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.

Tell Trudeau Ireland Does Not Want Canada's Abortion Extremism!

Ireland has some of best pro-life legislation on the planet. It recognises the dignity of the unborn child and respects the lives of both mother and baby.

Pro-life laws have saved 100,000 lives in N. Ireland and will have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Ireland too.

Sadly, there have been persistent efforts over the last few years to introduce abortion into Ireland. Most recently, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has intervened and pushed TaoiseachLeo Varadkar for greater abortion access in Ireland.

After their meetings Trudeau said:

“On the issue of reproductive rights, I shared our perspective that reproductive rights for women are integral to women’s rights in general and women’s rights are human rights and I encouraged him to look at it as a question of fundamental rights for women and we had a good discussion on that,”.

The Irish people can see through this empty rhetoric which completely ignores the most basic rights of the smallest and most vulnerable women – baby girls. This can be seen most recently in the impressive Rally for Life in Dublin where 80,000 people marched in defence of the 8th Amendment. Relative to the size of the population, the Rally for Life was one of the largest pro-life demonstrations in the world.

Canada has some of the worst abortion laws on the planet. Alongside N. Korea and China, Canada permits abortion up until birth for any reason. In contrast Ireland recognises the equal right to life in law, of both mother and child in the womb.

Ireland should remain proud of its pro-life legislation and not allow others like Trudeau to influence their laws in this respect.

Please sign this statement to Trudeau asking him to stay out of Irish affairs and not promote his own country’s backward abortion ideology to the rest of the world.

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Keep Canada's Abortion Ideology Out of Ireland

Dear Mr Trudeau,

I write to inform you that I deeply resent your meddling in the abortion debate in Ireland.

The abortion law (or lack thereof) in your own country which has led to the deeply misogynistic practice of sex selective abortion where unborn girls are killed for the crime of being girls, is disgraceful.

In upholding this barbaric legislation, you bring great shame on Canada.

It is telling that Canada shares its deeply regressive laws on abortion with China and North Korea. Laws which do nothing for women in crisis pregnancy except encourage her to abort her unborn son or, more likely, daughter.

I have no wish for this to come to Ireland.

As evidenced by the recent Rally for Life in Ireland, where 80,000 people marched through the streets of Dublin in defence of the 8th Amendment, we are proud of our pro-life legislation. We are proud that there are 100,000 more people alive in N. Ireland because of its pro-life laws (as recently confirmed by the Advertising Standards Authority).

Ireland does not want to join N. Korea, China and Canada as one of the most regressive nations on the planet in regard to abortion law.

I ask you therefore to cease interfering in our nation’s debate. Rather than lecturing us, you might learn from us and introduce more humane abortion legislation in Canada – legislation which genuinely helps women and recognises the humanity of their unborn sons and daughters.

[Your Name]

Tell Trudeau Ireland Does Not Want Canada's Abortion Extremism!

Sign this petition now!

2,393 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.