Europe aims to impose "Gender Ideology" on Latin America through trade deals

Stop cultural imperialism


Europe aims to impose "Gender Ideology" on Latin America through trade deals

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Europe aims to impose "Gender Ideology" on Latin America through trade deals

Cultural imperialism. That seems to be the way the European Commission works with Latin America.

It has recently been revealed that the Trade agreement the European Commission is currently negotiating with Mercosur (a group of Latin American countries comprising of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) will include a clause that obliges all parties to "foster effective gender mainstreaming".

This appears to be the first trade agreement negotiated by the EU which contains such language.

"Gender mainstreaming" means that controversial gender ideologies will be "mainstreamed" into a country's political and legislative agenda: each new policy and each new law will have to pass a test as to whether it is conducive to, or at least compatible with, among other things, "gender equality".

"Gender" is a fluid term that includes not only a person's identity as a man or woman, but a wide array of self-perceived "orientations" and "identities". Gender ideology propagates the idea that a person's gender identity can be freely chosen: there are not two sexes, but an unlimited number of them, which everyone can define to suit his or her own purposes.

This ideology is a vehicle to "normalise" and promote homosexual and transgender lifestyles, including through school and university curricula. Thus, this kind of policy push, by the EU, is equivalent to forcing Latin Americans to accept an LGBT indoctrination programme, in order to participate in the exchange of goods and services.

But, there is currently no legal basis for "gender mainstreaming" at EU level.

Nor is "gender ideology" founded on serious-minded scientific research. It is all the more astonishing that the European Commission is now attempting to create this legal obligation "through the back door", by including it in an international agreement that is being negotiated without any public scrutiny.

If such an agreement is allowed to enter into force, it will create new international legal commitments that bind not only the Mercosur countries, but also the EU and its Member States: "Gender mainstreaming" would suddenly become an obligation for all countries concerned – imposed from top down, without any debate.

Wrapping it into a package, together with important trade issues, is a clever strategy to force countries into accepting it: once the negotiations are over, it is take it or leave it – not only for the Latin American countries of the Mercosur group, but also for European countries.

It is, therefore, important to raise a massive protest against this insidious attempt at cultural imperialism, while negotiations are still ongoing.

Tell the European Commission that trade agreements are not the right instrument to promote ideologically biased concepts that are controversial even within the EU itself!


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We DO NOT accept cultural imperialism from the EU

For the Attention of:

  • Jean-Claude Juncker - President of the European Commission
  • Cecilia Malmstrom - EU Trade Commissioner
  • Federica Mogherini - Foreign Representative of the EU
  • Donald Tusk - President of the Council of Europe
  • Antonio Tajani - President of the EU Parliament

The EU/Mercosur Association Agreement currently under negotiation contains a provision that, if it is allowed to enter into force, would create a new obligation for all countries involved, to "foster gender mainstreaming" as a horizontal policy.

"Gender mainstreaming" and the "gender ideology" it relates to are highly controversial, not only in Latin America, but also within the EU itself. There is no scientific basis for "gender ideology".

In fact, there is no legal basis for "gender mainstreaming" in EU law, and there are many countries even within the EU itself which currently do not practise any such "mainstreaming".

Including a clause on "gender mainstreaming" into an international agreement would be unprecedented. It would cast into binding international law concepts and policies that are controversial within the EU itself, and which – given their status as international commitments – would subsequently be very difficult for individual Member States to get rid of, should they so choose.

Wrapping such concepts and obligations into the terms of what essentially is intended to be a trade agreement, obliging State parties to accept or reject the package as a whole, is an act of cultural imperialism.

We believe that States should be left free to decide whether they want to embrace "gender theory," or apply "gender mainstreaming". We therefore urge you to remove the reference to "gender mainstreaming" from the text that is currently being negotiated.

[Your Name]

Europe aims to impose "Gender Ideology" on Latin America through trade deals

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65,391 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.